Strategic thinking of my country's pharmaceutical brand.

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    The strategic thinking about my country's pharmaceutical brand

    . The importance of corporate brands

    The definition committee of the US Marketing Association has given the brand a definition: the brand refers to the name, term, sign, mark of the goods or labor of the goods or labor of the seller or the labor service of a (or a group of) sellers , Symbol, design or its combination, and intend to use to distinguish one (or a group) seller or its competitors. In fact, the current brand meaning has been greatly expanded. It has been linked to the overall image of the enterprise, which is the "face" of the enterprise, that is, the corporate image. A good brand product often makes people feel good about the company that produces the product. In the end, consumers can recognize other products of the company, which can improve the overall image of the enterprise. The brand strategy has actually evolved into a strategy of carefully cultivating core brand products in order to adapt to market competition and ultimately improving the overall image of the enterprise. It is a means for enterprises to participate in market competition. In particular, the current international market productivity is already excessive. All countries in open market economy have entered the buyer's market to varying degrees. The environment and means of market competition have changed a lot compared with the past. Under such new circumstances, the main means of winning the company no longer simply compete with the product itself, including the competition of the brand. It can be said that the main form of international market competition in the future will be the competition of the brand. The pros and cons of brand strategy will become a magic weapon for enterprises to win in market competition. Therefore, if Chinese medicine wants to achieve long -term development, we must establish its own medical brand strategy.

    . The significance of Chinese pharmaceutical companies implementing brand strategies

    2.1 to improve the international competitiveness of the enterprise, revitalize the national pharmaceutical industry
    In the era of brand economy today, the number of national brand companies decide whether the country's enterprises are Competitiveness also determines whether the country's economy is strong. In 2003, the top 10 most valuable brands in the world launched by the United States "Commercial Week", the United States accounted for 8, which is the most international competitive performance in American companies. The same is true of the pharmaceutical economy. Pharmaceutical companies entering the above brands include PFIZER, Johnson and MEREK. Its brand value is 104.6, 94.1,271 billion U.S. dollars. Its single brand value is far greater than the 9th place (8.208 billion yuan) with the 9th place in "2002 China's Most Price Brand" and the 24th "Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Group" (2.615 billion yuan). It can be seen that American medicine is competitive and is inseparable from their world -class brand companies. Therefore, my country's pharmaceutical companies implement the brand strategy and strengthen the brand strength of enterprises, which can effectively improve the international competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies and revitalize the national pharmaceutical industry of the country.

    2.2 The core and support of the company's R

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