Five-minute Business School-Season 2 (Day 58) -The method of changing experience, how to inherit experience,

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  1. First, from experience to method.

    "column table" is a "experience" doped with too many personal colors. What is the "method" behind it? Pure first. The column table is actually satisfied with the user's "expected and certainty" expectations. So, what is the essential method behind Xiaoding Qingdao store? In fact, it is: using interesting activities that must be participated on the spot to lead the Internet traffic to offline.

    second, from the method to the process.

    The "method" of purity, what to do? The smart store manager can know how to do it without teaching. But the ability of the organization cannot assume that every manager is smart. You have to reduce the process that can be executed by a fool.

    This process can be:

    C phone calls to find 10 local life websites online;

    In the business cooperation department of the website;

    In "Annex 1", find a cooperation in 25 creative schemes;

    The event site, decoration and service in accordance with the requirements of "Annex II"; After the activity, according to "Annex III", calculate the cost of traffic, conversion effect, customer unit price, customer satisfaction, and evaluation effect.

    The list is the performance of the experience process. Write down the principles and key points of one thing to ensure that the methods and results that have been successful can be reproduced at a high probability. For example: a list of surgery, which dropped the proportion of surgical infections that had been frequently occurred from 11%to 0; a list of buildings made the incidence of building accidents per year; The market value of the combination increased by 160%. The essence of the list is not to list the precautions and then hook it, but to change your values. Using a carefully designed list will not make you rigid. They will help you save limited brainpower and not allow your brain to be occupied by complicated inspection items, but to release more difficult problems. The list is not a rigid dogma, but a practical support system that brings the greatest flexibility to the use of a model. Three steps: first, the design should be simple and efficient and measured; second, there must be a clear inspection node in execution; third, it must be continuously updated.

    Is talking about the process of experience, I think of why Chinese food industry does not produce a global catering giant like McDonald's. One of the important reasons is that it has not done this. Words such as "less salt" and "fire to golden yellow" in Chinese food are completely relying on people's experience, perception and understanding ability, without more theoretical frameworks or methodology, which belongs to an empirical industry. Moreover, the tastes of each place are also very different, so there will be a big difference in ingredients and ingredients. Western fast foods such as McDonald's are completely different. Strictly define accurate quantitative methods such as "X -degree oil for 3 minutes", so that its taste is a taste worldwide, and the "method that the method can execute can be executed".

    The SOP of our pharmaceutical industry is to transform experience into a process and refine the operation procedures, quantify and optimize. As long as people who are not too stupid, they can complete the task well according to the operation process of SOP.

    The combat effectiveness of the team seems to belong to only some people in the team (especially leaders), and personal experience process is far away. The effect of the experience process is in place, just like Lugus in the movie "Advent". After learning the language of the alien, you will perceive time in the way of aliens. At the same time, see the present and future. Conversely, like the boxing robots in the "Iron Gangs and Gang" movie, boxing can only be boxing under Charlie's voice control and action guidance. Once the guidelines and tips are lacking, they will be beaten back to their original form. First, determine the purpose and theme. Excellent organizational experience and inheritance of excellent work methods. When implementing the specific implementation, it is necessary to determine what the company's ultimate purpose is to carry out this work. Focus on the content of the work, first clarify the purpose and themes to refine and implement the subsequent work, and then adopt it Targeted steps and methods. Second, do a good job of extraction and finishing. After collecting and studying internal and external data, understand the overall framework and basic knowledge of the extraction theme work. Combined with theoretical knowledge and practical cases, the experience obtained expert experience is organized and refined to form a tool and method that can be copied. The specific results include work flow, task scene, challenge point, specific working methods, skills, speaking, etc. Finally, knowledge output and review. Only by evaluating knowledge can be used as a final output, and the application of its application in time, further evaluate the effectiveness and applicability of knowledge, facilitate later renewal iteration, and realize the sublimation of organizational experience.

    The processing is actually the same as the replication of the ability kernel. A old -fashioned shop has a good business, good reputation, large traffic, and has rich profits every year. At this time, the boss wanted to open a second branch, but the business of the branch was not good. After a long time, he would lower the reputation of the old shop. A fast -food restaurant can open dozens or even hundreds of thousands of branches, and the business is still so good, and the reputation has not dropped. Among them, the power of the process is the process of the core kernel, which is as large as the rules and regulations, as small as the operation process. For example, how many seconds of fries must be fried to get out of the pot. In this case, no matter how rotation employees are rotated, as long as the steps are operated, the taste and quality of the dishes can be guaranteed. The old -fashioned shop is confidential because the ancestral formula needs to be confidential, and the experience cannot be processed. In the end, the core kernel cannot be copied, which makes the status of the old name at stake.

    In your experience and deficiencies in actual work. I. Experience 1. Establish a standard operation process and name it with the name of the invention or improved. 2. Establish a wrong question book and hold an accident analysis meeting, so that you can learn from the mistakes made by a person. 3. Regular and irregular business training, share business information and technical information with everyone, and avoid "black under the light" as much as possible. 2. Insufficient 1. After a few years of efficient team construction, many people enter the period of career fatigue, and the marginal income brought about by work growth has decreased, and interest in sharing and learning experience has seriously decreased. 2. Some colleagues are unwilling to share experience or mistakes for different reasons. 3. Due to the fierce competition, it is often busy dealing with emergency things. Important and non -emergency things such as training and talk are often delayed or even ignored. One of the significance of the team is to gather collective wisdom and complete the task that individuals cannot complete. It is the core of team building to expand the ability of individual experience to show the ability of collective.

    The introduced in the column of Teacher Wu Jun that one of the reasons why the ancient Chinese porcelain technology was surpassed by later is not to transform the hidden knowledge of the formula and process of the firing porcelain into the manifestation of the manifestation of the process of manifestation of the porcelain. Sexual knowledge, from beginning to end, is a pioneering belt under the model of the master and apprentice system, which leads to the firing craftsmen of each dynasty to start to accumulate experience. On the other hand, although the start is late, they will record every experiment and result of porcelain in detail. Earth iteration, then surpassing China is a time.

    It Internet companies that previously went to work, after entering the company training, they will give employees a booklet or "Customer Answering 500 question", which records the various questions raised by customers in detail. And solution. Now the company has "Operating Sunflower Book", "Customer Service Manual" and "Product 100 Question". These are the company's valuable knowledge management library. In the constant correction and increase of the company's knowledge management library, employees can handle various problems encountered in hand, quickly improve employees' ability and the entire team's combat effectiveness.

    It before. Before that, it was changed to change the interface to the interface of college. Luo Fat said that the best praise was that the competitors said, "We can't keep up." What is accumulated in time is the most difficult to copy. Because you have to pay the same time. The knowledge base mentioned by President Run is not a rolling. I don't know how much time the engineer integrates. Regarding the invisibility of knowledge to reopening and then invisible, our company has also done it, and in the end, the failure ended because the results were too slow and the participants were too small. My feelings are that 1. Be patient to do this. Before that, it was necessary to think of its own business as a century -old enterprise to operate, and using knowledge reserves to resist the recession that companies will experience. 2. The participation of all members is not a good performance in summing up experience, but a long board that everyone has. The efforts of individual people will not be effective immediately, feel laborious and not flattering, and people who do not work hard feel that they will summarize those who are not good.

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