1 thought on “From which perspectives to grasp a product that can meet the "emotional needs" of users?”

  1. Answer: Now the products are continuously upgraded from quality competition. In order to better sales and broader market prospects, we start to focus on generating products that are suitable for user emotional needs. In order to be the undefeated forest of the fierce competition in the market. We can control the following angles.
    1. Target of the target customer group: Everyone has a lot of all -round three -dimensional multi -level emotional needs for products. To grasp the user's methods and needs, we need to locate the target customer base of the product. For example, we recommend the simplification of learning supplies to children, the intelligence of adult products, and the pleasant nature of the elderly products. The products of the products are different, and the concepts of design and grasp of the products need a lot of qualitative differences. The control of the user's emotional needs is inseparable from the specific considerations of the group.
    2. In -depth group survey. What are the needs of users? The design concept of the product needs to be brought to the consumer group, not to talk about it on the mouth, and more importantly, it is necessary to conduct market research and deeply excavate customers' needs, rather than themselves, not themselves themselves themselves Thinking about it, there are many ways to investigate. We can choose to investigate the questionnaires, ask the volume stars, and of course go to the field to investigate and investigate, and so on. The form is as diverse as possible, so that the sample is more representative. At the same time, the group investigating the group must be diversified as much as possible, and the sample capacity must be large enough to minimize the errors, which leads to our grasp of user needs to be more complete and scientific and reasonable. Essence
    3. Cultivate seed users and be friends with users. If you want to meet the needs of user, you must first bring out attitude and sincerity. Only by making friends with users and understanding his needs in depth can we better improve the service and output of the product. Product service requirements and experience. It is conducive to the adjustment and transfer of better industrial institutions.
    4. Keep learning forever. At any time of the era of big data, the popularity of the Internet, more and more users' demand, and more and more hierarchical requirements. It is a dynamic constant demand model. Therefore, we need to maintain the attitude and concept of learning forever. To grasp the needs of users, not far, you need to keep feedback and make adjustments. Only in this way can we keep up with the trend of the development and progress of the times.
    The complaint, no matter how high the quality of the product is, how advanced technology is, but products that do not meet the needs of user needs, we will eventually be eliminated by the market. Friends, at the same time, to control the user's product needs dynamically, I believe that the following points can maximize the user satisfaction of the product.

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