The establishment of Weilai Mobile Co., Ltd., can they rush out of a clear mobile phone market?

5 thoughts on “The establishment of Weilai Mobile Co., Ltd., can they rush out of a clear mobile phone market?”

  1. From the current situation, Weilai's mobile phone is actually a very unwise choice, because the current mobile phone market is already completely saturated, and those mobile phone giants really cannot surpass, so I don’t personal. Optimistic about the development of Weilai in the mobile phone industry.
    First of all, the big brother of the mobile phone industry is definitely Apple. Apple relies on the iOS system to gain a foothold directly in the mobile phone industry. Since the appearance of the iPhone 4S of the year, basically it has been steadily sitting in the mobile phone industry. It is said that although some of the later mobile phone series have also been surpassed by other mobile phones, but in recent years, it has basically been impossible to surpass. From the iPhone 12 series, basically no brand can surpass the iPhone.
    Under Apple, there are two giants, Samsung and Huawei, especially in the Chinese market. Most people will buy Samsung or Huawei if they do not buy iPhone, or choose one among other domestic mobile phone brands. If you look at the sales volume, the most successful thing is Xiaomi. No matter which price it is, it basically has high sales.
    Secondly, according to the current market distribution of the mobile phone industry, the status of Apple will continue to be stable, and the mobile phone market of Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi is also difficult to break through. Rest, then you need to come up with enough videos that can be played, but does Weilai have such ability? Obviously there is no, Wei Lai is nothing more than continuing to make an Android system smartphone, there will be no big features.
    Finally, Dong Mingzhu has always been in Qugley's mobile phone, but the sales of Gree's mobile phone are really bad. In real life, you can't even see who is using Gree's mobile phone, so it is also a cross -border to the mobile phone industry to come to the mobile phone industry. There is no way to achieve a little success in Gree. How can Weilai succeed? This is one of the reasons why I don't like Weilai.

  2. I think it is completely impossible. At present, the Chinese mobile phone market is very competitive. It can be said that the mobile phone market has been divided by the existing mobile phone brands.
    With the advancement of science and technology, there are more and more communication methods in human society. Therefore, mobile phones have emerged with the progress of the times. But today's mobile phone market can be said to be a mess, especially the Chinese mobile phone market. Xiaomi and OV, and even mobile phone brands such as Huawei Samsung have successively sold in the Chinese market. Every year, the latest mobile phones of various brand mobile phone manufacturers will also attract more customers.
    Ilai mobile phone company was established. In our impression, Weilai has always been engaged in the automotive industry. And in the aspect of new energy, Weilai Automobile does have a certain status. However, according to the official announcement of Weilai Company, Weilai will set up a mobile phone business. At present, Weilai Mobile Co., Ltd. has been established, and related production plans are also being adjusted further.
    I expressed doubt. Just my personal opinion, I think it is difficult for Weilai Motor Company to occupy a certain share in the mobile phone market. After all, the Chinese mobile phone market today has long been divided by various brands. There is no extra share at all to leave the mobile phone that can be produced by Weilai Automobile, so in this regard. Weilai mobile phones have no competitiveness at all, not to mention comparing with Apple mobile phones.
    A lack of research and development capabilities in related parts. If a mobile phone wants to be welcomed by the masses, in terms of price and performance, it must be satisfied. This is also the rules followed by various mobile phone manufacturers, but compared to other brands. Weilai mobile phones have no experience in designing mobile phones at all, and comprehensive capabilities in all aspects are far less than other mobile phone brands. It will not be liked by the masses, let alone selling their own mobile phones to consumers. We can also expect that when Weilai Automobile produces mobile phones, sales must be very bleak.

  3. I think it is still difficult. No one will buy a car and specialize in a mobile phone. The main reason for Weilai mobile phones is that mobile phones on the market are not friendly to Weilai Motors. In addition, Apple is likely to launch its own new energy vehicles in the near future. At that time, Weilai's customers will be taken away a large number of. The purpose of Weilai's mobile phone is to create a mobile terminal device with Weilai Automobile.

  4. The registration competent authority issued an announcement on the approved corporate legal person, which states that the name of the enterprise group, the name of the core enterprise, the name of the member enterprise, and the name of the member unit, and then the corporate group has been formally established since the registration of the registration.
    In establishment announcements can now apply for a report announcement online. Taking the "running government" as an example, the process is as follows:
    1. Open the "Alipay" app on the mobile phone : Running Political Tong,
    3. After entering "Running Political Tong", choose to report to the city and the newspaper

  5. Weilai mobile phones were only introduced later. It is still difficult to rush out of the mobile phone market with clear patterns. It is necessary to have strong hardware facilities.

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