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  1. Selection of cable bridges and varieties:
    1, cable networks that need to be shielded by electrical appliances may be selected (FB) grooves when there is an impact on the influence of the environmental impact of the environment or the environment of the protection of the electrical appliance interference (such as the environment with the environment with corrosive liquids, flammable dust dust). The composite anti -corrosion shielding cable bridge (with cover)
    2. The strong corrosive environment should be used (F) the composite epoxy resin anticorrosive flame -retardant cable bridge. The same materials should also be selected to increase the service life of the bridge and attachment, and the cable bridge. It should be covered in an environment that is easy to accumulate ash and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.
    3, in addition to the above situations, you can choose a tray, groove, step, glass anti -corrosion flame -retardant cable bridge or steel ordinary bridge according to the on -site environment and technical requirements. It should be covered in an environment that is easy to accumulate ash and other needs to be covered or outdoor places.

    4. In the public channel or outdoor cross -road section, the bottom steps should be added with a pad or a tray on this section. When crossing the public passage, you can increase the load capacity of the bridge according to the user's requirements or choose the rack.
    5, large span (> 3M) should be selected with composite bridge (FB).
    6. Composite epoxy resin bridge (F) should be selected outdoors.

  2. First understand whether the cable bridge manufacturers have production capacity, and whether they can provide models, product inspection reports, product qualification certificates, and other qualification certificates.
    we will need to count the number, width, height, and material of the number of cable bridges, so that the cable bridge manufacturers provide accurate quotations. Because these parameters are not counted, cable bridge manufacturers cannot give quotes. The price of raw materials is large, with many specifications, and different materials will affect the price of cable bridges.
    It should be carefully built to see the process of the material bridge, so that the noodles cannot be distorted, black spots, rust, and paint. If possible, you can go to the field to inspect the scale and supply capacity of the partner's factory

  3. There are many good cable bridge manufacturers nearby, but I don't know where your home is, so I can't recommend it to you.

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