The change of the game in 2020, how does OPPO overwrite the development of the game industry?

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  1. In the first half of 2020, the epidemic affected user consumption scenarios and habits had a huge change, and it was particularly obvious to promote the growth of Internet lines, especially the growth of the gaming industry. According to Newzoo's latest "2020 Global Game Market Report", the global gaming market will rise to $ 159.3 billion in 2020. The background of the special era has accelerated the change of player game behavior. The pass of the player traffic entrance represented by high -quality channels has been rapidly adjusted in a short cycle, allowing resource distribution to accelerate again, setting off a anti -cycle growth revolution.

    On September 24, the 2020 OPPO Developer Conference (ODC20) with the theme of "Wisdom Integration and Future" was held online. In the game special session, OPPO has continued to strengthen and layout of modules such as game joint transportation, game advertising, cloud games, mini -games, and games to the sea. Empower.

    multi -dimensional energy -enabled game products
    The "China Game Industry Report from January to June 2020" jointly released by the hospital shows that in the first half of 2020, the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market reached 139.5 billion yuan, an increase of 22.34%year-on-year. The actual sales revenue of the mobile game market accounted for total market revenue 75%, unprecedented growth opportunities. The current status of the social status of the home has been re -distributed, and the game industry is brewing more opportunities.

    ODC20 gaming special session, OPPO domestic game joint transportation business shows developers the powerful channels and platform service capabilities. In the past year, developers have provided developers with a dimension from experience, distribution, content, to revenue monetization. At present, the monthly distribution volume of OPPO games exceeds 700 million, the monthly active users of the game exceeded 110 million, and the cumulative paid users have exceeded 60 million.

    In terms of technology, the domestic game combined transportation business helps to optimize the performance of the game, launch a more comprehensive competitive mode, and brings industry forefronts in optimizing battery life, network acceleration and picture quality optimization. Technical empowerment. For example, OPPO has in -depth cooperation with the Perfect World, adapts Vulkan on OPPO mobile phones, and further improves the performance of "Xinxiao Ao Jianghu" game performance. Essence

    In terms of helping operations, in 2020, OPPO domestic game joint transportation brings more capable updates, including content services, A/B test capabilities, activity empowerment and resource management tools. Through various capabilities update, the product operation efficiency of developers has been further improved.

    Among them, the content service re -examines the diversified needs of users in content, and has launched a variety of types of content distribution forms. For example, the brand column of the OPPO game center "Picking Award" introduces some interesting and beautiful games other than commercial values ​​for players; the launch of the video area makes the game center more vivid, and the video content can make game users faster. The game has a perception; the found page launched on the homepage extends to the more pre -user scene, shaping the UGC content column close to the user; the launch of the Raiders library can help users solve the problems encountered in the process of playing the game.

    In the content service construction of the OPPO game center, developers are the creators of content and beneficiaries. In order to make the developer's community production content easier, OPPO games will continue to optimize the content creation tools in the future, assist developers to recommend the content to precise users, strengthen the communication channels between developers and users, and help developers quickly understand users.

    In first providing cloud game solutions

    since the second half of 2019, cloud games have become the most high hopes for future games in the industry, The characteristics of free download, free configuration, and cross -end make cloud games a necessary ability to play the game industry in the next era. At this conference, OPPO announced the cloud game solution.

    OPPO cloud games are based on cloud -based game solutions. On the underlying facilities, the OPPO cloud platform is the core. Public cloud and marginal node resources can be quickly deployed and respond; on the basic platform service layer, the X86 virtualization cluster and ARM virtualization cluster are developed, so that all games can be cloudy; on the platform layer, intelligent is embedded in intelligence. Services; on the terminal side, the device only needs to receive video flow data and send control flow data to experience the entire process of the game. In addition, Cloud Games will experience optimization from the side and clouds, try to provide players with excellent game experience in all aspects of cloud games.

    OPPO cloud games transfer most of the data operations and screen processing work from the local area to the cloud server. The cloud encodes the content of the game into a video stream. Feedback to users, this will make the game experience no longer limited to terminal devices and achieve seamless connections on cross -platform.

    In terms of operation, OPPO Cloud Games will be embedded in multiple distribution channels, as well as independent APPs to give the maximum support for the multi -channel drainage of cloud games; Provide services such as data analysis and operation analysis related to the game business, which brings the most direct, authentic and efficient guidance to the developer's operating strategy; in terms of revenue, in the operation process, it will combine the characteristics of the game and adopt various methods to go to various ways to go to multiple ways to go Diversion and promotion, collaborate partners to try more business models, and provide complete business solutions for the cloud game industry.

    ten million traffic boost, OPPO mini -game users exceed 70 million

    n 2020 are the third year of the mini game, and it is also Seeking a year of growth and breakthrough. Compared with the traditional APP game, the mini -game completes the occupation of players' fragmented time, activates the game value of fragmented scenes, and forms close complementarity with APP products. Constantly empowering mini -game developers to provide more development and service types in order to promote the virtuous circle of platform mini -games.

    During the Spring Festival this year, OPPO mini -game users exceeded 70 million in one fell swoop, extended to 35 minutes per capita game, and the number of per capita games increased to 5 models. A number of millions of products were born. For example, OPPO's first -time promotion of "Save Miss Sister" has been launched to the cumulative number of users exceeding 20 million, and the DAU peak value is 2 million. Essence

    The OPPO mini -game "Firefly Plan" at this conference. It is announced that a number of support policies will be exposed to the value of tens of millions of traffic, helping the traffic to obtain boutique game traffic. In terms of small game development technology empowerment, the ability to support screen recording, gyroscope, floating -point texture and other capabilities can make the game more delicate, the screen is clearer under dynamic effects, and support 3D multi -light sources to achieve real -time voice and people in multi -person real -time voice and people Face recognition interaction. At the same time, free cloud real machines can be provided, which can be adjusted at low cost. The debugger supports the small game dimension code scanning and commissioning, and the manual installation is omitted. There are also new quality data, automatically report the error log, provide an abnormal problems of the game, etc., help developers find bugs in time, improve data chart capabilities, display trend data, and add CTR and mutual push data.

    . At the same time, OPPO mini -games integrate each other in terms of operating capabilities, all access to the advertising alliance, and at the same time retain the ability of the developer's self -flow to bottom, and add the video content number brand new The distribution scenario provides developers with solutions covering the entire life cycle of the product through the mobile service platform.

    It the OPPO mini -game business has launched overseas mini -game projects, officially exploring the blue ocean of the overseas game market with developers. At present, the overseas mini -game hall has been developed and has been successfully launched in countries and regions such as India and Southeast Asia. It is estimated that the existing user scale exceeds 100 million, bringing more opportunities and choices to mini games to sea.

    This operation helps Chinese developers to go to the sea

    n As Chinese developers stabilize their heels in the international distribution market, more Chinese companies begin to start Sailing to go to sea, the growth of multi -country users has allowed OPPO to establish a strong overseas user foundation. According to the latest smartphone market data report released by the global market analysis agency Research, the second quarter of 2020 OPPO once again became the number one manufacturer in Southeast Asia's smartphone market with a market share of 20.3%, accumulating a huge number of overseas users. In terms of software stores and gaming centers, in 2018, the software stores in Indonesia lived at 1.8 million in the beginning of the opening. Only two years later, the number had risen to 33.6 million.

    Although the dividends in the overseas game market are huge, they also have to face fierce market competition. There are emerging markets like South Asia and Southeast Asia, and there are still higher opportunities waiting for discovery. At present, OPPO has adopted a refined operating strategy. By giving professional localization, policies, activity guidance, and area refined operation guidance, OPPO has achieved win -win with many companies.

    has the support of OPPO's overseas market capacity, providing more opportunities for domestic game developers to move towards overseas markets. With the joint efforts of the two sides, "Naruto: Peak Duel", the number of reservations and the number of downloads in the first week exceeds 400,000, "Game of Thrones" downloaded more than 130,000 in the first week, "Taikoo Seal Magic Records" and "Tian Ji Change" The first week of downloads exceeded 100,000.

    The game advertisement continues to help developers' income growth

    At present, with the continuous changes in the field of game distribution, advertisement has been acquired to become newly increased becomes becoming For the important means of gaming issuance, this year's OPPO game advertising continues to optimize the launch capacity and the release experience, bringing a new algorithm upgrade to help advertisements stabilize costs and optimize effects during the launch process.

    OPPO game advertisement covers 370 million ColorOS monthly active users, including information flow, alliance, distribution and search, which is optimized. Provide accurate customer acquisition channels. In addition, OPPO game advertising OCPX capabilities have also been upgraded again this year. Multiple scenarios have supported the OCPX capabilities of activation, registration and payment of three dimensions, protecting the cost of game advertising, and the OCPX dual bid capacity has also covered most of the scenes.

    In addition, in the form of upgrading advertisements, reservation advertisements, fireflies and other forms or marketing functions, the OPPO game channel service functions are gradually expanded. Essence The new "Fireflies Station" allows developers to complete the design of the landing page without professional designers, reduce the operation threshold, and provide a wealth of material library templates to help developers improve their operating capabilities.

    In ODC20 game special session, we see that OPPO games have established mature and comprehensive and complete ecology. More and more game developers participate in the ecology of OPPO games through the OPPO open platform In the joint construction, through OPPO's empowerment in technology, market, operation and other aspects, the full life cycle coverage of traditional games, mini -games, and even cloud games is completed to help partners bring more boutique game content to players. Promote the healthy development of the Chinese gaming industry.

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