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  1. The surveying and mapping work is a preliminary and basic work of the national economic and social development. The project measurement is an important part of the surveying and mapping project. It is the survey and design, construction, and operation management of various projects A comprehensive discipline is an indispensable work in the construction and management of national economic construction and management.
    The development direction of the development direction of the development of global economic integration and the trend of global economic integration and the large -scale, integrated, and intelligent development direction of modern engineering. The front line of production, strong engineering awareness, moderate theoretical foundation, comprehensive knowledge, strong professional pertinence, strong technical application ability, innovative ability, practical ability, and professionalism. In terms of scientific research, such as the rise and fall of the crust, the changes of the coast, the earth's exercise, the earthquake prediction, the monitoring of the disaster, and the launch and recycling of artificial satellites, the work needs to be measured.
    The project measurement is widely used in highway engineering, railway engineering, housing construction engineering, municipal public engineering and other industry engineering control networks, terrain surveying and mapping, the rapid development of my country's economy in recent years, and the scale of basic construction investment has grown steadily. The construction will continue to continue, which requires a large number of builders and managers. These talents are mainly cultivated by higher education, which brings broad development prospects to this major. Because of the wide application of engineering measurement, graduates have a lot of gaps every year, and the employment prospects of the major are optimistic.
    The graduates of this major can go to surveying and mapping, urban planning and survey and design, water conservancy and hydropower, highway engineering, urban and rural construction, construction construction, land management, mining enterprises and other units engaged in engineering survey and design, engineering construction management and construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, construction measurement, and construction measurement, Real estate measurement and land management, geological survey and mine measurement. You can also engage in technical tasks such as topography and mapping, engineering measurement and other enterprise institutions in enterprises and institutions in minerals and land resource exploration, surveying and mapping, transportation infrastructure construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering construction, land resources management and other departments. The employment rate of graduates is above 95%, and boys are in short supply.

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