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  1. The difference between the plastic bid rubber and PVC is

    1, different uses. Dripping is an emerging small device formed process, mainly making trademarks, nameplates, lace patterns, small accessories, etc. The main use of PVC is to make pipes, plates, alien profiles, film, wires, cables, etc.
    2, different materials. The materials used for plastic are sodium silicate, organic glass, and PVC. Sodium silicate is salt. Organic glass and PVC are plastic and are not rubber. Rubber cannot be used as a drop of plastic material, and is often misunderstood because the soft PVC plastic material is similar to rubber.
    3, containing relationships. Plastic materials can be used by PVC, but not the only material. PVC only has a model for making plastic materials.
    M plastic technology has a variable characteristic of the use of thermoplastic polymer materials, that is, under certain conditions, it has adhesive, and the characteristics of solid state can be restored at room temperature. Ink, shaped into a design form in the state of adhesion, and then solidified at room temperature.
    . Polyvinyl chloride, referred to as PVC in English, is a spin -chloride monomer (VCM) caused by peroxide, nitride compounds, etc. polymer. The average polymer and polymer of the chlorine chlorine is collectively referred to as chlorine resin.
    The expansion data PVC wood plastic composite material is a new type of composite material prepared by the main raw materials of waste wood fibers and plastic, supplemented by proper processing additives, and prepared by thermal pressure preparation process. Its products fully reflect the concept of cycle utilization of renewable resources and petroleum products. It is of great significance to alleviate the current problems such as the shortage of wood and petroleum resources and serious environmental pollution.
    The home building materials products with PVC as the main raw materials have become the second largest pillars in my country's plastic industry, with an average annual growth rate of more than 15%. In the next 10 years, the construction area of ​​new houses is expected to be 30 billion square meters. If these buildings will realize 50%of energy saving on the existing basis, the demand for energy -saving building materials in the market can reach trillions of dollars. The development of huge space.
    For a long time, the building materials industry has always appeared in the image of high energy and high pollution. In order to meet the requirements of the low -carbon economy, after many years of research and development, home building materials companies have developed a group of PVC high -simulation building materials with plastic wood, which has become a low -carbon and practical and perfect combination of home products.
    If industry experts pointed out that the PVC building materials of plastic wood are not only save costs, but also recycled recycling, which is in line with the general trend of environmental sustainable development and circular economy.
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  2. There are differences between dripping, rubber, and PVC. Dripping plastic is the emerging small device formed process, mainly to make trademarks, nameplates, lace patterns, small accessories, etc. The materials used for plastic are dual -composed of sodium silicate, organic glass and PVC. Sodium silicate is salt, organic glass and PVC are plastic, none of them are rubber, and rubber cannot be used as dripping materials. Quality PVC drops are often misunderstood. The difference between the plastic material and the PVC is that the plastic material can be used by PVC, but it is not the only material. The PVC only has a model for making plastic materials. , So the plastic material is not the same as the PVC.

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