Detailed explanation of drone airline photography is suitable for which groups or industries to apply

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  1. Since the birth of DJI drones, the entire civilian drone has become more and more intelligent and simple, and these accelerate the civilianization of drones at the same time. Especially in shooting photography, drones are used most.
    It through drones, some panoramic views and pictures that we usually can't see can be caught easily. Compared with the previous risks of life in the air, it is easier and easier to shoot the picture.
    Due to the decrease in the threshold of drones, more and more industries have begun to contact and use drones. But which groups or industries are used as a aviation photography alone? My experience summarizes as follows:
    took wedding photos. Wedding photos through drones often give people a shocking visual effect, and this is a new way, often paying more attention.
    Students who graduate from colleges and universities hope that the entire size of life can end a successful end, leaving some different memories. Therefore, the more novel and fashionable ways, the stronger their acceptance ability. Since 15 years, aerial photography has been on the north and south of the river.
    Orum -to -machine surveying and mapping. Compared with the traditional manpower surveying and mapping, drone testing can save time and effort.
    Make panorama. The panorama production has been relatively hot in recent years. The picture material taken by drones, stitching through software into a panoramic map, and adding some labels, etc., has become a major way of promoting enterprises, high -line, and urban publicity.
    Real estate, factory buildings, landmark buildings, scenic spots, etc. can be more fully displayed through the high -altitude of drones, and it is more powerful.

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