What is the future development trend of the motorcycle industry?

Many families have already started buying cars, and some domestic cars only need 20,000 to 30,000 yuan! So is there still development prospects in the motorcycle industry?

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  1. Cars are very popular, and it will definitely affect the motorcycle industry, but motorcycles will not be eliminated. In the future, there will be fewer and fewer to buy motorcycles. Those who buy motorcycles are a preference, playing, culture and taste. Therefore, China's motorcycles will also develop in the direction of Europe and the United States. Small motorcycles will become less and less and will develop in large displacements and high performance directions. In fact, this trend has begun. In the past, China did not have more than 250 motorcycles. Now there are Qianjiang Huanglong 600 and Chunfeng 650. Think about it, isn't it very pleasant to go to a motorcycle! Even if you have a five -million car, do you not want to buy hundreds of thousands of high -end motorcycles? The feeling of a motorcycle tilting corner cannot be given by the car. Renovation motorcycles can accelerate to one hundred yards within three seconds. This stimulus is that Fallali sports cars can't give you.

  2. The motorcycle industry industry chain panorama combing
    . Motorcycles are a highly comprehensive whole. It involves the number and variety of spare parts. According to the main product structure of the motorcycle's vehicle manufacturing industry, the main upstream industries in the industry have the steel industry, and the steel industry, and the main upstream industries have the steel industry. The aluminum industry and other raw material industries, as well as the component industries such as bearings, gears, and engine and tire industries.
    The lower reaches of the Motorcycle Vehicle Manufacturing Industry mainly includes government agencies and motorcycle consumer markets. On the one hand, as consumer goods, to meet the convenience of people's daily life and transportation. need. The downstream is dealers and end users at all levels. Therefore, the distribution of sales channels, the level of living standards, consumption habits, specific production purposes, and the final sales of products that need to affect products will be affected.
    At present, there are many participants in my country's motorcycle industry. In the upstream motorcycle accessories industry, there are double -ring transmission, Reykik, Xiangyang bearing and construction of motorcycles. Dynamics, etc.; the midstream vehicle manufacturing industry has many well -known domestic and foreign companies such as Kawasaki, Grand Canal, and Harley.
    If thermal map of the motorcycle industry industry chain: the most concentrated distribution in Shandong Province
    It from the perspective of the regional distribution of my country's motorcycle industry chain, the motorcycle industry industry chain enterprises are mainly distributed in the eastern coastal areas, of which Shandong Province The distribution is the most concentrated; although the rest of the places, such as the Sichuan -Chongqing area, Heilongjiang, Hubei and other provinces, are distributed, the number is small.
    The distribution map of the motorcycle industry industrial park: The most in Guangdong Province
    At present, there are 6 industrial parks above the scale of my country's scale, mainly distributed in Guangdong Province, Henan Province, Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Liaoning and Liaoning There are 2 in Guangdong Province.
    The production capacity/output of the representative enterprise of the motorcycle industry
    At present, among the listed companies that laid out the motorcycle engine manufacturing and motorcycle manufacturing business, Zongshen Power is far ahead of other motorcycles engine production far ahead In addition to the engine, Longxin GM is also ahead of other companies in the number of motorcycle manufacturing. The production capacity/output of other representative companies on the motorcycle industry chain is as follows:
    Note: In order to publish a listed enterprise with relevant production capacity/output data, the listed enterprises that have not announced specific production capacity/output data are not included in statistics middle.
    The latest investment trend of representative companies of the motorcycle industry
    2021, the investment trend of the representative enterprise of the motorcycle industry mainly includes the acquisition of the company's expansion business and investing in the motorcycle production line project through the way of increasing the capital of subsidiaries. The latest investment trend of the representative enterprise of the motorcycle industry is as follows:
    -The above data refer to the Foresight Industry Research Institute "China Motorcycle Vehicle Manufacturing Industry Production and Marketing Real Estate Report"

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  4. The development trend of my country's motorcycle industry
    The motorcycle industry in my country has entered a steady and mature development stage after experiencing rapid development and disorderly competition. With the evolution of the motorcycle market, my country is facing the impact after joining the WTO. In the next 10 years, China's motorcycle industry will face the following major development trends:
    (1) Motorcycle prices will still reduce the trend
    With the continuous maturity of the motorcycle industry, the improvement of corporate management, the decline in operating costs, and the significant reduction of international procurement raw materials after joining the WTO, the reduction of circulation costs brought about by the change of circulation channels. Factors such as Chinese and foreign motorcycle brands will make motorcycle prices cheaper. According to estimates, after 10 years, the price of the same motorcycle products will decrease by about 20 % compared to now.
    (2) The upper and lower motorcycle companies began to dock
    With the development of economic strength and technical power, some well -known Chinese motorcycle companies are no longer simply located on a node of the industrial chain (such as, such as It is said that it is only assembled or relying on the introduction of a model technology), but began to gradually have some core technologies. The industrial layout of an enterprise began to expand in a relatively complete industrial chain. For example, some motorcycle vehicle companies have their own engines, shock absorbers, and magnetic motors. In this way, the upper and lower -off development has made the competition of Chinese motorcycle companies. System competition for the entire industry chain.
    (3) The product is developing towards E -ization
    The state of motorcycle products in the family basically has a relatively single function and exists alone. Simple E -based motorcycle products have just come out. However, in the next 10 years, micro -computers will be widely applied to motorcycle products. The products will be fully e -ized and will be more intelligent and humane in terms of comfort, agility, and oil circuit control of motorcycles.
    (4) my country will become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturing base
    The investment from Japan's Honda Corporation in my country's motorcycle industry can be seen that in the next 10 years, my country will still be in developed countries In the industrial catch -up period, motorcycle companies will still keep up with the trend of technology development, seize the opportunity to adjust the global industrial structure, soberly examine their own resource endowments, and make good use of their comparative advantages and post -development advantages to become the world's largest motorcycle in the world The manufacturing base is expected to reach hundreds of billions of dollars in annual output. The competitiveness of China's domestic motorcycles in the world will be further enhanced. my country's strong brands will begin to truly expand the global market in the true sense.
    (5) Motorcycle Enterprise Center will fully transfer
    After developing to a certain scale, the well -known domestic motorcycle groups began to find new "vitamins" for the rapid development of capital, information, technology, and talents. Many motorcycle companies have begun to get involved in other fields. At the same time, with the internationalization of motorcycle companies, many corporate centers will be adjusted again, focusing on the development of the international market.
    (6) E -commerce has become the mainstream business model of motorcycle companies
    With the development of information technology, e -commerce popularity will be an indisputable reality. In the next 10 years, it is predicted that the total e -commerce will account for more than 60 % of the total business of the motorcycle industry. At the same time, the e -commerce space of motorcycle companies will expand to the entire global market, not as limited to the domestic market as it is now.
    (7) The manufacturing mode will change to a large -scale customized mode
    In the catch -up of the motorcycle industry in developed countries, my country's motorcycle companies have one -sided importance to product technology tendencies, and production models, etc. Flexible craftsmanship does not pay enough attention. Driven by the promotion of information technology, the production model of various manufacturing industries in the world is undergoing profound changes, that is, the transformation of large -scale customization models from large -scale production models to maximizing the needs of customers. Whether to quickly change and use new production models will become an important strategic choice that affects the future international competitiveness of Chinese motorcycle companies.
    (8) The internal and external systems and management levels of motorcycle companies will be fully connected
    The essence of enterprise competition in the international market is the competition of the enterprise system. At present, the gap between Chinese motorcycle companies and motorcycle companies in developed countries in the world. In addition to technical factors, the gap between the enterprise system and management level is more important. At present, my country's enterprises are mainly the reform of the enterprise's own system and the reform of the system's peripheral operation system. With the pace of joining the WTO, the institutional reform process of Chinese enterprises has further accelerated, and the management level will be further improved. In the next 10 years, a new change in the institutional environment and management level of Chinese enterprises will have undergone a new change, that is, the system environment is comprehensively in line with international standards, and Chinese motorcycle companies that have greatly reduced the gap between systems and management levels with developed countries.

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