5 thoughts on “What is the prospect of LED outdoor lamps?”

  1. LED is very energy -saving, high brightness, and long service life. It is now in various lighting, and the lamp industry is gradually widely used.
    LED will eventually replace high energy consumption light and shadow, so its prospects are very broad.
    LED still has a problem that is easy to absorb water on the outdoor lamp. Of course, this has nothing to do with LED.

  2. The prospect is good, but it is necessary to do enough extension of the life of external protection. After all, the outdoor environment changes are worse than the indoor.

  3. The future is infinite, depending on policies; the government supports and looks at the environment; global energy conservation and consumption is green and environmentally friendly. Energy -saving consumption reduction, lighting energy conservation financial management income, Dalian lighting energy saving and courage.

  4. LED is used for shooting lights. I personally feel that the outdoor lighting prospects are very good!
    is currently richer in color.

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