4 thoughts on “How to do a good job of marketing for education and training institutions”

  1. For promotion now, you usually consider walking online and offline two legs, and the offline ones are not said (individual is not too professional). From the perspective of the current environment and the use habits of students, search engine marketing management management It is very important. In addition, word -of -mouth marketing (vertical media and Q

  2. I am also a trainer myself, and there are quite a lot of companies I have to stay.
    First of all, it is difficult to do a good job in the early period of a training institution. But find the right method to break the game.
    The first, find customers, how to find it? The best way is to promote enterprise, that is, corporate promotion. Bring Yirabao to other companies to promote and give them discounts. The secret is that you first win some middle levels within the company, such as personnel manager and department manager, and let them give you a unified uniform to promote you.
    Secondly, still find customers, how to find it? Establish your own sales market sector to find customers in a telemarketing manner.
    third, still find customers, how to find it? Contact with the external push team, there are special resource companies, spend money to buy resources for promotion.
    Furthermore, if you are a child training, children's training institutions. There are only two ways to go out. Essence
    The relationship with the school,
    , the second, the relationship with the community neighborhood committee, strive for community roadshow promotion

  3. Institutional marketing often needs to fully understand the user's behavior and psychological changes.
    The operators in traditional teaching and training institutions have not learned to analyze consumer psychology and behavior, and they begin to make marketing decision -making and brand management. This is obviously wrong. Contemporary consumers are under fundamental changes in psychological and behavioral. Therefore, only by correctly analyzing and grasping the psychology and behavior of users can teaching institutions be correctly marketing decisions and brand management.

  4. Education and training covers a wide range of faces, children's, elementary schools, middle schools, etc. The methods of different marketing methods are also different. Although marketing is based on the two major frameworks of strategic marketing and strategic marketing (8P), The specific situation should also be analyzed in detail, it is best to say something clearly to answer.

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