What network of advertising design majors to find a job?

I learned advertising, and I have n’t found my ideal position in many websites? Want to ask here what websites do you usually go on?

2 thoughts on “What network of advertising design majors to find a job?”

  1. I suggest going to advertising British Cai.com, this website is good! Intersection
    The advertising talent network is one of the earliest online human resources comprehensive solutions for enterprises (affairs) and talents engaged in the advertising industry. With the efficient and professional team and high -quality services, the website provides information interactive exchange services for advertising companies and talents, so that the human resources management of advertising companies can adapt to its overall development strategy, and also promotes the career development of advertising talents to achieve their career planning. Essence We have always adhered to "customer satisfaction is our greatest achievement", and we are committed to building an interactive platform for talent exchanges for enterprises and individuals for advertising. Since its founding in 2004, it has gone through 6 years. It has become the best and most professional advertising human resources provider in the country. Products include network recruitment, headhunter, etc.

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