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  1. Pharmaceutical sales staff are mainly divided into three categories: commercial distribution, hospital representatives, and OTC representatives. Although China ’s current pharmaceutical sales channels are produced in hospitals, about 20%are produced in the field of OTC sales dominated by chain pharmacies outside the hospital, with the importance of medical reform in 2019, a series of medical reform measures in the State Council are truly implemented. In place, the OTC field is still a popular in the future pharmaceutical industry. I give the OTC sales experience according to the OTC sales experience and the learning exchanges with colleagues. n First of all, the business staff must believe and fall in love with their own products. Only believe and love can fully mobilize the active and subjective initiative of people. Talents will take the initiative to learn and master the characteristics and selling points of the product to negotiate with customers with feelings and confidence. People who love and love are very infectious and charm. They are the most impressive, and they can be more successful to sell products.

    has the most important thing for OTC sales after having a solid self -strength. Remember that the OTC selling is that the continuous superposition of the event and the event will bring a good repurchase rate and returning guest. If OTC does not know how to do activities, the author provides the six projects recommended by big coffees in the industry, you can study it carefully.

    The implementation of one thing, the first push and display, the time is within half a month of entering;

    provided a high -level training, time at the product entry 1 1 -Within 2 months;

    In the promotion promotion activities in place, and perform 2-3 months after the product entry;

    POP display is completed within 4 months of entering the field;

    The products of a tree for a tree;

    provided a large -scale expansion training.

    Finally, OTC practitioners must be diligent, there is no big detail, go to the streets and lanes, enter the store, talk more, run more, see more guest feelings in place in place If there are more customers, the sales are naturally done.

  2. The pharmaceutical sales industry is a career with greater pressure, and customers' rejection is like home. Customers 'rejection of our inner impact is mainly reflected in. We will mistakenly believe that customers are denying our own abilities. In fact, most of the customers' rejection does not meet the needs. In the negotiations, we must let our customers understand that I am not here to earn your pills money. You should not want to make money from my manufacturer. We should go to the market to make money and earn end competitors' money. We have to be clearly positioned. I once asked our salesperson: what is the relationship between us and customers, and the salesperson answered: the relationship between grandpa and grandson. Before the business did, we were half short, and the work later was even worse. We want to let our customers understand that our supplier is to use products and services to help him make money. Everyone can unify the goal in order to unify the mind and be able to win the virtue.

  3. With the first visit experience, the team's customers are graded, and every day's visits should be focused. In the setting of the visit goals, we must learn to "rough visit" and "concentrate". Customers who have potential to take a precipitation and bring small gifts. China pays attention to gifts. As the saying goes, people have short mouths and soft hands. Small gifts are indeed a small gift, and the important thing is to worry. Then there is all the preparations, and they have gone and gone, and people are not there, which is embarrassing. The visit time is also very important. You can make an appointment. You can understand it. The VIP clerk communicates.

  4. I have been in the pharmaceutical sales circle for several years. In fact, the real pharmaceutical sales only need two steps to understand the other party's wishes and concerns, as well Worries. To sum up, it is the eight words "finding problems, solving problems", which is simple to say. It is not so easy to do. As a pharmaceutical representative, in the terminal development, it is the norm to talk about the customer's transaction at a time. At one time, it is said that you are indeed a genius of sales, but there are few successful success, and the second tracking of the terminal is the norm. So I think the skills of medical sales are to increase the success rate of secondary visits.

  5. To be a medical representative, you must first have confidence in yourself and confidence in the product. Newcomers have just entered the industry. Faced with medical care, medical knowledge is easier to be confident than doctors who are rich in themselves. If you are not confident, your professionalism will be difficult. There is no confidence in the product, how can you recommend your medicine to the doctor. The more sincere, the better! Whatever sales skills are floating clouds! The current industry environment is not good. Doctors are cautious and are careful to contact strange representatives without contact. Only by allowing your doctor to trust you can work be better carried out. Medical representatives are cooperative relationships with doctors. If you want to cooperate for a long time, you have to pay sincerity.

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