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  1. It belongs to the processing manufacturing industry.
    The processing and manufacturing is mainly processed to process raw materials such as the mining industry and agricultural products, or re -process and repair the processing industry's products, or the general term for assembly of parts and components. Generally, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemistry, petrochemical, wood processing, building materials, papermaking, textiles, food, leather industry, etc.
    The treatment of color steel plates is to use cold rolled steel, galvanized steel (electroplating and hot -dip galvanized) as the substrate on the continuous unit. , Apply a layer or multi -layer liquid coating, then bake and cool.

    The expansion information:
    color steel plate advantages:
    1, light weight: 10-14 kg/square meter, equivalent to 1/30 of brick walls.
    2, insulation insulation: core material heat conduction coefficient: λ u003C= 0.041W/mk.
    3, high intensity: can be used as a bearing structure of ceiling, bending and pressure; general houses do not need beams and columns.
    4, colorful color: no surface decoration, color-galvanized steel plate anticorrosive layer maintenance period is 10-15 years.
    5, flexible and fast installation: the construction cycle can be shortened by more than 40%.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Color Steel Board
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  2. Color steel plates are processed manufacturing categories.
    Thec color coating steel plate is used on the continuous unit with cold rolled steel, galvanized tape (electroplating and hot -dip galvanized) as the substrate, and the surface pre -treatment (abandoned and chemical treatment) is applied. The previous layer or multi -layer liquid coatings were used to bake and cool the board.
    The cold rolled steel on the continuous unit, galvanized band steel (electroplating and hot -dip galvanized) as the substrate, as a surface pre -treatment (abandoned and chemical treatment), applying a roller method to apply a layer to a layer Or multi -layer liquid coatings, which are coated steel plates that are baked and cooling. Because the coating can have a variety of different colors, the coating steel plate is used to the color coating steel plate.
    The expansion data
    has a color plate produced by cold -rolled substrates with a smooth and beautiful appearance and a cold -rolled board processing performance; In the air, the dew was quickly generated. Therefore, such products can only be used to require non -high temporary isolation measures and interior materials.
    The products obtained on the coating coating on the hot -dip galvanized steel plate are hot -dip galvanized color coating. In addition to the protection of zinc galvanized color coating plates, the organic coating on the surface also plays a role of isolation and rust, and the service life is longer than the hot -dip galvanized plate. The zinc content of the hot -dip galvanized substrate is generally 180g/m2 (double -sided), and the maximum amount of galvanized thermal galvanized substrate for building is 275g/m².
    The on the requirements, you can also use hot-plated zinc steel plates as color coating plates (55%AI-Zn and 5%AI-Zn).
    The product plate with electroplating plate as a substrate, and the product obtained by coating coating is electroplating color coating plate. Because the zinc layer of the electroplating plate is thin, the zinc content is usually 20/20g/m2. Therefore Products are not suitable for making walls, roofs, etc. outdoors.
    But because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be used for home appliances, audio, steel home, interior decoration, etc.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Color Steel board

  3. Color steel board: belongs to the processing manufacturing industry.
    The processing and manufacturing: It is mainly to process raw materials such as the mining industry and agricultural products, or re -process and repair the processing industry's products, or the general term for the industrial sector that assembles parts. Generally, metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemistry, petrochemical, wood processing, building materials, papermaking, textiles, food, leather industry, etc. Processing and manufacturing is a large quantity, standardized, and production line processing of raw materials (or materials provided by the client) by themselves. Large quantities, standardization, and production lines are the most important features of the processing manufacturing industry.
    Relative to the equipment manufacturing industry, the most basic competitive way of processing and manufacturing is the competition of cost prices. Traditional processing and manufacturing industries use past labor products as the object of labor, such as metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemistry, petrochemical, wood processing, building materials, papermaking, textiles, food, leather industry. With the development of technology, the processing and manufacturing industry has gradually shifted to the high -value -added processing manufacturing industry of high -tech, new technologies, new processes, and new materials.

  4. With the adjustment of the industry, many abandoned old factories have been changed to make face into entertainment venues, private studios, galleries, and even residences (such as some old industrial plants in Beijing and Shanghai, which have become concentrated in avant -garde artists). Old buildings have lost the value of industrial buildings. It is a helpless choice, not the real purpose of technological transformation. Today, the information association is changing with each other, new products have emerged endlessly, and the electronics industry is in the position of leaders. However, the investment in the new plant is large and time -consuming, and it is difficult to keep up with the changing market demand. Therefore, the transformation in the original plant has become a way to improve investment and improve efficiency, which is also the development direction of industrial construction technology transformation. The China Electronic Engineering Design Institute has completed the design of many domestic electronic factories, and the owners often entrust the original design units for technical transformation. In the case of technical transformation projects, there are mainly the following types: 1) close to the original factory building due to the increase in the production area; The production area changes the indoor decoration and flat layout of the original plant; 4) Add new equipment and rooms to the reserved area reserved in the original building; 5) The owner rents the multi -storey or high -rise industrial buildings to different users, buildings The nature changes due to its requirements, such as industrial buildings into civil buildings. The technical transformation of the original building will inevitably bring many problems, mainly including: 1) due to the increase in the load of the floor floor, due to the increase in or increased or increasing the ceiling of the electrical bridge or the heating pipeline, the increase in the hanging load of the building surface, which causes it to cause it, which will cause the house to cause the load, which will cause it to cause it to cause the house to increase the load, which will cause it to cause it to cause the house to increase the load, which will cause it to cause the house to cause the load, which will lead The re -evaluation of the structural system; 2) Due to the changes in the nature of the building, the new plane layout must meet the requirements of different fire prevention specifications, and the problem of fire evacuation is needed to use a new solution; , Light -quality partition walls, ceiling, active flooring, etc.), although more choices for architects, but also to meet the requirements of use, reduce funds and reduce costs, bring greater profits to the owners; The image of the rebuilding plant is coordinated with the overall environment of the original area and the adjacent building, and it is necessary to change the appearance of the plant area and make the building reflect the corporate image and corporate strength. In the following two projects, the author completes all the design from the plan to the construction map as a professional person in charge. There are many experiences and gains from this, and I will discuss with you. 1 The reconstruction of technical transformation brings a technical transformation project of a software industry Co., Ltd., which is a technical transformation project, is located on the 7th floor of the No. 54 Building of an Electronic Group Co., Ltd. The original building was completed in 1997. The main body of the building is 5317m, the main body has 9 floors, and the building area of ​​each floor is 5 403186m2, and the floor height is 514m. According to the category of fire risk of high -rise industrial buildings, it is Class C, and the fire resistance level of the building is first -class design. There are 4 tobacco -proof evacuation staircases, 4 fire elevators and multiple passenger and cargo elevators. (GBJ16-87) Relevant requirements for high -rise industrial construction fire safety evacuation. This transformation is a technical transformation of civil architectural nature with practical functions such as software development, evaluation, information, and training. For high -rise industrial buildings of Class C in the fire risk category, and the construction area of ​​each floor is 5 403186m2, one of them is a very difficult and difficult design to transform one of them into a type of high -rise civilian building. Because the category C high -rise industrial plant and a type of high -rise civilian buildings are large in the specifications in the specifications, such as fireproof partition area, safety evacuation distance, and vertical transportation, and the transformation is only one of them. The outdoor evacuation stairs cannot be added. The technical transformation plan has been compared and discussed in various aspects. It is impossible to feel that if the conventional design method is used to comply with the "high -level civil architectural fire protection specifications" (GB 50045-95) after the transformation, it is impossible. Therefore, with the help of the "refuge" in super high -rise buildings and the concept of underground building "fire prevention channels", try to set up a "fire corridor" in this technology transformation. It is entirely possible to use modern technical facilities to set up a safe "fire corridor" in the middle of the building. The technical measures of this technical transformation are: setting a fire -resistant corridor, multiple fireproof partitions, and strengthening the fire safety structure of key parts. At the same time, the owners need to strictly manage fire safety evacuation in use to ensure the reliability and safety of fire protection and safety evacuation in this level. The specific technical renovation measures are designed in accordance with the "Fire Fire Standards for High -level Civil Architecture" (GB 50045-95). First of all, there are two vertical and horizontal firewalls in the middle of the floor, dividing this floor into 4 fireproof partitions, two adjacent fire -resistant partitions, the fire door on the firewall is connected, and the sum of the two fireproof partitions does not exceed 2 800m2 (set up a type of high -rise building of automatic spraying fire extinguishing system, each fire -resistant partition can reach 2,000m2), a safe export can be set, which is in line with the 6111113 in the "High -rise Civil Building Design Fire Fire Standards" (GB 50045-95) Requirements. In addition, a firewall is added at 3.0m, a vertical firewall in the middle, forming a fire -resistant corridor that can reach the evacuation stairs in the middle. The fire corridor is connected with a Class A fire door with the corridor of the fire -resistant partition. And add another door at the fire door to form a smoke -proof "lock

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