4 thoughts on “Who can provide some CNC machine tools from Taiwanese brands”

  1. Taiwan CNC brand:
    1. Taiwan Yangtie Technology
    2. Taiwan Jiaqun CNC lathe
    3. Liwei CNC lathe
    6. Taiwan's Yougang CNC lathe
    7. Taiwan Shengjie CNC lathe
    8. n111. Taichung Precision Machine
    12. Taiwan Kaibo

  2. There is a factory in Hangzhou in Taiwan. Whether it is sales in Shanghai is unclear, but Wuxi has after -sales.
    This in Taiwan's Dema Nanjing after sale (not recommended to buy, bad!)
    This in Taiwan's Taichung after -sales sales. You can consult, but the machine tool is good, but the price is more expensive.
    will know this, I hope it will be helpful to you!

  3. The overall cost of Taiwan's machine tools is relatively high. I personally think that Fushuo is good. Our factory is in use. For many years, we have been this brand.

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