How to write the vertical field in the innovation and entrepreneurial plan of the entrepreneurial plan

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  1. Analyze the market size of the target group, the consumption habits, consumption power and user pain points of users, and reflect the differences and uniqueness of the product. Whether the consumption power of the target market population is sufficient to support the current development of the company and the future market expectations. The most important thing for Internet products is to attract more traffic. Whether users are willing to participate in it, forming good interaction and product stickiness.

  2. Abstract of business planning: Abstract of business plans is the first to see the risk investors. It concentrates the essence of the business plan and reflects the entire business of business. It is the core of all planning books. It must be interested in venture investors and eager to get more information. The length is generally controlled at about two thousand words.


    The summary mainly includes the following contents:

    1, company summary
    n2, research and development

    3, product or service

    4, management team and management organization conditions

    5, industry and market
    n6, marketing strategy

    7, financing description

    8, financial plan and analysis

    9, risk factors
    n10, exit mechanism


    Overview of the company: Introduce the company's past development history, current situation, and future planning. Specifically, the company's main summary: including the company's name, address, contact method, etc.; The company's natural business situation; the company's development history; the prediction of the company's future development; the company's unique competitive advantage or uniqueness; Company's taxation.


    The company's research and development: Introduce personnel and funds planned by investment research and development, and the goals to be achieved, mainly include:

    1, research Fund input

    2, R

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