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  1. For the construction materials industry, we must first have an official website for online sales. Both the PC and mobile terminals must be available, and we must do a good job of optimization, update and promotion of the website, so that the website has a good ranking in the search engine in the search engine. Essence
    The use of third -party websites to promote, build shops, display brands and products, such as B2B websites and classification information websites.
    In blog, Weibo, Q

  2. For the building and building materials industry, you must first have the portal of the enterprise. SEO must be optimized by search engine. You can build some B2B and B2C channels. SEM also has to do search engine bidding promotion, establish corporate industry brands, locate corporate products, build products, establish products Online promotion channels, brand promotion, product promotion, you can go to this on top, there are many design channels, and there are many methods. The development of the Internet seriously affects the market in the traditional industry field. It is necessary to do online marketing, especially online marketing. I need to master some useful dry goods, I hope my answer is helpful to you, so that you can take less detours.

  3. Any company should regard online marketing as the entire sales business. Any sales activity is to have good product sales and higher profits. In order to promote sales, decorative companies carry out various marketing activities, and online marketing is no exception. Online marketing activities must be combined with offline marketing activities.
    It the best online marketing is just to make offline sales better and excellence. A marketing website with high marketing capabilities allows customers to find you on the Internet and have a deep impression on your products, so that customers can make orders.
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  4. 1. Clarify the customer group
    2, analyze its own strength
    3, produce marketing copywriting
    4, select promotion channel
    5, develop its own platform (website, online store, new media, etc.) r r
    6, strengthen customer interaction
    7, analyze behavior data
    8, carry out marketing activities
    9 ,,,,,,

  5. First understand all the information of the product, and then online to beautify the packaging products to promote the popularity of its own business products from the Internet

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