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  1. The purpose of the group is to create their own IP through the community and cultivate their fans. In the past, customers' consumption was always bargain, and agents were always unable to recruit. They often worried about traffic costs. Now they want to improve through the community and receive strange results. I often hear that some people complain that business is not easy to do. That is because there are no traffic, no high -quality customers, no sales channels, and no hardcore fans.
    The grid staff is the community police in the district. However, the Public Security Bureau divides the region into a grid according to the personnel of the region and the complexity of social security. The average community is divided into 3 to 5 grids.
    The mesh manager, grid assistant, grid supervisor, grid police officer, grid party branch secretary, and grid judicial force six types of personnel in the grid. And social management various affairs. The police mainly undertake tasks such as the maintenance of public security order, resolution of contradictions and disputes, real population management, and serving the people.
    The work responsibilities of grid administrators:
    (1) Strictly abide by various grid management rules and regulations, and earnestly fulfill the duties of grid management.
    (2) full -time responsibility for grid management and the first responsible person of grid management.
    (3) It is necessary to play the leading role, accept the supervision and guidance of the grid supervisor with an open mind, and lead the grid coordinator to carry out various tasks of grid management.
    (4) Signature and report the information system for various types of information collected and investigated by grid coordinator.
    (5) Actively and actively do a good job of investigation and resolution of discordant factors, and strive to resolve the general disharmonic factors in the grid.
    (6) Submitting the case of the interpretation of the grid self -resolution, and carefully verify the confirmation of the case information submitted by the street department (department) in a timely manner.
    (7) Actively cooperate with and fully assist the street department (department) to adjust various contradictions and disputes, rectify hidden dangers of various problems, and ensure that the discordant factors in the grid are promptly resolved in a timely and effectively.

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