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  1. We all say that everything is Taobao, and now WeChat is almost universal. Not only does it firmly occupy the status of the big guys in the social circle, we have also begun to enter the loan industry. Today we will take a look at the relevant content of WeChat borrowing money. If you want to use your mobile WeChat to borrow money, you can take a look.
    WeChat loan platform name Daquan
    Mi Mi Loan, Xiaomi Financial's loan platform, the maximum loan amount is 200,000 yuan, the loan of 10,000 yuan daily interest is only 2 yuan, which can be repaid and calculated according to the number of days of use. Essence
    Anyi flower, consumer loan products under the consumer finance, the loan amount can reach 50,000 yuan, the daily interest rate is as low as the recruitment of good loans, and the loan products of the recruitment of financial financial will provide you with a maximum of 200,000 yuan of loans. 7*24 -hour withdrawal, apply at any time, and get the account immediately.
    JD.com, JD Finance's loan platform, the maximum loan amount is also 200,000 yuan, supporting repayment in 1, 3, 6, and 12 months, interest rates on daily, and repayment on monthly.
    360 debit, 360 Finance's loan platform, up to 200,000 yuan in credit, up to 12 periods of repayment, daily interest rates low to Gitzo super loan, the loan amount range between 2000 and 50,000 Some users' funding needs, checking credit, requires face -to -face signing. The longest loan period is 48.
    Ophanles, WeChat's own credit products, use a whitelist invitation system, from 500 yuan, the maximum amount is 300,000, and the loan interest is about 18%of the daily interest.
    The introduction to the WeChat loan platform name Daquan is these.

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