5 thoughts on “How do you think of the WeChat alumni group, what is the significance?”

  1. I really hate the WeChat group. Last year, the girl who was in love was obsessed with the WeChat group, because there were many students who did not meet each other, and they felt a bit like returning to the campus to study, so the heat continued. After a long time, the topic slowly changed, some often exposed to travel outside, some new cars, and some of them were so noble and unpopular. Knowing that he existed ... In a furious, I made the WeChat group pay attention to it.

  2. The group formed by the three or five friends. The friends inside are basically the most close girlfriends and brothers. Discuss the new things you encounter every day, where is delicious and fun, about Hi Pi on the weekend, and so on. Of course, the classification of the friends here actually includes the group of the family. Overall is a relatively intimate relationship.

  3. WeChat is based on the "mobile terminal". Everyone should have experienced the experience of the WeChat group bucket drawing emoticon package? As everyone knows, these frequently buckets of WeChat groups will secretly consume your traffic (data), according to a large picture 200K, a expression of 10K to calculate, even if you do n’t speak for a day, then this WeChat group will be silently running silently. Take dozens of m or even hundreds of m.

  4. There are too many offers in WeChat groups. Usually, these people like to act as leaders on WeChat groups. By expressing their own remarks and views, they highlight their power. I do n’t know that this will make other WeChat group friends feel disgusted or disgusting.

  5. They pull you in, not how active and presence of you in this group. It may be purely full, and there is something convenient to contact in the future.

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