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  1. And loved being married to her. You should be, it is cowardly, you want to murder the fog in Xi'an 僡 僡 詴 詴 詴 詴 詴 詴 詴Feel About Tell Tell.
    . n. n. none minute to simi… he put Hard on a cigarette. Then blackford's heart leaped.a youung woMan Was Coming TOWARDS HIM.
    pushed the window in the morning, and it was a white snow. The memories seemed to strike in an instant. There was such a moment in life. ,

    This windows are covered with ice flowers. I touched it with my hands and found that they were engraved outside the window. I hurriedly opened the window, blowing in a cold wind, and before I had time to touch the ice flower, I shuddered deeply.

    The ice flower is beautiful, at least more beautiful than the fairy who painted on the window. I walked through all the fields in the village and saw all the cordyllaba in the ground. The dawn was the dewdrops falling on the stems and leaves of the weeds, clear and clear, and then there were several small flying worms sucking the nutrients.

    I I like this feeling, I also like to bring headphones to listen to insects before going to bed. Among them, there must be screaming. Many families in the countryside will hear the sound of the house on the occasion of the autumn harvest.

    In the winter solstice, we started to count nine. Ninety -nine nine -nine -nine -nine -nine -nine -nine ice, five -ninety -six ninety rivers see willow ...

    I I don’t know what areas are relatively relative, I am I only know that when I was 29th, the pond at the door was full of ice. A few of our friends took the broken ice at home and threw it on the pond, and it slipped far away for a moment.

    During the three nine, the goose hair was heavy. At that time, the heavy snow of the goose feathers was not an exaggerated metaphor, but the real existence. Pushing the door in the morning, the rhubarb of my family rushed out, and then I couldn't find it, and I was drowned in the white ocean.

    During the four nine nine, heavy snow melted, and the eaves fell to ice, with 2030 cm long. We took the bamboo pole enough, but we usually fell to the ground. Bingling is placed in the palm of the palm, and it looks crystal clear. In the sun, it can project the light.

  2. Which of Xi'an is the best?
    Please see the answer for the specific situation. Please adopt it if you are satisfied.

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