2 thoughts on “What are the companies in China that are compared with software testing training?”

  1. To say that the domestic comparative cattle are we 51testing, and have been engaged in software test training since 2004, the first domestic one.
    The branches in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, successful employment nearly 5,000 people. You can go to our website to see employment information, or learn about the software test industry through our forum. Basically, those who do test work know our website.

  2. To choose a software test company, it is nothing more than hope that your software can get a more fair and objective assessment to find some potential issues of the software. For this purpose, when choosing a software test company, it depends on whether the company's test environment is complete and whether there are professional and experienced test teams to do it. Zhuo Code I think it is quite reliable. Web link

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