I just started running the business. How can I collect more and more complete customer information?

Our products are new products in this place. The collection of customer information is to develop new customers. Intersection Thank you

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  1. There are many ways to collect information in the enterprise. You can collect customer information by yourself, you can obtain customer information from public channels, and you can also entrust professional credit survey agencies to collect customer information. Most of the information and information of customers from collectively comes from the customer itself or the institutions and themselves recommended by themselves. Personnel. Because customers tend to provide information that is favorable for themselves, avoiding unfavorable information on themselves, coupled with the company's own customer credit investigators are not professionals, the information of the collection is relatively poor. The advantage is that there is no need to spend additional costs. The information collection work can be carried out by the way in the process of daily contact. Collecting customer information by public information channels Modern society is an information society, newspapers and magazines, radio, TV Internet and other public media containing a lot of corporate information In particular, the timeliness of television and the Internet for corporate information reporting is unparalleled in other ways. Through the Internet, you can also actively choose the required information. It should be noted that there are more spam information on the Internet, and there are relatively many relatively much. Rumors, it is best to choose well -known domestic economic websites and official websites, so that the reliability of information collected can be greatly improved. If the customers of the enterprise are concentrated in some industries and subscribe to professional publications in a certain industry, they can Forecast customers' future development prospects. In addition, enterprises can also learn from the court's litigation records from the court, and understand whether customers arrears customer information such as taxation from the tax department. Collect customer information through professional institutions, and consider their professional experience when choosing a company. Personnel equipment, from the time, professional level, service price and other factors. Choosing good reputation and rigorous credit survey agencies can improve the reliability of the collected customer information, which is conducive to the correct sales decision of the enterprise. We can take customers to customers It is divided into three types of small customers, medium customers, and large customers. The amount of transaction contracts reached by the enterprise is not large, but the number does accounted for most of the total number of corporate customers. The loss will not be particularly large. Out of the need to reduce costs, in the process of the company's practice, the company does not do any credit survey before the small customers sell them. Credit information. The source of information selected by small customers is: business credit certificates provided by small customers, internal evaluation reports of front -line sales staff, and experience in transactions with customers. A small customer who is granted to the credit should immediately recover the arrears, and no longer consider providing the customer to the customer who sells medium -sized customers. After the most difficult start -up period, basically standing in the market. These companies will develop in two directions in the fierce market competition, and some may continue to expand, while others are disappointed in operations, caught in the operation, caught in Operating crisis or financial crisis, this impact on sales companies is much greater than small customers, so companies should pay enough attention to middle customers Degree. You must not do any credit survey for secondary customers. The distribution of credit quotas should be distributed. You should obtain the customer's standard credit report or bank credit certificate from the professional credit evaluation agency. In the process, the internal evaluation report of front -line sales staff and the operation of enterprises and customer transactions are also an important source of customer information. It is because middle customers may develop in these two opposite directions, so the management department should pay more attention to their information about their information. In addition to considering the cost and timeliness of information, the quality, accuracy, and timely nature of information must be considered. If conditions permit, you can also order the credit report of the credit evaluation agency.

  2. First, the method of searching for the method is also called householding or carpet -based search method. The main point of its method is that within the specific market area of ​​the salesperson, for specific groups, the organization, family, or individuals within the scope are used to find and confirm the organization, family, or individuals within the scope. method. For example, all households in a new village in a city as a common search object, and use all hotels and restaurants in Shanghai as a carpet -based objective object. The following advantages are generally found: 1. The roller -type spread will not miss any valuable customers; 2. The exposure of wide contact, large information, various opinions and needs, and customer response may be collected during the search process. It is a way to analyze the market; 3. Let more people understand their own business. Of course, its disadvantages are also obvious: 1. High costs, time -consuming and labor -intensive; 2. It is easy to lead to customers' resistance. Therefore, if the activity may cause bad interference to the work and life of customers, it must be carried out with caution. The general search method can be carried out by the salesman to personally come to the door, email, telephone, and other promotional activities. 2. The basic steps for the method of advertising finding method are: (1) send ads to the target customer group; (2) attract customers to start business activities or accept feedback. For example, ads to the media through the media, introduce its functions, purchase methods, place, agency and distribution methods, etc., and then start activities in the target area. The advantages of advertising finding laws are: 1. Fast speed of information, wide coverage, and good repetitiveness; 2. Relatively common finding method is more time -saving and effort; its disadvantage is that the cost of advertising, targeted and timely feedback are not strong. Third, the method of finding the method of finding the law is to find customer search through the direct introduction of others or the information provided by others. You can introduce the social relationships such as acquaintances and friends of the salesperson. The main ways are telephone introduction, oral introduction, letter introduction, business card introduction, word of mouth effect, etc. The key to using this method is that salesmen must pay attention to cultivating and accumulating various relationships, satisfied services and possible help provided by existing customers, and requesting help from others with an open mind. Well -reputation, good business, helpful, good relationship with customers, and trusted salespersons can generally achieve effective breakthroughs. Introduce the search for the customer law because of the introduction of others or successful cases and basis, which is very likely to succeed. At the same time, it can also reduce sales costs and reduce transaction obstacles. Therefore, salesmen should pay attention to and cherish them. Fourth, the data review and finding method We have always believed that the salesperson must have a strong information processing ability. The finding customers can not only ensure certain reliability, but also reduce the workload and improve work efficiency. The blindness of work and the conflict between customers, more importantly, can start early customer research, understand the characteristics and conditions of customers, and propose proper customer activities targeted strategies. It should be noted that the timeliness and reliability of the data. In addition, pay attention to the accumulation of data (industry or customers), which often work more effectively. The data often used by salesmen are: information provided by government departments, information about industry and associations, statistics from the state and region, corporate yellow pages, industrial and commercial enterprise catalogs and product catalogs, TV, newspapers, magazines, Internet and other mass media, etc. Messages, product introduction, corporate publishing, and so on. You can also log in to some websites that provide customer information for free. After simple registration, you can share the customer information of a large number of other salespersons! The author is also doing business and found a lot of customer information websites, but most of them have to pay. I found a free shared customer information forum () half a year ago. Customer Resources! (Customer Information Forum) Some experienced salespersons often make a very sufficient understanding and judgment of customers through a lot of data research before departure with customers. 5. The method of entrusting the assistant to find the method is used more in foreign countries. Generally, the salesperson entrusts specific people to collect information by a paid way in his own business area or customer base. Intelligence information, etc., this advantage is like the Hong Kong police use "lines". In domestic companies, the author has also seen that the salesperson is among the middlemen of the enterprise. information. Another way is that old salespersons can sometimes entrust new salespersons to work in this area, and it is also an effective exercise for new salespersons. 6. Customer data finishing method This method is essentially the "data review and search method", but it also has its own particularity. We emphasize that customer data management is very important. It is very important. , Enterprise organizational activities (such as public relations, market surveys) participants, etc., their information and materials should be well handled and preserved. These materials accumulate to a certain extent, which is a wealth. This is particularly important. I personally feel that what CRM, do not make the concept so complicated. If the real ideas are in place and measures are in place, it is actually very simple. What is the relationship between CRM? For the simplest example, a family, the first generation of washing machines purchased "Little Swan Double Barrel Washing Machine", the second -generation washing machine is "Little Swan Fully Washing Machine", and the third -generation washing machine is "Little Swan Root Washing Machine "If you want to really let the customer's three generations of washing machines use" Little Swan ", the customer's information and the customer's fine services are essential (the two -generation washing machines used by the author are all small swans, and they are going to be updated to replace generations. There are business opportunities in the middle, and you can also deepen the feelings of manufacturers and customers through some activities). If you make a joke, Little Swan can propose a marketing internal slogan: "Let Little Swan be passed down from the customer's house." VII. The trading will find a lot of trade fairs every year, such as the Canton Fair, High Communication, SME Expo, etc. This is an excellent business opportunity. To make full use of the transaction, the transaction will not only achieve transactions, but also more importantly Find customers, contact feelings, and communicate. The boss of a client of A United Angle, participated in this year's Canton Fair, announced to all employees an amazing good news: "I have enough confidence to guarantee to everyone: this year's sales revenue can increase by 200 million!", And its results are effective One of the main reasons is because of the particularity of its products, but more importantly, the company has learned and mastered this effective way. 8. Consultation and finding some organizations, especially industry organizations, technical service organizations, consulting units, etc., they often focus on a large amount of customer information and resources, as well as related industries and market information. Finding customers through consultation is not only an effective way for customers Sometimes the service, help and support of these organizations can also be obtained, such as in terms of customer contact, introduction, market entry plan suggestion. We have provided a package of services for a foreign company to enter the Chinese market, looking for collaborators and even participating in project demonstrations. Nine, various activities of enterprises find French enterprises through public relations activities, market research activities, promotion activities, technical support and after -sales service activities. Generally, they will directly contact customers. In this process Powerful is also a good way to find customers. It is far more than to find a customer method. It should be said that it is a process of anytime and anywhere. The general information processing process is: "All target objects -contact and information processing -primary selection -selection -key potential customer -customer activity plan". This article comes from: Customer Information Forum () -Corns List, Enterprise Yellow Pages, Salesman Forum

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