3 thoughts on “What is the difference between senior QQ group and ordinary QQ group?”

  1. Is your group full of people? Upgrading to high -level groups can double the number of people in the group. The maximum number of high -level groups can be risen to 200, and the maximum number of ordinary groups is only 100.

    Want your group names to Yang Jianghu? Upgrading to high -end groups allow your group to rank among the search results and similar group lists. Under the same conditions, upgrading to advanced groups will significantly improve the position in the search results and similar group lists.

    It wants to share more resources with group friends, but the group hard disk space is insufficient, what should I do? To upgrade to a high -end group, the hard disk space you have will be 16 times the present. The hard disk space of the high -level group is 256m, while the ordinary group hard disk space is only 16m.

    is not dazzling enough, not beautiful enough, not eye -catching? Upgrade to high -level groups, the noble red name highlights in the group list, and it feels different.

    The chat record can only be saved for 7 days. What should I do if I can't see the previous chat history? Upgrade to high -level groups, chat records can be preserved for 1 month, and no longer have to worry about missing wonderful topics.

    Themei to share with you, but the album space is too small. Upgraded to high -end groups, the album space became 10 times the original. The high -level album space is 100m, while the ordinary group album space is only 10m.

    It to send pictures in the group chat window, but only 5 can be posted every day, depressed to death. It is no longer necessary to worry about upgrading to a high -end group. The unlimited stickers of the high -level group, completely get rid of the limit of the number of hair drawings, make you stick easier and casual.

  2. The high group accommodates up to 200 people, and the ordinary group is one hundred. And the high -level group can set the head of the head by itself

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