4 thoughts on “Several issues on the Guangxi Institute of Technology Vocational and Technical College!”

  1. I am a sister.
    1 school is not big. Similar to a elementary school. You can imagine
    2 school is a bit perverted. Check the house every weekend. I can't stand it most. If the inspection is not there, it is not necessarily the person in the dormitory. A little bit. At least 8. I live in 7. The dormitory has one toilet empty. It's not good at all, it's uncomfortable when diarrhea. There is hot water. There are hot water at 6:30 to 7:30 to 9:30 to 10:30. I heard that the road was finally cultivated outside the school. BMW was trapped there last semester. Go to Nanning News, you can imagine how bad that way is. Essence
    The auntie in the cafeteria. Except snail powder outside the school. It is snail powder. Bai Bai is good. But fewer and fewer. And there is a female waiter in it super good. There is a good fast food. The environment is not good. But you can eat it. There are too few lotus rice. Not full. Those who eat nearby. Don't talk about it away.
    4 photos you don't need to watch these things. You want to cry when you go to school. But you can bear it. We all came here. Last year I watched a lot of students crying back. Essence Look at you.
    I is talking about the East Campus. The western campus is even worse.

  2. 1. The college started in 1953. After 62 years of inheritance and development, it has now developed into a higher vocational and technical college with major major in financial management.
    2. The college currently has three campuses. The three campuses covers an area of ​​22.12 million square meters, and the total construction area of ​​the school building is 165,500 square meters. Among them, the area of ​​teaching administrative houses is 64,900 square meters, and the student dormitory area is 66,700 square meters.
    3. The college has five major professional groups with accounting electrification, industrial and commercial enterprise management, logistics management, marketing, marketing, food nutrition and testing, e -commerce, etc., including accounting, accounting electrification, accounting and auditing , Accounting and statistical accounting, financial management, investment and wealth management, financial insurance, marketing, e -commerce, international economy and trade, food nutrition and testing, commercial inspection technology, logistics management, customs declaration and international freight, industrial and commercial enterprise management, chain operation management, chain operation management , Business management, hotel management, secretary, computer application technology, computer network technology, electronic information engineering technology, advertising design and production, interior design technology, animation design and other 32 majors (including directions).
    4. The college is based on "ability -oriented, professional skills as the main line, and job needs as the goal, and student employment -oriented." Structure and training plan, adhering to the school motto of "precision IQ, Mingde cultivation", adopt the talent training model of "heavy quality strong ability multiple certificates", forming a "student ability education for professional groups, student quality education for broad foundation" The characteristics of the vocational education characteristics of "one specialty, comprehensive development" and the characteristics of "based on Guangxi, serving the three industries, and prominent financial", and fully implement the "2 1" talent training model The three -stage talent training model of the top of the year, and strive to cultivate senior professional talents with strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality, and both virtue and talents, and meet the economic and social development of Guangxi's economic and social development to higher vocational and economic talents, food talents, and information services Talent needs.

  3. The college is very small, only one

    It now changing dormitory 1 is 11 people in 7 buildings! Senior 3 is 9 and 9 in 9 and 9.

    This people seem to be a student of the school. You can ask

    The environment is not very good

    This is what I just searched online You can go to see the picture/ba/3282

    The above is the answer I searched on the Internet. How about it?

  4. I have a classmate who came to this college to study. Her score is not higher than you, she has been accepted, and you can. This college is okay, but the most important thing is that you have to work hard.

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