Examples of several global satellite positioning systems (GPS) in logistics application examples

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  1. The application of GPS in road engineering is currently mainly used to establish various global satellite positioning system GPS one of the most pioneering high -tech developed by this year.

  2. GPS is mainly used for vehicle positioning in the logistics industry. It is generally used in the track track tracking and vehicle scheduling management of vehicle operation in trunk transportation and distribution. Simply put, managers or customer service personnel can query the real -time location and operating trajectory of the vehicle through the system. It is generally used in cargo tracking and query in trunk transportation, and you can query the real -time location of the goods. In the regional distribution business, the scheduling will query the location of each vehicle in real time according to the customer's needs to dispatch the vehicle to the customer to send the goods.
    It now because the mobile phone has a good positioning function, more express companies use the mobile phone positioning system to perform the positioning and scheduling of the delivery staff.

  3. Customized functions for the logistics industry, customized functions:
    ★ Vehicle monitoring module: real -time query, historical release, alarm center, vehicle status
    -can query the location information of the vehicle in real time, including the location, driving roads, driving roads , Speed, latitude and longitude value, direction, time, GPS status, equipment number, etc.
    -historical trajectory playback. It can be displayed in the past one day, including the vehicle information return time, license plate number, the location, speed, state, direction of the car at the time.
    -The system has functions such as limited boundary driving, remote control of oil and electricity, anti -theft alarm and other functions; providing alarm functions such as triggering alarm, mobile alarm, speed alarm, cross -border alarm
    -monitoring the working status of transportation tools, such as the working state of transportation, such as Bad pressure, oil pressure, circuit, etc.
    ★ Communication Center: single and two -way voice, sending and receiving SMS
    -Vehicle information report: such as vehicle location and status information, display failure, alarm, driving direction, etc. Schedule reference.
    -Send text information: Send text information through the system, such as scheduling instructions or road conditions information, etc.; with functions such as single calls, group calls, group calls.
    -One -way monitoring: In emergency situations, the monitoring center can listen to the situation in the car one way.
    -two -way call: Realize the function of calling by the people on the vehicle.
    -communication record query: query historical communication records or scheduling records.
    ★ Vehicle management module: vehicle management, driver management
    -vehicle information management includes: vehicle driving records, vehicle maintenance and maintenance information, vehicle accident management, car record records, annual inspection records, etc.
    -Driver management includes driver file management, expense management, driver transfer management, driver performance evaluation and violation records, etc. n -The driver reports the work process to the information center through the terminal equipment, and the monitoring center effectively controls the entire transportation process (departure time, delivery time, unloading time, etc.).
    -Customers can use the Internet to foretell the accurate arrival time of the vehicle in advance and obtain a lot of effective distribution information, which greatly improves the return efficiency of the return journey.
    -dispatching personnel and vehicles can communicate and dispatch information at any time. Can achieve nearby scheduling, real -time scheduling, and accurate scheduling to provide corporate work efficiency.
    -—— Let the vehicle's relevant information (such as location, route planning, cargo status, etc.) allow users to increase the accuracy and customer satisfaction through the Internet or call inquiries.
    ★ Platform management:
    -External management: Set vehicle label, vehicle refresh frequency, current location color, alarm switch, terminal closing time, alarm speed, display menu, etc.
    -Internal management: Management of increasing, deleting, and modifying information can be performed; the management of the customer's function can be increased, deleted, and modified.
    ★ Customer customization service: line optimization, freight plan, process reconstruction
    -planning vehicle operation route, operation area, running timetable, etc. to investigate the completion of the transportation task; analyze the rules of vehicles, optimize optimization, optimize route.
    -develop more reasonable driving routes according to the geographical information system and optimize the cost costs such as fuel, maintenance, and cross -road fees in the entire transportation process, and formulate a more reasonable and accurate freight plan.
    -managed basic transportation data, including task volume, transportation distance, transportation capacity, etc., reducing the waiting time of vehicles and personnel, and improving the company's asset use efficiency.
    -help customers integrate the company's business system, including customer data management, corporate capacity assessment, corporate resource planning, etc., which effectively improves the operating efficiency of the entire company's business system.
    three, central configuration:
    The most basic configuration of each center as long as one computer is enough, you can monitor the operating trajectory of hundreds of cars. In order to establish a image and practical command center, you can customize the center control platform, place multiple computers, and monitor the division of the vehicle; put the things displayed on the computer on the large -screen projection to increase the effectiveness of the visit.
    The central center can look at the car in this center in real time. The general center can look at the cars in each branch and flexible combination; if the computer is not opened, you can also download the trajectory of the vehicle for a month afterwards; At the same time, monitor the real -time location of the current vehicle.
    . Low operation costs: The use of GPRS flow billing method greatly reduces communication costs.
    5. Regional limitations: The coverage of the mobile GPRS network is much higher than other networks, and there is no limit to regional roaming.

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