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  1. The cold winter of the luxury goods is far from arrival. Under the epidemic, although most of the regional economic conditions are very tight, there are also a number of top talents, and their funds are constantly accumulating.
    Ap with the continuous improvement of human living standards, now our living conditions have also changed dramatically. In the past, might be It cannot be a troubles that plagued most people. And everyone began to slowly pursue a higher quality of life based on their own economic level. Some people have begun to pursue luxury goods, even private customized brands, which can make them look more temperament.
    The in the epidemic, in theory, the sales of luxury brands should be seriously affected, after all, its unit price is high. However, I did not expect that things would always be unexpected. The sales of luxury goods not only did not decrease, but instead increased steadily, and its sales were slowly increasing each year. Effect. Although it is still under the environment of the epidemic, the footsteps of luxury goods have never stopped, and in recent years, in order to cater to the market, they have gradually changed their prices and product positioning.
    The luxury brand products are no longer placed on the window of the store as high as the store, but they really meet with everyone at the price of affordable people. In addition, the economic level has increased, and people's income is increasing. There are naturally some difficulties in buying luxury goods, but when the price drops, naturally, most people can already have the scope of purchase. This is one of the important reasons why domestic luxury goods are still developing in recent years.
    also hopes that all kinds of luxury brands in the world will seize opportunities and develop better products for consumers to buy. And, we must do related after -sales work.

  2. In 2020, the sales of luxury goods in Mainland China achieved a high growth of 48%, and the market consumption scale reached 346 billion yuan; in 2021, 21 luxury stocks around the world rose, and the Gili Index hit a new high. Among them, the effect of Weibo advertising has obvious effects. In 2020, the number of reading, discussion and interaction volume of the Weibo luxury industry is high, and the number of blog posts with luxury accounts with blue V has increased significantly. In addition, major festivals such as Valentine's Day and Spring Festival are important scenarios for luxury goods to promote luxury consumption.
    The consumption scale achieved double -digit growth, and the Hergeon Index reached a new high
    The luxury market in China (that is, the Mainland Chinese market) experienced an extremely difficult start in early 2020, but by the end of 2020, Some brands have achieved double -digit or even three -digit growth. According to Bain data, after the epidemic was controlled, luxury sales in China ushered in a strong rebound. Due to the hindrance of outbound travel, Chinese consumers' overseas luxury consumption is transferred to the country.
    Affected by this, the luxury market in China began to recover from April 2020, and the annual growth of about 48%in 2020 reached nearly 346 billion yuan.
    Since 2016, "Gorgeous" has launched the "Gorgeous Luxury Industry Stock Index". Benefiting from the research and development of the new crown vaccine and the large -scale application of the new crown vaccine, and the strong recovery of the Chinese luxury market, the gorgeous luxury industry index has risen all the way in fluctuations since June 2020. It has continuously refreshed a record high in 2021. In April, the 21 luxury stocks included in the "Gorgeous Luxury Industry Stock Index" all increased, with 14 increases of more than 5%.
    The related content of the Weibo luxury industry is active, and the advertising effect of Weibo topics is good
    S social platforms with young people as the main user group. Or it will become the backbone of the luxury industry in the future. Data show that in 2020, the amount of reading of the Weibo luxury industry reached 102 billion, and the discussion and interaction volume reached 290 million and 390 million, respectively.
    The social media tools that coexist in various forms such as text, pictures, videos, short videos, and topics, which greatly exerted the diversification of luxury advertisements. According to Weibo statistics, the number of blog posts with a luxury account with blue V with blue V in 2020 increased by 38.1%year -on -year; the number of blog posts with video increased by 29.3%year -on -year; blue V luxury account with short chain blog posts increased by 63.9%year -on -year, with with, with with, with, with, with, with, with, with, it has a year -on -year increase of 63.9%. The number of blog posts in the short chain accounts for 40.6%of all blog posts.
    Whether it is the release of new products or the same star, users can click on the link in the blog post to go to the brand's official website or online mall, which greatly played the role of luxury brand advertising.
    If festival is an important scenario for purchase of luxury goods, and promoting the role of luxury goods consumption is obvious
    . According to the "2021 China Luxury User User Research", Valentine's Day, Spring Festival, Christmas, Qixi Festival, Mother's Day is the most consumer. Maybe the five festivals of luxury goods. At the same time, during the festival, luxury brand VIPs will also largely increase luxury consumption. In addition, no matter whether it is gifts or buying discounts, many traditional Chinese festivals are also important nodes for the interaction of the brand and consumers. According to the data of Weibo, the volume of Weibo of major brands is also related to these festivals.
    -For more data, please refer to the "China Luxury Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report"

  3. There is no way for everyone to go abroad at present. It is also rare to go out. At this time, the luxury industry is mainly based on live broadcasts or online sales. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the price of luxury goods has also declined, so more people buy luxury goods.

  4. Because the luxury industry is very popular, and many people like to buy luxury goods very much, and the luxury industry is very promising, so the luxury industry will sell hotly.

  5. Because of the influence of the epidemic, the price and positioning of luxury goods have changed, so everyone thinks it is very favorable and will want to buy it.

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