2 thoughts on “What are the platforms for part -time dubbing?”

  1. Platform for part -time dubbing:
    1, Himalayan FM
    wants to go to the Himalayan FM part -time dubbing work, you need to go to the "acoustic platform" to compete, but this requires the user level to reach level 4 to apply. If If the user competes, the income is still considerable, about 80 yuan/h 10%commission. Such platforms include lazy people listening to books, dragonfly FM, etc.
    2. Audiovisual reading material platform
    With the fiery development of sound books, many audiovisual platforms have emerged, and these platforms have very strong demand for dubbing, such as Himalayan, Dragonfly FM, lychee FM, lazy laziness People listen. You only need to record online novels according to the requirements of the platform, and you can get income after uploading.
    3, the Weike website platform
    In on the website platforms such as Zhu Bajie.com, Weike.com, students can see many dubbing tasks, and they can connect the dubbing tasks according to their preferences and specialties. However, this platform is generally highly competitive, and it is difficult to get the favor of Party A without experience!
    4, the public account platform
    On many WeChat public accounts, there are often some lists that can be audited by mobile phones, and novice Xiaobai can participate in monetization. There are a lot of such public accounts. The more well -known are the long -term range and the sound of Tianyan. They will release the order requirements almost every day, and they will announce the cash reward list regularly!
    5, various social group platforms
    In keywords such as "dubbing" and "game dubbing" on QQ and WeChat. You can see many groups, and there will be many dubbing tasks in the group. This channel and Douban are generally generally. almost. However, everyone needs to beware of those who pay the money first, these are all scammers!

  2. Those big platforms, such as Himalayas, have more fleshy monks, and thousands of manuscripts are grabbing, which is not friendly to novices Xiaobai. And like the [ten o'clock dubbing circle] [dubbing enthusiast], these are adopted by submission contract, which can be targeted for dubbing, so the passage rate is much higher

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