BOE (BOE) The first quarter report of 2022: revenue exceeding 50 billion yuan in high -quality development steady progress

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  1. On April 27, BOE Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE A: 000725; BOE B: 200725) released the first quarter of 2022 reports. In the face of multiple challenges in the internal and external challenges such as epidemic, economic pressure, and industry fluctuations, it still maintains a steady development trend, showing the comprehensive strength of BOE (BOE) as a leading industry and the real economy pioneer. At the same time, with the continuous deep cultivation and empowerment of the "IoT of the Ping", the innovation cause of the BOE (BOE) IoT is gradually becoming a new engine for the company's development. BOE) steadily moved towards a new stage of high -quality development.

    since 2021, affected by factors such as global epidemics, industry challenges and opportunities coexist, and under the trend of showing the increasing concentration of the industry, accelerating resource integration, and continuous expansion of application scenarios, BOE (BOE) resistance to resistance The fluctuation ability has been significantly improved. Although the price of display panels is fluctuating in the first quarter of 2022, BOE (BOE) relies on the deep accumulation and comprehensive strength of technology, manufacturing, management, and industrial integration over the years, effectively resisting industry fluctuations to enterprise development to enterprise development The impact, in the first quarter of 2022, continued to rank first in the global semiconductor display industry, and launched many innovative products in the fields of ultra -high -definition, high refresh rates, and gaming display. In the field of ultra -high -definition display, the leading 8K display technology of BOE (BOE) is stunning to the world's top ice and snow competitions. Waiting for all corners to bring a high -definition feast to the global audience and the general public. In addition, BOE (BOE) 110 -inch 8K products also won the German Red Dot Design Award. In the field of high refresh rates, BOE (BOE) launched the leading 500 Hz display products to create a new benchmark for professional e -sports display. In the field of flexible OLED, in the first quarter, BOE (BOE) joined hands with Glory, OPPO, ASUS and other global first-tier brands to launch a number of innovative products based on F-OLED high-end flexible display technology, leading the new era of flexible display. Qunzhi Consultation () data pointed out that in the first quarter of 2022, BOE (BOE) Flexible OLED smartphone panel shipments shipped about 16 million pieces, an increase of nearly 50%year -on -year, and the volume of flexible displays continued to rise.

    The IoT innovation, in the first quarter of 2022, BOE (BOE) continued good development and continued to broaden application scenarios. In the field of visual art, the giant "snowflake" devices independently developed and designed by BOE (BOE) are shined in the global attention ice and snow competition; smart financial solutions have provided services for more than 2,500 banks nationwide; smart park solutions have been in Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and other more than 20 cities have landed applications. In the first quarter of this year, the smart park IoT management platform independently developed by BOE (BOE) to help build a high -end, high -efficiency and high -quality smart park. The plan has landed in more than 30,000 stores in more than 61 countries around the world.

    It's sensing career, BOE (BOE) 2021 medical imaging products sales increased by 30%year -on -year. At present, smart window solutions have completed the delivery of Jingxiong Tourism Zone, Jingzhang Tourism Area, Magnetic Suspending and other projects. It has been applied to Beijing Hengtong Commercial Park C3C4 office building, which will be launched at the National Science and Technology Communication Center and the Academic Exchange Center of the University of Science and Technology of China. In terms of MLED business, in the first quarter of 2022 The 34 -inch glass -based MINI LED gaming monitor uses the world's first AM glass -based technology that has independently developed the world to bring a new visual experience. In terms of smart medical industries, the total number of outpatients in BOE Digital Hospital reached 233,000 in the first quarter. In addition, he also actively participated in the anti -epidemic work, dispatched two batches of medical teams to help Shanghai, and helped the epidemic prevention work in various places. As of the end of March, the four hospitals had completed a total of more than 1.17 million nucleic acid sampling, and the new crown vaccination was vaccinated by more than 860,000.

    Since 2022, BOE (BOE) technological innovation strength has been widely recognized by authoritative institutions. At the same time, the list of "Global Top 100 Innovation Institutions in 2022" was shortlisted. Under the new opportunities of digital transformation and reshaping production model, BOE (BOE) won the highest honor "Lighthouse Factory" in the global intelligent manufacturing field in March 2022, successfully created a new model of global wisdom integration, becoming BOE (BOE) in smart manufacturing in smart manufacturing The first world business card in the field.

    In challenging 2022, with the continuous improvement of digital transformation and intelligent application needs, BOE (BOE) will continue to deepen the "screen of the Internet" strategy and accelerate the "display technology the Internet of Things Application "innovation, continue to play the role of industrial leadership, build an industrial ecology with integrated development, while promoting the healthy and stable development of the industry, helping the digital economy is stable and far away.

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