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  1. First of all, I want to say that the sound is a congenital advantage, but it does not support you to become a voice actor, because to become a qualified voice actor, the sense of drama is the most important, the sound is not.

    The first, how to lay the foundation

    If to be a good voice actor, the most basic Mandarin must be standard, and then practice more basic skills. I have here I have it. If your own recommendation, you can buy a book "Basic Skills of the Actor's Art Language", which is sold and the price is not expensive. Because I am from Sichuan, the pronunciation and pronunciation exercises in the book are more useful for me. (But pay attention to the difference between the line performance and microphone art. The former is more exaggerated, and the latter is more preferred to life.)
    It is to find a way to enhance your sense of drama. Emotional understanding, if your empathy ability is strong, then it is greatly helpful to perform a role. You can practice some classic fragments of film and television drama by yourself, pay attention to grasping emotions, and do not need to imitate the sound, as long as the emotion is in place and emphasized the emphasis on the emphasis. The subject has time to download some dubbing software to practice at home. It is quite fun to hee hee
    . If you want to learn the dubbing, you can add skirts and start seven or eight, the middle is 60, the end is 396, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day, every day Live sharing dry goods, there are also information to download, free 100 G network disks for self -learning materials
    Secondly, which ways to become a voice actor
    The start here, you have to make it clear that you want to develop the dubbing into the dubbing into In the future, it is also said to be other occupations and amateur dubbing.
    If you want to be a professional dubbing actor, the university major does not recommend the direct selection of the audio professional, you can choose to take the performance professional, so that many famous voice actors will be born in performance, so as not to be nailed to death. Restricted in this industry. But there seems to be a lot of broadcast hosting. This depends on the personal preferences of the subject.
    The well -known studios are currently in the opening class, such as photovoltaic blocks, art sea Jiayin, 729 studio (this is uncertain) and so on. Mainly concentrated in Beijing and Shanghai, and I have never understood much elsewhere. I personally plan to go to Yi Haijia's class to study and dubbing during the college.
    If you report to the class, there may be some opportunities for you to stay in that studio and become a contracting actor. This is relatively stable.
    If you want to dub in the future work, there are actually a lot of high -quality works. You can participate in some online dubbing clubs. Of course, my favorite online club is the sound of wings. Very powerful.

    Themiding may be more free. Of course, you will be more tired, because you have to dedicate it to dubbing at the time of work. Then there is a place where you need to emphasize. If you want to take the road to match this road, you must choose carefully. If the network matching circle may be mixed with fish and dragons.
    before choosing the road of dubbing, you must think about it. This is a way that must be loved to keep your work enthusiastic forever, because it is well known that dubbing is an industry with inconsistency, strength, value and income, and staying in the shed every day. hard. But as more and more people understand and enter this industry, the prospect of dubbing is still very good.

    M. Thinking about other replenishment, I hope it will be helpful to the subject ~
    is not easy to code, help to like it, like the motivation of my writing, thank you

  2. Personal opinion:
    Pura pronunciation
    The sound line has characteristics

    Reference materials:
    1 Voice -over: I think everything is the first thing, some Interest is the first step in success. It is the source of everything to do everything.
    2 There must be a basis for performance: Dubbing Due to his particularity, he can only express the film through the sound without any other limbs to assist his performance. Therefore, performance is very important for a voice actor, especially for a voice actor, especially It is essential for dubbing. The requirements for voice actors in this regard may be higher than those who perform performers.
    3 The cultural accumulation of itself: A voice actor may be equipped with tens of thousands of different personalities, different identities, different age characters, or not just movie and TV series, as well as documentary, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons, cartoons. Fables, radio dramas, advertising, etc. If it is not a strong cultural heritage, it is impossible to complete so many works.
    4 Supreme resonance: breath and resonance are the basic conditions for a voice actor. He can make people's sounds more rounded, wider range of sound, and scientific voice to protect his throat.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe first answer is that the basic merit is to learn dubbing or the host of the broadcast. You have to open your throat every morning to practice the flexibility and strength of your lips, the breath of sound and the control of sound, etc. These are indispensable. Then there is a password and words. When you read the words, each word must be in place. It is not fast, but it must be accurate, and the breath is full of loud sound, but it is not loud, but Dantian gas. Regarding the passwords are not just practicing casually, each winding password is targeted. For example, the 800th baldies ran north slopes, and they were tuned to the island to fight special stolen. These two are the strength of lip training. There are no particularly big problems. Relatively speaking, Southern people Mandarin is relatively weak in this aspect. You can practice more passwords. There is no problem at starting the speed of speaking, but it must be accurate because it has formed habits all year round. There is also a Hong Kong and Taiwan cavity, which is also a habit of speaking. The second emotional control has a misunderstanding here. In fact, it is not a good and distinctive voice to become a voice actor, because these are only the basic conditions for becoming a voice actor, because dubbing is a kind of character shaping, only only However, it is necessary to cooperate with the actor's performance, or the company's requirements. For example, when I saw the scary of ghosts, the urgency of the fire, the despair of cancer, the joy of passing the champion, the prosperity of the world, and the emotions of pride, embarrassment, coquettish, etc. come out. This is a long -term experience of life and the ability to observe and imitate various people around them. Of course, some people are born with emotion. This is the talent that everyone said.nWhen the above preparation is almost the same, it is also psychological preparation. The relevant certificates are currently only a Mandarin certificate. In addition to the certificate, it is very important to prepare a few works. TV series or movies, take a few minutes of clips, then record the sound with a good device, and then synthesize it with the simplest audio and movie software. It is best to be a relatively large plot of emotional fluctuations. Prepare a few types of less than the same type. Sound, because to reflect the overall ability of the voice actor, the personal work is very practical whether it is to participate in the dubbing or finding a dubbing. In addition A variety of types. The contact information of the dubbing can find some dubbing studios. I have written an article before. Beijing and Shanghai will be relatively many. Of course, the competition between these two first -tier cities is relatively fierce. What other recruitment websites will have corresponding positions. 3. What level does the voices need to reach? At least the level of the second one, but it is best to reach the level of more than one B.nAnd I like dubbing itselfnThank you questionsnthanksnDon't thank you, what else do you have?nQuestion I am a junior high school degreenI am a junior high school degreenI have been working for a few years.nI have been working for a few years.nAnswer you can try to apply for self -examinationnAsk questionsnOKnthanksnthanksnYou do n’t need to thank you, if you can bother you, thank you!nMore 14nBleak

  4. First of all, there must be a certain talent, and then the basic work is passed. Mandarin is the basis, and then the control of breath, the strength of the oral cavity, and the strength of the lips. The second is to learn dubbing skills, including line skills, stress, pause, breath, etc., how to substitute characters, how the sound is in line with the shape and mouth shape. Then you need to use the dubbing skills and the control of the sound to interpret this role. This self -study is difficult, so it is not a son -in -law. The device is recorded. In short, basic skills, dubbing skills, and role interpretation are important for dubbing actors. If it is difficult to do without the dubbing learning of the system, I can find relevant institutions. I seem to have heard of a heart before. The salary of speech is done, but you don't know the specific situation, you can check it.

  5. First of all, you have to know what dubbing is? What is going on with the voice of dubbing? It is even more difficult to be a voice actor. It is even more difficult to become a professional voice actor. It is recommended to find a reliable training platform to learn well. For training, the quality of teaching, the teachers of online and offline are all dubbing, which is very suitable for dubbing Xiaobai to learn.

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