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  1. Chapter 1 Edit
    If 1 should be complied with laws, regulations, rules and regulations in accordance with laws and regulations, accept the supervision and management of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and its dispatch agencies, abide by the self -discipline rules of the China Insurance Industry Association, and implement the rules of the institutions. system.
    It should be honest and trustworthy, do not conceal, do not lie, do not make fakes, and do not harm the rights and interests of the insurer, the insured and the beneficiary.
    3 should be dedicated to the job, due diligence, and strive to improve the quality of service.
    The 4 should be professional, love learning, study business, and continuously improve professional literacy.
    Fess 5 shall be conservative secrets and do not leak business secrets and customer information.
    This 6 shall compete fairly and consciously resist improper competition.
    It Chapter 2 Edit
    If 7 shall coordinate and take care of them, and properly handle the interests between enterprises and customers, enterprises and employees, enterprises and shareholders, individuals and enterprises.
    It should establish a scientific outlook on development and correct performance, innovate and enterprising, and strive to improve the development quality, competitiveness and service level of the institutions.
    It 9 shall adhere to scientific decision -making, democratic decision -making, correctly exercise power, abide by decision -making procedures, and respect employee democratic management rights.
    This 10 shall stabilize operations, strengthen internal control, improve management capabilities, and prevent risks.
    This 11 shall actively develop insurance products with the needs and interests of the people, to actively develop insurance products, stop the misleading sales, and ensure fair and timely claims.
    The Article 12 should be fulfilled, diligent and efficient, strictly self -discipline, and play an example.
    Chapter 3 Conducts of insurance sales, claims and customer service personnel
    Article 13 shall recommend suitable insurance products according to customer needs and economic tolerance capabilities.
    The information of insurance products shall be provided in a way that is easy to understand, and no form of misleading shall be made.
    The risk that insurance products are involved in the initiative to actively remind the insurance products and shall not be avoided intentionally.
    It 16 to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of all files, and shall not sign the records of signatures, on behalf of the physical examination, and forged customers.
    This should be objective, fair, and timely claims, and shall not be dragged or compensated.
    The should quickly respond to customer consultation and provide services in a timely manner.
    The insurance institutions shall strictly regulate the behavior of employees in accordance with this standard. For those who comply with outstanding performance of this standard, they shall be commended; those who violate this guideline shall be criticized and educated, and those who have serious circumstances shall be dealt with seriously in accordance with relevant regulations.
    The China Insurance Industry Association formulated the implementation rules in accordance with this guideline to check the situation of the insurance institution's implementation of this standard.
    The China Insurance Regulatory Commission and its export agencies to guide and supervise insurance institutions and insurance industry self -discipline organizations to implement this standard.
    This of these standards will be implemented from the date of announcement and explained by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.
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