I do n’t know if the pet industry is good to find a job. How is the salary of pet cosmetologists now?

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  1. The salary of the pet cosmetic master is okay, and it is also the level. The higher the level, the higher the salary. The work must be found. There are too many shops that lack the beauty artist. I think these are not important. , First find a good school to learn the technology first. I did not go to the pet cosmetic school at the time. I was apprentices in the store. I later studied for almost a year. I felt that the technology was not good at all. The teacher training school system has studied it for a while. Fortunately, I met a good teacher. I have a good technical learning. I have arranged a shop to work for me after graduation. Now about 5,000 per month

  2. To be a qualified pet beauty master, you must understand the development trend of the pet industry.
    The objects generally refer to animals raised by urban families and as partners. Ordinary animal breeding/stray animals are not in this category. Among them, dogs are the largest pet breeding categories. Cats follow, and the aquariums are the third category. JD.com Consumer Market Value Ranking: Girls> Children> Young Women> Old Man> Dogs> Men.
    Due to the large number of sub -categories, the industrial chain is long and the products and services have become diversified. In recent years, it has grown rapidly in recent years. As of 2016, the market size of my country's pet industry has reached 122 billion yuan, and pet
    food and pet medicine are the two major categories, and the proportion of the two has reached 33.8%and 22.9%respectively. Pet supplies revenue accounted for 15.9%, pet sales revenue accounted for
    12.5%, and other related totaling totaling was 14.9%.
    In data from the "Pet Products and Service Industry Market Research and Investment Forecast Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, the market size of my country's pet industry continued to expand from 2012-2016, and the average annual growth rate of five years reached 37.94%. Growth is very rapid. In 2016, the market size of China's pet industry reached 122 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7%year -on -year. Although the market size growth rate of my country's pet industry has slowed down in recent years, it can still maintain a growth rate of higher than 20%. China Business Research Institute is expected to have huge growth space in the domestic pet industry in the future. It is expected that the scale of China's pet industry will reach 150 billion yuan in 2017. The pet industry will continue to maintain a high growth of more than 20%in the next 3-5 years. It is expected to be in 2018 in 2018 The market size achieved 182.6 billion yuan, a year -on -year growth rate of 21.7%.
    The industry has grown rapidly. In 5 years, space is expected to double the space
    The consumption upgrade, superimposed emotional needs, and pet penetration rates continue to increase.
    The huge changes in the population structure brought about by the progress of urbanization: the number of empty nest youth and late marriage and late childbirth have increased year by year, and the demand for pets has risen steadily. In addition, consumption upgrade is driven. n30%increase in height. As of the end of 2016, the number of pets has reached 87 million, the pet market consumption is about 122 billion yuan, and the average pet -breeding rate in cities and towns is about 11%. It is predicted that the 2021
    years, with the continuous improvement of pet penetration rates (expected to reach 19%), the pet market capacity is expected to double, and CAGR is 16.6%. From the perspective of long -term benchmarking US market
    50%, the prospects are even more considerable.
    The rise of pet heat, which has also led to the development of a series of pet markets
    The proportion of the income of various market segments of the Internet pet industry, pet food accounts for 39.3%; pet medical revenue that has gradually received attention in recent years It is also high, accounting for 28.8%; pet supplies account for 21.4%, and other additional pet service revenue accounts for 10.5%. As far as pet supplies are concerned, it has developed in the direction of high -end and intelligence, trying to seize the market with more personalized products. The increase in the number of pets has brought great advantages to the development of this market. In addition to vertical pet e -commerce, it can also be seen on many integrated e -commerce platforms.

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