1 thought on “Are there any girls engaged in the medical beauty industry?”

  1. There are still many girls engaged in the medical beauty industry.
    The medical and beauty technology major is a medical method guided by the theory of human body form. The use of surgery and non -surgical medical methods to directly maintain, repair and re -shape the human body beauty, and use the purpose of enhancing human life vitality. Emerging medical technology majors.
    Since the reform and opening up of the 1980s, with the continuous improvement of the people's material life and spiritual civilization, the beauty industry has developed rapidly in my country. After entering this century, the beauty industry gradually matured.
    Moly reciprocal development of medical cosmetic institutions and cosmetic health care industries at all levels with the people's service needs for high -quality medical conditions and the service needs of the beauty health industry have been further developed.
    The basic knowledge and skills of medical beauty, and master the basic knowledge and operating skills of life beauty, and at the same time engage in medical and living beauty technology. Students from medical aesthetics can learn and master the basic knowledge and skills of plastic surgery at school, skin care technology, makeup technology, and sketching basic skills.
    photography skills, Chinese medicine massage, cupping, acupuncture, Ai Bi technology, etc. After passing the grades, you can go to the hospital, beauty salon, studio and massage halls, etc. to engage in the medical plastic surgery industry, life beauty technology (skin care technology and Chinese medicine massage, cupping, cupping, cupping , Acupuncture, Ai Bi), photography, makeup and image processing.

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