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  1. This unit "big person, big wind bone" is mainly composed of two articles: "Deng Jiaxian", "Saying and Doing -Remember Mr. Yiguo's words and Division". The learning of this unit focuses on intensive reading. Based on the whole article and understanding, we must grasp the key sentences or paragraphs, consider the words, and try to figure out the meaning and expression of the meaning and expression. It is also necessary to pay attention to combining the life of the characters and its era, through the details, grasp the characteristics of the characters, and understand the character's thoughts and feelings. In addition, you must think and question on the basis of reading articles.
    Class standard requirements
    appreciating literary works, experience and experience of language, image and emotional beauty of language and text works, can appreciate, identify and evaluate language and literary works of different eras, different styles, have correct values Elegant aesthetic interest and noble aesthetic taste. Use the ancestral language language to express your aesthetic experience, express your emotions, attitudes and ideas, express and create a beautiful image in your heart; pay attention to the effects and aesthetics of language expression, and have a sense of innovation.
    Learning targets
    1. Read the text with emotion, sort out articles writing ideas, and accumulate good words.
    2. With details, grasp the characteristics of the characters, and understand the character's thoughts and feelings.
    3. Share and communicate with classmates and talk about what you learned from celebrities.
    The unit learning task
    It in the long river of human history, many outstanding characters have appeared. They have politicians, military, scientists, writers, artists ... they have made the development of society The outstanding contribution, their deeds are vivid and touching. Exploring their footprints, we can feel their bones. Please contact what you have learned, combine the actual life and personal growth needs, talk about what you learned from celebrities and complete a "walk into the celebrity" speech.

  2. 1. The article associates the fate of Deng Jiaxian and the country, describes and evaluates individual life and contributions in a broad social and cultural background, highlighting the extraordinary life experience and great contribution to the nation. With a magnificent momentum, a magnificent beauty.
    2. The full text of the full text of the remembrance is read well and has a real sense. The author did not fully write in the order of Deng Jiaxian's life, but instead highlights the events related to Deng Jiaxian's quality, so the image of the character is more clear.
    "Deng Jiaxian" author: Yang Zhenning.

    "Deng Jiaxian" has based on the culture of China for thousands of years, with the ethnic complex for more than 100 years and the affection of fifty years of friends. Scientists, patriots.

    "Deng Jiaxian" is a memorable prose. The author puts Deng Jiaxian's life and contribution in a vast social and cultural background. Great contribution. It will allow readers to be infected with deep patriotic emotions, and learned that Deng Jia first dedicated his personal life to the lofty feelings of the motherland's national defense cause.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia — Deng Jiaxian
    The writing characteristics 1. Big convergence. The author of this article has a traditional vision, historical perspective, and global mind. Therefore, the article is written differently, which is high, and it is difficult for the general biographies to be difficult to reach. (1) Traditional vision. From the perspective of China's thousands of years of traditional culture, the author praised "Deng Jiaxian is the son of the highest dedication of Chinese traditional culture for thousands of years of traditional culture" is "the most simple person with Chinese farmers (2) historical vision. The text was written from humiliation and slaughtering from the Chinese nation for more than a hundred years. Quoting the "Chinese Battlefield" by Li Hua in the Tang Dynasty and the "Chinese Men's Men's Rhymes" from his father's mouth in his childhood, let the reader follow the author's eyes to look at it. In the depth of history. (3) Global Vision. The author puts Deng Jia on the international stage, showing the author's global perspective, and suddenly enhances the state of the article. The vision and global vision, so the texture of the text is rich and heavy, and the image of Deng Jiaxian, who is three -dimensional light, has the essay of love. The old friend of friendship. For example, the author learned that no foreigners participated in the atomic weapon project of China, and they were completely self -reliant. For another example, the author wrote in the fifth part: "I don't know if Jia first remembered the" Hanging Ancient Battlefield "that we recited together in Kunming ..." " What is the mood when buried with colleagues and buried subordinates? "I don't know if Jia first signed on a critical plan, did he tremble?" "In these sentences, the author's deep affection for Deng Jiaxian 3. Language characteristics. The sentences of this article are varied, making the language of the article very unique. Sometimes the sentence pattern is very neat, for example After standing up the 'part, I held four examples of the 1898' "Slaughtering"; as well as the "two bombs" part, it introduced Deng Jiaxian's resume and contribution in the sequence of time, and the sentence pattern was relatively neat. Sometimes the long -term and short sentences are used in staggered. For example, in the part of "Deng Jiaxian and Obonheimer", the fourth paragraph introduces the personality and humanity of Obonheimer, and the long sentence and short sentence are used in staggered. Sentences are changing, serving thoughts and feelings. Sentence arrangements are neatly arranged, which often causes a momentum. When reading, it is deeply impressed by readers. The use of long and short sentences will form a staggered beauty. Long sentences are convenient to express more complicated and strict meaning; short sentences look lively and fast. It has a special expression effect. Reference: Comparison. When the author wrote Deng Jiaxian, he wrote Deng Jiaxian and Obonheimer, highlighting the character of the character. Deng Jiaxian and Obonheimer have similarities in their talents, contributions, and status, but their character is completely opposite: Ao Benhaimo is revealed, making many people admire him, and many people hate him, and Deng Jiaxian "yes yes yes A person who does not notice the most eye -catching "," loyalty and peace "," sincere confession ", can lead everyone to conduct normal tests in the turmoil era. Through comparison, Deng Jiaxian's dedication spirit that reflects the traditional culture of China's thousands of years is highlighted

  3. The writing characteristics of the text "Deng Jiaxian":

    1. The article associates the fate of Deng Jiaxian and the country, and places personal life and contribute to the vast social and cultural background describing and evaluating. Life experience and great contribution to the nation, this combination makes the article have a magnificent momentum, a magnificent beauty.

    2, the full text of the full text of the memory structure is well read and has a real sense. The author did not fully write in the order of Deng Jiaxian's life, but instead highlights the events related to Deng Jiaxian's quality, so the image of the character is more clear.

    "Deng Jiaxian" author: Yang Zhenning.
    Extension information:

    "Deng Jiaxian" has based on the culture of China for thousands of years, with the ethnic complex for more than 100 years, fifty years of friend affection, and full of emotions. The language introduces an excellent scientist and patriot.

    "Deng Jiaxian" is a memorable prose. The author puts Deng Jiaxian's life and contribution in a vast social and cultural background. Great contribution. It will allow readers to be infected with deep patriotic emotions, and learned that Deng Jia first dedicated his personal life to the lofty feelings of the motherland's national defense cause.

  4. In this article, we can not only realize Deng Jiaxian's great personality charm, but also be moved by the true feelings of the word in the article. The author does not object to another scientist from the perspective of a scientist, but sincerely miss his late friend from the perspective of a friend.
    Sow he could show a normal and real Deng Jia first in front of us after he returned all the titles and names, and because of this ordinary and true, Deng Jiaxian's personality became greater. The full text is divided into six parts, separated by a small title.
    The first part: from "slaughtering" to "standing up". This is the beginning of the full text. The history of humiliation is the beginning. In 1898, the four imperialist countries invaded China one by one, one paragraph, one sentence, one sentence, a compact and short -term structure and repeated "strong occupation" and "lease" to readers a strong warning effect, and placed the shocking history in every reader. In front of the eyes, people are one of the one.
    Then the author immediately turned the word "today" as a turning point, turning the pen to pull the reader back to the reality of "one century, the Chinese stands up". The huge contrast, the huge contrast, let us have to sigh from the bottom of the heart that "the most important and far -reaching huge change in human history in the 20th century" is indeed "many heroes who can sing and weep The great victory out. "
    In our sigh, the author put the name "Deng Jiaxian". This "appearance" puts Deng Jiaxian's contribution in a broad social background -the reason why China is no longer slaughtered because we have a strong national strength, and the success of the nuclear weapons led by Deng Jiaxian The brightest stroke.
    Although the author has put Deng Jiaxian's contribution to the height of changing China's fate, in front of the name "Deng Jiaxian", there is no adjective such as "famous" or "great", and instead is "little known" Essence A scientist who "contributes huge" but "little known". The two seemingly contradictory descriptions exactly show that Deng Jia first dedicated everything to science, dedicated to the motherland, regardless of personal fame and fortune.
    The second part: In this part, the author has outlined the life experience and contribution of Deng Jiaxian in the order of simple, smooth, simple pen and ink. From the birth of Deng Jiaxian in 1924 to the death in 1985, the author condensed the important experiences and deeds in his life like a painting coordinates, and there was no need to modify it. As long as these points were briefly connected, a brilliant lifeline could be drawn out. Essence
    The author adopts the expression of the first narrative and then, inserts his discussion after the narrative of real events. The author did not use a lot of pen and ink to describe the process of Deng Jia's first two bombs in detail, because the hardships in this are self -evident.
    So the author connects the characteristics of the first part of the sentence, and still uses the days of October 16, 1964 and June 17, 1967. Tao: "These days are an important day in the 5,000 -year history of the Chinese nation. It is a new day for the Chinese nation to completely get rid of the crisis of the slaughter of people!" This exclamation sentence is full of Yang Zhenning's pride and pride as the descendants of Yan and Huang, and it is also clear. Tell us, what kind of turning the cause of Deng Jiaxian's leadership to the Chinese nation. Then, the author once again described Deng Jiaxian's life trajectory. The two tight time of "August 1985" and "March of the following year" implied Deng Jiaxian's physical condition. However, during this period "Suggestions on the development of nuclear weapons of the People's Republic of China" is a full manifestation of a high sense of responsibility of scientific workers.
    , as Deng Jiaxian said, "After doing this, I died without regret." This fact is enough to prove the author's evaluation of Deng Jiaxian below- "Bow, die, and then."
    The third part: Deng Jiaxian and Obonhaimo compared the leader of the American and Chinese atomic bomb design with Deng Jiaxian. They are scientists who grew up from two different cultural backgrounds. The author's intention is obviously not to be degraded by someone, but to make Deng Jiaxian's temperament and character through comparison.
    In paragraph 1 of this part, the author first explained his relationship with Deng Jiaxian. The phrase "50 years of friendship, relatives as brothers" allowed us to understand the source of true feelings in the full text. In the second paragraph, through his own experience, he naturally led to Obonheimer, and compared him with Deng Jia first.
    The author tells us very clearly: "Their personality is very different -it can even say that they have moved to two extremes." The first sentence of the 4th paragraph is the central sentence of the whole paragraph, which will be Oben Ben, which will be Oben Ben, which will be Oben. Hemo's generalization is two words: "tipping" and "sharpness", and with a very small details of life- "When making an academic report of others, interrupt the report, step on the podium and pick up the chalk and say" This is this. You can do better with the following method ... '" -to confirm this.
    It section 5, Deng Jiaxian's appearance is indeed another extreme: "Do not attract attention", "loyalty and simple", "sincere confession", "never proud", "no careful eyes", "I like the word of 'pure' in my life," "The character represented" is "the most simple Chinese farmer" in intellectuals. This series of straightforward descriptions showed Deng Jiaxian's temperament and character characteristics to the fullest.
    It, the author summarized the success of Deng Jiaxian in paragraph 6, because "people know that he has no selfishness, so he absolutely believes in him." This is Deng Jiaxian's personality charm, which cannot be disguised or decorated.
    In order to prove his evaluation, the author can still reconcile different factions during the "Cultural Revolution" during the 7th and 8th paragraphs, and even persuaded the opposition to ensure the smooth development of scientific research. "This is a real miracle", a miracle created by Deng Jiaxian's personality charm.

  5. 2018 Academic Year Spring Pennel Education Department Seventh Grade Language Books First Unit Test Volume
    Basic knowledge accumulation and use
    1. The following words are the correct one ()
    a. Xiao Kai (kāi) 彷 (fáng) is a dirty jié) deeply hate (wù)
    b. Ran Ran (hè) involved (shè) is little known (xiǎn)
    d. Stubbi (zhì) decline (shuāi) Minglang (lǎng) perseverance (qì)
    2. )
    a. Breeding the foundation 浠 Water concentrated on
    b. No time to cough back to the previous
    c. The incorrect use of a sentence with a sentence is ()
    a. "There is only one correct answer" this thinking mode, which is deeply rooted in our minds.
    b. Those who have the spirit of exploring their careers and enjoying this are eventually successful.
    c. Talking about Go, the child said that he was head -and -left, and even the experts were amazed.
    d. Deng Jiaxian was called "'Two Bomb, Yuan Xun" by General Zhang Aiping, which is well deserved.
    4. One of the following sentences without language is ()
    b. Whether to adhere to the principle of China is the key to maintaining the peaceful development of cross -strait relations.
    c. With the popularity of smartphones, a large number of "low -headed people" appeared around us.
    D. In order to improve the language literacy of students, many schools in our city are carried out the activities of "reading classic works, Jianshu incense campus".
    5. Fill in the sentence in the horizontal line of the following paragraph in turn. The most appropriate one is ()
    In the eyes of the Chinese, there are four major things in life -clothing, food, housing, and behavior Essence Put the table first, why?
    __ __. ______ __, _________________, ______, ____________.
    laes' common sayings of "self -cultivation", "Qi family", "governing the country", "flat world" ② and its starting point "self -cultivation" of course cannot lack the packaging behavior of the body ③ that must first shape the image of Confucianism from the outside ④ Because in the state of etiquette, the clothes are face and packaging, and the identity is embodiment. This is the norm of life beliefs and behavior of scholars Confucian students
    a. ①② see ③ ③ ③ ② ① ① ⑤ ① ② ① ② ①
    6. The following. One of the incorrect statements is ()
    a. The author of "Deng Jiaxian" is Yang Zhenning, and Deng Jiaxian is called "two bombs".
    b. Wen Yiduo is a famous poet and scholar in the history of modern literature in my country.
    c. The author of "Recalling Mr. Lu Xun" is Xiao Hong. She is known as "Literature Luo God in the 1930s". His representative works include the short story "The Biography of the Hulan River".
    7. Write in famous sentences.
    (L) Professor Yang Zhenning highly praised Deng Jiaxian's sentence in the article "Deng Jiaxian": _____________________________.
    (2) The high is high, the higher the more, the more you get;
    (3) Mongolian said: "Three days of the scholars, ________. What the elder brother is late!"
    (4) Wang Wei's "Zhuli Pavilion" wrote the silence and the moon and the moon, accompanied, The poets that express the poet's tranquility and indifferent mood are: _________, __________.
    8. Read the following materials, please answer the questions as required.
    Mo Zhenli, moved Chinese characters in 2015. He is the principal of the senior middle school of the Anyao Autonomous County, Guangxi. In the past 30 years, Mo Zhengao has run through every poor student's home, and uses his meager salary to fund nearly 300 poor students to enter the university smoothly. Essence Due to the accumulation of illness, Mo Zhen died higher than the sudden heart disease on March 9, 2015. At the age of 58, he was 58.
    (1) [Click the altar] Please summarize the content of the material in simple language.
    (2) 【Praise Praise Soul】 Mo Zhen's university's persistence and selfless dedication to Du'an Education, "moved China" awards words have used "you are an immortal candle, it is a backbone of the spine" to evaluate Which two of the ancient poems can we use to praise him?
    (3) [Maximonians] In order to express my gratitude to the alma mater, the group spontaneously issued a hand -written report to the teacher with the theme of "Main Love Master".
    ① Everyone wrote in the "Teacher's Fortune" column-sentence expression of gratitude to the teacher, please write a sentence.
    ②The hand -copy report has been designed with two columns, please design the other two. (You cannot directly use the four -character words in the material and the title.)
    Conal 1 day: Teacher Essence deep column 2: Master style
    Film 2: __________. Column 4: _________.
    Read the essay, answer questions

    [A] At the beginning, Quan said Lu Meng said: "Qing Zuangzhong applauded, you must learn!" Quan Yue said: "Is the lonely desire to rule the scriptures as a doctoral evil! But when it is involved, see the past. Lu Su had been looking for the sun, and the discussion with Meng, and was shocked: "Those who exaggerate are slightly better, not to restore Wu to Amon! "Mengri:" Three days of the scholars, that is, it is even more eye -catching. "Su Sui worshiped the mother. Farewell.
    (Selected from" Ji Zhi Tongjian · Sun Quan Persuasion ")
    [B] For a year, his wife kneels and asked his old sheep. There is no other difference. Wife is a sword. In the case of the machine, it is said; Tedid and tired, even inch, tiring, connected into support. If the Zuo Ruo Saori also, the donation is donated. Once successful, accuracy time.
    Puzi accumulation, knowing the death of the same day, and the virtue. If the middle way is returning, why is it broken? "Yangzi felt his words, returned to the end, and did not return for seven years.
    (Selected from" The Biography of the Han Book · Martyr Biography ")
    [Note] ① Quick Walking. . ③ Death: "None", Insufficient. ④ 懿: Beautiful.
    9. The following sentences adding points to the meaning of the meaning in the text are incorrect.
    b. and Lu Su over -Xunyang (to, wait)
    c. Knowing the death of that day (daily)
    d. The correct one of the Chinese -painted line sentence is ()
    a. The wife kneels and asked her / the Yangzi Yue / Nine line of thoughts / no other difference
    b. Jiu Xing Hui Si / None Different also
    c. Wife kneels to ask his hometown / Yangzi Ri / Jiu Xing / Huaisi without it
    d. It is also different
    11. The following statement is incorrect. The wife's words were moved and went back to study his studies again.
    c. In the two articles in the two articles, Sun Quan and Yangzi's wives all persuaded to learn the law and achieved the purpose of persuasion. Sun Quan pointed out the necessity of "learning"; the wife of Yangzi in the Ben Duan pointed out that "learning" must be continuously accumulated, and persistent
    12. Translate the following sentences into modern Chinese. Parents.
    (2) Heyan weaving?
    Reading articles, answering questions
    The Confucian heroes
    He once said that he learned the deepest point, exactly Song and Ming Confucianism, who did not have the word. Mr. Meng guided the graduate student, first two sentences. The first sentence quoted Lu Xiangshan words: "I don't know a word here, but I must also pay back. I am personal. "The second sentence is his own creed:" A person with inappropriate minds, no great achievements in learning. "
    Monomita with teaching as a job, but he encountered the embarrassment of not being renewed by the university twice. One was at Peking University in the 1930s. Once once, it was called "the rare thing for this" by colleagues. It is said that the dean was very embarrassed, so that no one in the history of the Peking University, Sui and Tang dynasties was ignored, and no longer renewed Mongolongtong, and Mongolian Tong also also was renewed. He is still at the same place, and he still works. Then he moved to a female teacher in Tianjin as a teacher, and he still had the same relationship with the "leadership".
    The other time was at Sichuan University in the 1940s. Because the learning valve played with the wrist, Mongolongtong was not renewed by the Academy of Literature. . But a student dumped his knowledge and asked him to continue teaching. He said, "I can not get money, but I am from Sichuan. I must teach Sichuan children. "So let students who are willing to class to go to their own house and continue to teach.
    Itchi students who used to be Mr. Meng:" The gentleman is not tall, full of body, beautiful breasts, and his eyes are bright. The long leaf cigarette rods, with a smile on their faces, calmly walked to the podium, there are great scholars, elders, and respectful winds. "
    This lectures have two characteristics. The first is not to bring a lecture, and sometimes only the referral of one paper on the podium, but never read it. The class will end the class, listening to disappointment, and not wrong. Whenever the teacher in the lower part of the class arrives at the door of the classroom, he laughed.
    This test is also quite interesting. When the students ask the question, the question is often exported by the candidate's topic, and the gentleman can know the degree of knowledge of the students. If the student's title is good, Mr. Meng always laughed, and then lit the leaves of the leaves. Add comments. The test room is not in the classroom, but in the tea shop in the bamboo snake next to Wangjiang Tower Park next to Kawa University, the students should try to try according to the designated group. His son Meng Mo said that he always knew what scholars had always said, just like a bell, "the big stubbornness, the small knot, the small sharing". His students often came to the door to learn at night, and he always received it. If you have a question, talk about it. In the middle of the night, the student resigned. He often did not allow him to leave the paper with two smoke smoke. Great, informal, do nature, like to make friends, the three teachings in the society, and the same equally, so many monks and Taoist priests have a friendship with him. I like to take the teahouse on the street, chat with people as a wide sky, and invite acquaintances to restaurant snacks. "
    . Another student Ji Yantao recalled that once, when Mr. Meng took a tricycle to school. Mr. Meng shouted loudly at a glance:" Mr. 隗 (nicknamed him) You came and read the article. My article is published. You can go to Yaohua Restaurant (the famous western restaurant in Chengdu). You can also eat a meal back of the pot! "
    This scholars have been in Chengdu to visit Mengwentong. After the relationship, they often make such a sigh:" Reading Mr.'s book, thinking that he is just a ① Confucian, but he did not expect that his husband was still so bold. "
    [Note] ① 恂恂: respectful and gentle.
    13. From the perspective of Mr. Meng, what do you think is the root cause of his twice that he has not been hired twice?
    14. Mr. Meng once said that the scholars have always been "the big bang, and the small sharing is small." Please explain the meaning of this sentence in a straightforward language.
    15. Is the test method good? Please tell your reasons.
    16. What are the specific performances of Mr. Meng's "heroic"? Please choose two aspects for example.
    17. In the "The Analects of Confucius", the sentence emphasizes "learning" and "thinking" in combination with reading methods .___________, ___________. In the dormitory of the Social Sciences Academy of the East Four Headline, Mr. Yang Yan and I have been a neighbor. "Mr. Ji Kang".
    ② At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Ji Kang was over half a year old. He was thin and petite, quiet and gentle, but the whole person was very spiritual, especially the two tall and rapidly folding eyebrows. It shows a kind of perseverance. Her clothes have always been neat and neatly, even when they do not meet the visitors at home. She always maintains the habit of "respect herself and respect others" in western women.
    ③ In public, Mr. Ji Kang has always been a low -attitude, and a humble smile is always hanging on her face. She always compresses her language to the least.
    ④ I saw what I saw in. In everyone's celebrities, Mr. Qian and Mr. Yang must be regarded as the most flat and even humble two. Although Mr. Ji Kang sometimes dresses graceful and luxurious, his expression is peaceful like a neighbor's aunt. The aunt who was humble, and when he ate Xiongxin Leopard bold, and appeared at this time, at this time, at the beginning of the "Cultural Revolution", they were caught by the villain and hung a sign to fight for a fight. The push pushes blatantly resisted and looked at it angrily. You know, many old soldiers dare to maintain their dignity that they have trampled on. Getting the rehabilitation, there is no one to return, and it flows around. But for this group of juniors who have not even said justice for them, they are understanding, tolerant, and selflessness in the way they have high cultivation, implicitly restrained, and never showing words. Help.
    ⑦ Once, my family was in a hurry because of the additional expenditure. Mr. Yang took the initiative to support us a few hundred yuan. After that, I funded me 20 yuan per month. There are more than a dozen young people like us who do not land from the husband every month from the sir, and it lasted for several years. After experiencing the hardships of life, it can be so compassionate, so retreat, so generous and charming This is my institute in "Hanlin Academy" The only example I saw.
    . In the early 1980s, the two books written by my visit to France were preparing to publish. Because of the cold and cold eyebrows of predecessors before, I specifically stated in the preface that "torrent and attracting jade." Of course, respecting Mr. Qian and Mr. Yang, the mentality of holding is naturally different.很快,杨先生回信了,还是一贯的低调谦恭与幽默:“假如你抛出一块小砖, 肯定会引来大堆的砖头瓦片,但是珠玉在前,砖就不敢出来了……天气Cool, take care of it ... Yang Yan was waiting for the same as the Zhong Shu on August 13th. "
    ⑨ When Mr. Mr. who was in his long life, he knew that the gentleman's way of the gentleman naturally did not dare to disturb the door. When I heard the old lady's hearty and clear voice on the phone, I seemed to return to the summer of thirty years ago, and I was still as comfortable as drinking ice water -just how much sadness was because there was no "Zhong Zhong The book is waiting ".
    (Selected texts are changed)
    [Note] ① Renrui, often refers to people over the age of 100.
    18. Please summarize the main content of paragraph ⑤ in simple language.
    19. Appreciation of the drawing line of paragraph ②.
    20. From the reply from Mr. Yang, paragraph, can you see what kind of feelings she has for the younger generation? Contact the full text and talk about "I" have a relationship with Mr. Yang?
    21. The following text is downloaded from "Baidu". This paragraph should not be added to the article "The Most Beauty Rui". Please explain the reason from one aspect of ideological content or expression.
    Yang Yan, the wife of Qian Zhongshu, named Yang Jikang, was born on July 17, 1911. He was born in Wuxi, Jiangsu, and graduated from Soochow University in Suzhou in 1932. From 1935-1938, he studied in English and French, and taught at the Shanghai Confucian School of Arts and Sciences and Tsinghua University after returning to China. After 1949, he worked at the Institute of Literature and Foreign Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Ms. Yang Yan is a well -known writer, translator, and foreign literary researcher. The main literary works include "Bath" and "Six Ji of the Gan School".
    22. If Yang Yi is rated as the "most beautiful woman" in China, please design a paragraph for her based on the content of this article and your understanding of her. (Requirements: At least one rhetoric method)
    23. In this unit text, we met many celebrities. You must have a celebrity you worship, please "celebrities in my eyes". For the topic, choose an angle. Self -determined style (except poetry and drama), write a self -discipline, write a composition of no less than 600 words.
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