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  1. The fire engineer's former light stalks were flying in the river:
    2014 was the first official examination year of fire engineers. The shortage of talents in the industry, coupled with the strong professionalism of occupational certificates, a high degree of professional counterpart, and the launch of the qualification examination policy for registered fire engineers, many practitioners have kept the good development prospects of certificates: with the introduction of new policies in the field of fire protection, The practice certificate will become a rigid demand. The gap in the industry's certification is huge, the sooner the evidence is obtained and the earlier.
    If the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued three policy notices on registered fire engineers, marking the formal establishment of the registered fire engineer system of social fire protection professional and technical professional qualifications in my country. The implementation of this policy and regulations will further improve the fire protection system, effectively promote the professionalization and standardization of the fire protection industry, and will also guide more social technicians to join the team of registered fire engineers. In the next few years, fire engineers will become new industries, and usher in the peak season of talent demand

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