Where is there a larger second -hand market in Guangzhou?

Attachment: How long is the period of the vehicle in Guangzhou?

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  1. Baiyun District: Airport Road Guangwu Automobile Trade, near the new city
    Seazhu District: South China used car trading market, on the south of Guangzhou Avenue

    The city management vehicle registered in China, belongs to the following, belongs to the following One of the cases should be scrapped:

    . Light, miniature cargo car (including off -road type); a total of 300,000 kilometers for mining operations, heavy, medium -sized cargo vehicles (including off -road type) Cumulative 400,000 kilometers, extra large, large, medium, light, micro passenger cars (including off -road type) and cars have a total of 500,000 kilometers, and other vehicles have been driving 450,000 kilometers;

    . Cargo vehicle (including off -road type), the cargo cargo year with dragging, the special car of the mining operation and various types of taxis for 8 years, and the other vehicles have been used for 10 years;
    The cause of the vehicle is severely damaged or the technical condition is not repaired;

    . The elimination of the model has no source of accessories; If the standard of the national setting vehicle leave the factory is 15 %;

    6. The repair and adjustment of the country cannot meet the national requirements for the safety technical conditions of the motor vehicle operation;

    Seven. After repair and adjustment or use of exhaust pollution control technology, the discharge pollutants still exceed the automotive emission standards stipulated by the state.

    Except for taxis below 19 and light, miniature cargo vehicles (including off -road type), passengers and vehicles that meet the above -mentioned period of use, via the public security vehicle management department according to the national motor vehicle safety emissions If the relevant regulations are strictly tested and the performance meets the regulations, it can delay the scrap, but the extension period shall not exceed half of the annual period of the second prescribed in this standard. For vehicles that engage in special operations such as cranes, fire trucks, drilling cars, etc., they can also extend their useful life according to the actual use and inspection. All vehicles with extended use years need to increase the number of inspections in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Security, and those who do not meet the state's relevant national automotive safety emission regulations shall be mandatory.

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