What are the well -known Xi'an Film and Television Company?

What are the well -known Xi'an Film and Television Company?

5 thoughts on “What are the well -known Xi'an Film and Television Company?”

  1. Shaanxi Hongyu Film and Television Company
    Xi'an Liyou Film

    Shengshi Fortune
    Xi'an Xianghua Film
    Film and Television
    Wanshan Media Film
    Hilman Film
    Xi'an Longxiang Film and Television Company

  2. Baidu's ranking is basically advertising. What do you say? Well -known is like a celebrity. When there is a fire, there is a time to get angry;
    The demand for well -known companies is generally playing big things. If you speak strength, you should go to Shaanxi TV, Xiying Co., Ltd. Film and television, Shaanxi Wentou. Everyone can easily play a few hundred million projects. After reading the answer, I estimate that half a million yuan can buy all the more than a dozen companies above. what do you think?

  3. The well -known ones are very much! However, you should find some studios and the like!
    The spring mud image is good!

  4. Well -known works:
    one of the "Moonlight Treasure Boxes" in the Westward Journey to the Westward Journey "Great Saint Marry Black Cannon Incident Big Sword Wang Wuhong Sorghum Station! Don't lie down to fight Tianmen Gu Changwei
    was established in 1958, representing the highest level of Chinese films.

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