When looking for a trademark registration agency, what are the matters to be noted, and how can I find a reliable trademark agent?

3 thoughts on “When looking for a trademark registration agency, what are the matters to be noted, and how can I find a reliable trademark agent?”

  1. Regardless of whether it is a proxy agency for trademark registration or a trademark transfer agency, it is necessary to look at it with a bright eye. It is important to choose a good agency. Whether the agency is professional is sure that you can feel it in chatting. At present, some suggestions for you as the basic conditions for the selection agency:
    1: whether the agency is on the official website of the trademark bureau;
    2: whether to register at the Industrial and Commercial Bureau; Whether it is professional;
    4: Whether to sign a formal contract or agreement;
    5: Whether the market reputation is good;
    mai allows me to recommend it on the Internet.

  2. The success rate is the most important, and the price should not be too low, look at a few more, it is moderate
    It you can show them the trademark you want to register when you choose, and let them tell you the success rate. If you are too low, you have to be rejected, and of course you can also choose to change one.
    It you look at their information on the Internet after watching a family, look at scale, operation time, and reputation.
    . Finally, if you think about it, you want to register a trademark, please as soon as possible. If anyone submits it at the same time, whoever loses who is slower.

  3. 1. Confidentiality measures

    For enterprises, trademarks are related to the long -term development of future companies. Therefore, confidentiality measures need to be kept on trademarks or related creative content to avoid being robbed.

    2, trademark query

    . At present, the daily trademark application volume is almost thousands of, and many text trademarks have been registered almost everywhere. At the same time, some simple Easy trademarks have been registered early. In order to pass the trademark registration, trademark query is very important.

    3, extension

    During the registered trademark, in addition to its own core category, it is also registered as much as possible. Protecting your own trademarks can also lay the foundation for the development of future enterprises.

    4, combined trademark registration

    During the registered trademark, you can register the trademarks such as text, graphics, so that it can maximize the risk and improve the accuracy of the registered trademark. Rate, when registered trademarks, due to a certain part of the incompatibility, the trademark was rejected.

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