How to enter the entertainment industry

I am 13 years old and want to enter the entertainment industry. My hobby is dance. I am also the captain of the dance team in the school. I want to enter the performance department. I do n’t know what to do to enter the entertainment industry?

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  1. You can participate in the draft event of the TV station, apply for the corresponding art school, and remember that you must choose a regular one. It is best to ask the teacher to ask the teacher. But now it is best to focus on academic studies, and the college entrance examination is not too late

  2. Those who are engaged in art should be particularly open to sex. My friend is a band's drummer. This year is 32 and has not got married. According to him, he can have the opportunity and some performing arts. The beautiful MM in the circle has an opportunity to contact. And there is a chance to soak them. As for

    , he has played a few MMs. He said that within three years, he was at least 20 in 20 laps within 20 circles. MM has been in bed, these are all true,

    He is a friend, these words were spoken by him and me. I have met a girl from a Beijing Renyi Performance. I have a chat with her. In school

    , they have learned this kind of hidden game game. , Now there are so many Chinese actors, why are the director

    The must choose you? There are very few girls who are born in strength now.
    What is the female artist who wants to make a fortune day, what is the female artist who wants to be a star? And my trading is beneficial to the disadvantages, once

    Friends can also stick to the light together. Sex will not bring me any consequences. Pay attention to

    . It is nothing to bring with a condom. What? ......
    The and many ... You can see a lot of things about this on the Internet, especially the big director, music producer. This kind of thing

    OK Special?
    Is the reform and opening up, do you have to be open?

  3. I advise not to enter the entertainment industry. Essence
    Previlled things will be polluted by the "hidden rules" of the entertainment industry.
    It the redness is secondary. Essence Essence The main thing is two points
    either hidden rules or hard background. Essence Essence Essence

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