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  1. Novice to open a housekeeping company should pay attention to: entrepreneurship is not simple, carefully choose the intervention method, choose the appropriate operating mode, and determine the opening time. The detailed introduction is as follows:

    1. There must be entrepreneurial ideas to prepare for the establishment of a housekeeping company, although the investment company is less investment and the risk is relatively small, it is difficult to start a business. The housekeeping service industry is a labor -intensive industry. The development process of the enterprise is almost a process of dealing with people. It must have strong interpersonal communication capabilities and organizational capabilities, and to have sufficient patience, love and responsibility.

    2. Determine the intervention method is currently selected carefully. Winning the market with a scale, or seeking innovation or breakthrough at the inflection point; whether to start a business, be careful, or seek franchise cooperation, you must choose carefully.
    3, choosing proper operation mode is important. It is important to determine which operation model to expand the market is directly related to the future of enterprise development.

    4. Determine the timing. If you are really prepared, choose the company's operation directly, don't hesitate too much.

    The precautions:

    1. When selecting the company's legal person, you should focus on whether it has bad credit records or criminal records, which determines whether the company can operate normally in the future.

    2. Before the company's name is officially used, you need to apply for the name of the company's name for the company's name, so you need to prepare a few more.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswers are simple. Yunjiazheng Company is actually a shell company. Through online platforms such as Meituan Volkswagen, 58 home, and e domestic politics, we have opened stores to do housekeeping business and earn spreads. They often hold dozens of WeChat groups. After the platform has an order, they throw them into the group, and then wait for the aunt to add WeChat to pick up the order to complete the entire service process.nIn the domestic industry, there are generally three forms. The first is the service type of traditional company: employees belong to company management and training, and the company pays wages. The service items are mainly clock workers. The disadvantages are obvious, the operating cost is high, and the risk of the second platform. It is relatively simple. For information integration, set up a platform to collect agency fees. Both users and cleaners can freely order and receive orders in it. The disadvantage is that the employee team is very unstable and business fluctuations are also very large. The third is the no -goods source cloud housekeeping model I are talking about now. It almost integrates the advantages of the above two models, but at the same time avoided their shortcomings. Compared with housekeeping stores, it can work within 10,000 yuan. And because Yunjiazheng is a pure online service, there is no need to meet with customers or meet the service staff, which means that there are no regional restrictions, we can not only do our own city.nAsk how to registernThe answer takes a housekeeping service company in the US group as an example. It only needs three things, namely business licenses, facades, and virtual store opening addresses. The business license is easy to solve, and the company that can provide a business scope of housekeeping services can be resolved on Taobao. The facade photos are actually simple. One is to find someone to design a facade and stick it at the door of their own door.nQuestnAnswer first, and you can stay in any platform. Enter one more channel.nHow much does it cost to ask the platform?nThe answer seems to be free to check in.nMeituan is also deducted.nAsk how do you stay in 58?nAnswer to register a 58 account, and then the interface homepage has become a merchant.nDoes asking what is needed to be a merchant?nAnswer a business licensenHow does the business license come out?nAnswer to find the company to hang up, we can read the message I sent in detail. There are detailed steps there.nMore 13nBleak

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