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  1. The top ten domestic welding materials companies are:
    1. Beijing Board Strip Factory
    2. Beijing Baosteel Welding Co., Ltd. Wei Welding Materials Co., Ltd.
    5. Tianjin Bridge Welding Material Group Co., Ltd.
    6. Tianjin Jinqiao Welding Co., Ltd.
    7. Welding Materials Co., Ltd.
    9. Baoding Jiujiu Welding Material Co., Ltd.
    10. Shijiazhuang Special Organic Strom Factory
    See the top ten brand rankings of the 2021 welding materials based on brand evaluation and sales. Ten are: Songle, New Energy, Liansheng Welded Materials/QMCNC, Elekovo/Elecall, Biring/Bling, Risuny, Andeli/Feintool, ATong Welding Materials, Stanley/Stanley.
    How to choose welding material company
    1. According to strength, the strength in the market is strong, and the quality of welding wire products that can be provided will be higher. Many people can choose after knowing the strength of the welding wire manufacturer, so that they can be selected according to their own needs, so as to get more support and recognition of more people. Now the recognition of brand products in the market is also very high, and the quality will be better.
    2. According to technical selection, in addition to the need to produce new welding wires during the development process, professional manufacturers also need to improve their technical capabilities. The development of a strong technology in the future is also considerable, so it also brings confidence to the user's use.
    3. According to the after -sales service selection, if we can really cooperate with the wire manufacturer, we generally need to purchase welding wires in large quantities. If the manufacturer is confident in the quality of our products, the manufacturer can also provide us with a good after -sales sales after -sales sales Services can still make our procurement easier.
    The regular welded materials manufacturers have very good business capabilities, and all products need to be tested strictly. If they can really cooperate with manufacturers with strong strength, they can naturally make us more assured. Only tested welding materials can reassure us.

  2. At present, the domestic industry is relatively mixed. There is no unified scale market and the default leadership. It is difficult to say which are the top ten of the top ten, mainly to compare them by themselves. the best! The key depends on which one you focus on.
    The welding material refers to the general name of the materials consumed during welding, such as stripes, welding wires, metal powder, solder, gas, etc. The welding industry is developing rapidly, mainly divided into welding, CO2 welding, oxygen cutting, and electric welding.
    This in my country's welding material industry has a high degree of marketization. The technology content of ordinary low -end welding strips and copper -plated welding wires in welded materials is low, and the entry threshold has been low. In recent years, it has shown serious overcapacity. With the increasing competition in the market, the industry has shown a large -scale and group business model. While some domestic companies can eat the market through low -cost means, they are accelerating the pace of product structure adjustment to occupy the high -end market.
    2020 The large brand list of the electrical strips
    1, Eliko
    Reason for the list: Elecall (English: Elecall) is an electronic business -oriented electronic sales company, the Lord, the Lord Camp hardware tools, instruments, home decoration, low -voltage electrical, etc. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has continued to grow. Now it has a number of chain electrical museums in Zhejiang. The electrical museum has gathered all products in the electrical industry, providing a broad space for customers to buy products.
    2, Songle
    Reason for list: Shanghai Songla Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of technology -based modern welding equipment specializing in development, design and manufacturing. Over the years, our company has continuously introduced and absorbed advanced technologies at home and abroad, and has developed more than ten series of products and more than 80 varieties. ZX7 DC welding machine, WS arc welding machine, NB gas protection machine, LGK plasma cutting machine, RSR thread welding machine, etc. Have advanced production equipment and comprehensive detection methods. Advanced product craftsmanship, excellent performance, reasonable structure, novel shape, excellent quality, and best -selling nationwide and southeast.
    3, Hui Nan
    Reason for list: Hui Nan brand is affiliated with Changzhou Chuanzhou Electromechanical Co., Ltd., established in 2014
    , is a company that integrates development, manufacturing and sales. Throat hoop, welding wire, stainless steel precision casting and other products. With a complete and scientific quality management system. The integrity, strength and product quality of Changzhou Chuanzhou Electrical Co., Ltd. have been recognized by the industry.

  3. The well -known welded materials companies in China are: Tianjin Bridge, Tianjin Golden Bridge, Sichuan Atlantic Ocean, Kunshan Jingqun, Kunshan Tiantai, Beijing Antai, Beijing Jinwei, Harbin Welle, Shanghai Modern Welders, etc. Every company has its own specialty

  4. The Sichuan Atlantic Ocean was formerly known as the Zigong China Welding Strip Factory. It is the first domestic welding material production unit. The varieties of welding, welding wires, and welds are complete, and the quality is first -class in China. I suggest you and buy

  5. At present, the domestic industry is relatively mixed. There is no unified scale market and the default leadership. It is difficult to say which are the top ten of the top ten, mainly to compare them by themselves. the best! The key depends on which one you focus on.

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