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    . Basic concepts
    . Service items
    Legal statement of waterproof talent network
    Our advantage

    Encyclopedia business card n R N Waterproof Talent Network is the only professional human resource website specifically for waterproof talents for job hunting and enterprise recruitment.
    The waterproof talent network is the largest and most authoritative waterproof industry professional recruitment website in China; its brand and professional services have been recognized by waterproof job seekers and waterproof human resources, and have become the first choice for human resources recruitment in the waterproof industry.

    . Basic concepts

    This goals: We are committed to providing better career development opportunities for positive waterproof professionals. At the same time, we are also committed to searching and recruiting the best talents for waterproof companies. At present, we have become a professional recruitment website in China's waterproof industry.

    . Service items

    (1). Job search

    -help individuals find suitable positions.
    The largest job information database (job search center) in the country
    The largest waterproof industry job information library in the country.
    It with different degrees of job seekers in accordance with the waterproof industry and waterproof job seekers, we provide different channels to meet different job seekers. Provide job seekers with information related to personal career development, including the latest positions, training, career guidance information, and other personalized value -added services.
    For job seekers in different regions, we are working to develop and provide different regional channels. Provide various types of information in the workplace with regions. The areas that have been opened at present are: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Nanjing, Jinan, Dalian, Shenyang, Qingdao, Chongqing, Harbin, Changsha, Ningbo, Dongguan, Changchun, Suzhou , Fuzhou, Zhengzhou, Tianjin and other places.
    The personalized job search method (looking for jobs)
    The job seekers can establish multiple groups of job search device as needed, and can save a lot of time to find jobs while looking for appropriate job recruitment information.
    Personal resume management system (personal resume)
    provides a complete set of resume modules of members. Members can complete the standard resume under the guidance of our resume elves. The resume will be stored in the resume library, and members can modify the update at any time. Users can choose to submit the resumes that they fill in the Internet through Email to any company that they want to apply.
    M recruitment information email (subscription work)
    The job seekers can set the time interval and quantity of each email. The required recruitment information will be delivered to the specified email mailbox on time.
    S subscription workplace information (subscribed articles)
    The users can select various workplace information on the Internet according to their own needs. At that time, these articles will be delivered to the specified email mailbox on time.
    Per online job search management center (waterproof talent network)
    This is a free online job search management center belonging to members. Users can modify their resumes, search for recruitment positions, check the resume records, and obtain their job analysis.
    The channel for job seekers to establish a variety of professional communication
    (2). Seeking
    -Help recruiting units to find the right talent.
    "Capital" recruitment management system
    With the development of the network, more and more companies are recruiting through the Internet. At the same time, companies have also found that online recruitment needs to play the greatest role, and it still needs to experience a longer journey. Through the detailed research of the recruitment of enterprises, the waterproof talent network has now launched an operating system based on the Internet -based service recruitment management. The system includes:
    The enterprise position library management system that is completely coincided with corporate organizational structure
    This provides the most convenient job management solution for enterprise personnel departments.
    M recruitment advertising automatic placement management system
    Mi can use the most resource to publish job information at any time, at the same time, you can master the advertising effect as soon as possible.
    The efficient application screening and automatic letter response system
    The humanized screening method enables enterprises to find qualified talents faster and more effective, helping personnel recruiters solve daily complicated mechanical labor. Corresponding to various conditions to make a reply, so that all kinds of talents can truly establish a trust relationship with recruitment companies.
    The recruitment process management system that is fully suitable for enterprise operation
    In the operation of the system, the most suitable way to pass the information of foreign candidates to the relevant departments of the enterprise to assist personnel management personnel to complete the most efficient completion hiring.
    The high -quality resume library query system
    The high -quality resume library that depends most proudly provides the most convenient way for enterprises. Our goal is to build the system to provide enterprises with the most convenient, safer and most efficient recruitment service operation platform at any time, and truly liberate the personnel department of the enterprise from heavy and complex labor.

    (3). The salary survey report

    News let you understand the industry's salary dynamics
    Investigation and analysis, objectively reflect the salary market of the talent market, provide scientific basis for the salary management of enterprises, lay a solid foundation for attracting, retaining, motivating

    (4), other functions

    A resume analyzer: automatically convert various forms of electronic resumes into a unified format for easy processing;
    Resume subscriber: According to your requirements, the qualified resumes are sent to you regularly;
    The job assessment standards and assessment: set different assessment items for different positions in order to make targeted evaluations of the candidates;
    Online user management: Allow multiple users to use "web" for recruitment management at the same time;
    to understand the internal usage in a timely manner and control permissions.

    Legal statement of waterproof talent network
    . Basic clauses of user service
    1. User (job seekers)
    job seekers must agree to use this website for legal The purpose, that is, only for job search. Registered job seekers can send their resumes through this website or directly to companies registered on this website. In this case, the personal resume of the job seeker is still stored in the database of this website until the job seeker deletes his resume from it. This website reserves the right to modify the personal resume of the job seeker. Without the permission of the job seeker, this website will not forward the personal resume of the job seeker to any unregistered potential employer, but the third -party users who are searching for this website or using this website search engine and other methods have the right to inquire about job hunting jobs For all information, job applicants must agree that this website can use their personal data as the purpose of marketing. Job seekers must take all the risks formed by sending personal information to registered companies or other users alone. This website is not responsible for any dispute caused by any company (whether it is in China) and job seekers.
    2. User (registered company)
    Once this website is confirmed to receive the relevant service costs required by the registered company, the registered company enjoys the qualifications of the official member of this website, allowing it to be in a specific period of time in a specific period of this website. Release recruitment information or other information. The official membership of this website has the right to enter the database of this website for inquiries within the scope of the purchase service authority, but it is forbidden to use this right to inquire other purposes other than inquiries. Registered companies must be responsible for the correctness of the content registered on this website and other link pages. This website reserves the power to modify the information of the registered company. This website is retained at the right time to formulate new service charging standards. This website reserves the right to delay or suspend the company's membership qualification for companies that refuse to accept new charging standards. Moreover, this behavior of this website does not constitute any infringement and exemption from all damages.
    . The clauses (suitable for job seekers and registered companies)
    Candper and registered companies are strictly prohibited to use this website to try to achieve the following goals.
    -job seekers cannot register (or mail) incomplete and false personal information.
    -job seekers try to obtain content other than the position; employers try to get information other than the resume of the job seeker.
    -Any user can recreate the recognizable information of other users through printing, downloading, copying or other methods. Any operation without the consent of the specific user is strictly prohibited.
    -Any user must not delete or change other individuals or physical registration information.
    -It is strictly forbidden for any user to violate or try to infringe on the website of this website. Including: the login does not have the server or account that enrolls it; enter the database of this website that is not open to it; try to detect or test the weaknesses of this website and its system; try to interfere with the services provided by users on this website; send to users included users include included in users, including included in users, including included in users, including includes users included in users; Promoting product advertising or services such as unrelated users promised. Shenzhen Network Technology Co., Ltd. will investigate its legal responsibilities in accordance with the law for all individuals or entities that cause damage or destruction of this website system or network security.
    -Any user may use this website to pass or store any information that violates the applicable laws or regulations; it shall not violate the copyright, trademark rights, business secrets or other intellectual property rights of other entities in any form; Privacy security; prohibit the transmission of any illegal, harassing, neutral, abusive, intimidated, intimidated, harmful, vulgar or obscene information.
    . Copyright, trademark rights, etc. n Copyright: The content defined by this website includes: all icons, charts, text, sounds, photos, video, software; Content; commercial information provided by users on this website. All these contents are protected by copyright, trademark and other related laws. Without the clear written approval of this website, any individual or entity cannot be copied without authorization, and these contents are created, or production products related to content are created.
    The trademark: General Website and Network Real -name "Waterproof Talent Network" belongs to Shenzhen Shunfa Network Technology Co., Ltd. The trademark cooperating with the Waterproof Talent Network belongs to the collaborator. No legal person, other organizations, or individuals may not be used without the trademark owner.
    . Responsibility and obligations
    S Shenzhen Shunfa Network Technology Co., Ltd. does not need to monitor the operation of waterproof talent network throughout the day; but owns this right. All users of this website must recognize the correctness of the tables, content, and resumes they entered; independent responsibility for the page and content of the link. The correctness of the content of any website that is linked to this website should not be responsible for any responsibility. This website does not promise to visit any personal resume, recruitment information or link page for specific users or users. This website does not promise to operate for a long time; it does not guarantee that its server is exempted from virus or other mechanical failure. If the user needs to repair, replace the device or lose data when using the waterproof talent network, this website will not bear any responsibility for these losses. Within the scope allowed by the law, this website has given up the promise of no mechanical failure; give up the commitment to avoid violations of third -party rights; abandon the applicability, accuracy, reliability of the content, services, software, text, images, links, etc. Sexuality and integrity.
    . Personal risk clauses
    The users must agree to bear all risks formed by logging in to this website or logging in to other sites through this website. All users have the consequences caused by communicating information with others and sending applications/recruitment intentions. The company does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and reliability of the information sent to the other parties. The trust of the user's acceptance of the information is pure personal risk. Once this website finds any violations of this agreement or infringement of the law, it has the right to immediately dismiss the user's membership and prohibit them from logging in to this website again. This website reserves the right to delete all illegal, abusive and unhealthy information.
    . Compensation
    All users must promise to protect and safeguard the interests of all members of this website; promise to avoid claims and lawsuits on this website and their leadership, employees and agents; And/or use the damage to the above personnel caused by/or use this website. This website will claim the above claims, litigation photos or summon relevant persons as soon as possible.
    6. Unsteady clauses
    In any case, this website and its leaders, supervisors, employees and agents refuse to use the user's use of this website and its content or unable to use this website. Loss provides any guarantee.
    Seven, limited liability clauses
    The user's claim amount on this website is limited to the highest amount of payments paid by this website.
    8. Applicable legal and jurisdiction clauses
    The interpretation of this agreement obey the legal interpretation of the People's Republic of China; both users and the parties of this website must abide by the judicial jurisdiction of the People's Republic of China. If the relevant terms of this agreement conflict with the law of the People's Republic of China, the clause will be re -explained in accordance with relevant laws, and other terms will still maintain legal effect and impact on users.
    In order to provide more complete services, we will send email, electronic greeting cards, information or electronic magazines to registered users regularly. , Information or Electronic Magazine.
    Our advantage
    EI: We have served various branches of the waterproof industry for a long time, clearly knowing the characteristics and needs of talent standards and needs in the industry;
    The long -term: We have long -term accumulated connections and professional knowledge in the industry , To have a huge alumni resources in various domestic waterproofing institutions, and established the country's largest waterproof industry professional database;
    The concentration: we do our best to serve the waterproof industry; Industry, we follow the waterproof industry, we pay attention to the waterproof industry, our gains and losses become a solid and waterproof industry;
    majors: We know your needs, we understand your strengths, we master the industry's dynamics, we are obsessed with the waterproof industry Inner achievements of Liangju and Bole discovery each other;
    Dedicated pets: We have won the pioneers of thousands of waterproof companies, and we have won the favor of tens of thousands of professionals. Your resources
    The waterproof talent network uses innovative service models, authoritative industry resources, professional customer service to help companies find applicable talents, and then through the optimization of human resources to establish and consolidate and lasting industry competitive advantages. Strive for job seekers in different fields to find the best career growth here.
    The Waterproof Talent Network will make efforts to create a branch industry recruitment website alliance that covers various fields to provide permanent help for waterproof enterprises and the optimization configuration of human resources!

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