What can I do after graduating from Iron and Steel Intelligent Metallurgical Technology, is there a future?

1 thought on “What can I do after graduating from Iron and Steel Intelligent Metallurgical Technology, is there a future?”

  1. 1. What work can be engaged in the steel metallurgy industry after graduating from the steel intelligent metallurgical technology major, mainly for the steel metallurgical industry. The first -line job operation, smelting production organization, environmental protection, product quality inspection and other work.

    . Is the professional major in steel intelligent metallurgy technology? Is China Metallurgical? China's metallurgy is the pillar of the national economy. China's steel output is the world's first, and many non -ferrous metals are the first. The amount is also very large. The employment rate of this major is very good. Generally, the graduates are relatively adaptable, and the work is better to find. With the rapid development of modern technology, metallurgical technology has also put forward higher requirements for the comprehensive quality of employees. If computer technology is widely used in the field of metallurgy engineering Rich and practical computer knowledge.
    The major graduates of this major are the first -line job operations of iron ore powder blocks, ironmaking, steelmaking, and casting. , Technology and management, as well as work safety, environmental protection, product quality analysis and inspection. The employment range of graduates of metallurgical technology is relatively narrow, but narrowing does not mean that there is no future at work. In the first line of production in the production of non -ferrous metal smelting plants, chemical factories or reagent factories for making metal compounds, you can experience the value of labor creation value. Joy; in the Institute of Metallurgy Research and Design (), environmental protection research units, and schools, engaged in production organizations and scientific research.

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