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  1. Stepbo Office Public Products Co., Ltd. Wuxi Branch
    Tel: Mr. Zhu

    -Staples n founded in 1986, Staples Flemingehan is currently the world's leading retail and distributors in the world.
    Steward took the lead in launching the concept of office supplies supermarkets, and opened its first office supplies supermarket in Brighton, Massachusetts in Massachusetts, USA on May 1, 1986.
    At present, Stepbo has more than 2,100 office supplies supermarkets and warehousing distribution centers worldwide. The total number of employees worldwide is 79,000, and its business involves 22 countries and regions. Stebo provides customers with one -stop office procurement services through various sales channels such as store retail, direct mail, contract ordering and online sales (e -commerce). In 2006, Setaibo's global sales reached 18.2 billion US dollars, and in 2007, it ranked 397th in the Fortune Fortune 500 in 2007.
    [Edit this paragraph] Stepbo China
    In 2004, Stebo came to China, the world's most potential office supplies market, China. In October of the same year, Stebo officially formed a strategic partnership with Shanghai Tai Bo and e -commerce enterprises specializing in office supplies, and established Stacobo Trading Co., Ltd.. Since then, Stobo China Headquarters has taken root in Shanghai to radiate the country.
    In China, Shi Taibo adhering to the business philosophy of "we let office procurement easier", and enrich the content of service content with Chinese characteristics.
    In three years of unremitting efforts, Stepbo Beijing, Jiangsu, and Shenzhen Operation Center have been established to infiltrate the economic places of the country and always lead the Chinese office supplies market.
    In 2007, Stepbo's bold innovation and forging ahead: This year, Stepbo established a contract company customer department to serve large companies customers; April, officially became the exclusive supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympics office furniture. ; In May, an agreement was reached with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the American Express Corporation to issue the first joint business card with the Express logo-"Peony Setaibo Yuntong Business Card"; Express Store; November, Stebo opened at the first office furniture center in Shanghai.
    Ti Tai Bo is introducing its office service concepts that integrate advanced technology, environmental protection and humanistic care to China, so that the majority of enterprises, governments and individual users can fully experience the fun of office supplies. With the advanced supply chain management and global procurement system, Stepbo is committed to creating more than 10,000 kinds of goods such as office stationery, office consumables, office equipment, office furniture, business gifts, etc., and strives to create China's most complete office supplies supply , Sales and service systems.
    [Edit this paragraph] Company honor
    5 million rewards white angel "Shangxin Electronics" to establish a SARS
    2008 Canon Information Consumer Product Department certified retail stores in the first half of 2008 Canon Five -star dealer of the information consumer product department
    Toshiba digital composite machine authorized online store Canon East China area number/amount growth rate first
    2007 Panasonic fax silver card dealer 2007 Coper and fax machine sales Outstanding Award
    2008 Canon Information Consumer Product Department certified dealer 2007 Shanghai Excellent E-commerce website
    2007-2008 Epson designated dealer (main business) 2007 2007 Annual Shanghai Most Potential Distributor
    The 2007 HP Commercial Products Platinum Merchants 2007 Ricohwang Shanghai All -in -One Machinery and Consumption Online Store Dealers
    2007 Jing Porcelain Office Information Equipment Identification Store 2007 AR authorized Sales Certificate
    2007 Canon SOHO product distributor 2007 Canon office equipment dealer
    2007 Sharp awarded Stacobo (Shengbao/Sharp) Fax dealer 2007 Ricoh awarded Slangbo Agent Certificate
    2007 SVA awarded Stepbo to the top ten leaders of the digital industry of Chen Yifeng in the Shanghai fax machine sales agent
    Stepuz's identification brother label printer authorized dealer 06.12-07.02 Stepbo C303 Four
    2007 Samsung Digital Printing Products Authorized Dealer 2006 won the Outstanding Award of Ricoh Pure Consumption
    2007 Canon Graduation of Shitai Bo four -star dealers in the first half of the year 2006 n Stewbo won the first place in Shanghai's IR dealer growth rate. In 2006, Ricoh was awarded the Outstanding Award of Digital Copy Machine
    2006 Epson was awarded by Stebo as a genuine consumable dealer Stebo to commend the glorious cause
    Stebo donated a certificate for the glorious business 2006 HP consumer product dealer
    2006 Jinshangzi awarded Stepbo as a Shanghai regional dealer's 2006 Lenovo Commercial Dealer Authorized Certificate
    2007 Think series product authorization dealers authorized dealers Certificate 2006 Sanmu brand stationery special dealer
    2006 Sanmu brand fragment paper machine special dealer 2006 Yida best cooperative dealer
    2006 Canon Information Products Department Four -star Dealer 2006 2006 Nian Mingji special dealer
    2006 Toshi Digital Composite Machine Authorized Network Store 2006 Cenica Miner's Copy Make Value Value Valculation
    2006 Travel Star Product Distribution Authorization Letter 2006 3M Business Cultural Products Strategic Direct Manager
    2006 Canon Commercial Office Equipment Special identification store 2006 Samsung All -in -one authorized STAPLES special dealer
    2006 US Di Di in the United States Multi -authorized STAPLES special dealer Siemens authorized Staples Certificate
    2006 3M awarded Staples Excellent Dealer Moribao Group awarded Staples Excellent Dealers
    N Stepo Trading Co., Ltd. Staples Commerce Trade Co., LTD is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise invested by the top 500 in the world and the US Staples (NASDAQ code) in China.
    Staibo is a professional e -commerce platform that is a well -known online office automation solution provider in China -Stepbo Trading Co., Ltd.. With advanced e -commerce management technology and senior business experience in the field of OA products, Stepbo launched the model of online purchase and repairs of OA products, creating a new concept of Chinese office automation websites. Stepbo uses e -commerce software as its technical support, makes full use of network information technology, and has created and operated "Online OA Product Mall" based on the Internet management platform. Users can browse and order products to log in to the website to enjoy e -commerce. Online advantage service.
    Suto, with the advanced supply chain management and global procurement system, Stebo provides a one -stop formula for members, government departments and individual users in the Chinese market through the integrated marketing model of "telephone sales directory sales network sales" Administrative office procurement service.
    Steward adheres to the user -centric and is committed to communicating the relationship between manufacturers and consumers. On the one hand, Stepbo brings together high -quality famous products to provide many consumers with rich product category, professional maintenance services, comprehensive logistics system, system payment method, and thoughtful after -sales service; on the other hand, Setaibo is the manufacturer And the supplier provides a large number of potential buyers to make it gather marketing benefits.
    I. As the preferred office procurement partners in the world's top enterprises, Stepbo is making more and more Chinese users began to experience the simple, convenient and infinite fun of office supplies with its best industry practice and service quality.

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