1 thought on “Eight major industrial clusters in Gaoyou Economic Development Zone”

  1. 1. The automotive industry, mainly invested 2 billion yuan Taojue New Energy Electric Vehicle, invested 1 billion yuan, Kim Lei New Energy Electric Vehicle and Investment of 1 billion yuan of Jingjia Auto Monastery (World Fortune 500 Enterprise -CITIC Daka Company), A total investment of 30 million US dollars of automobile parts. The scale of 170,000 new energy electric vehicles will be formed, and more than 3,000 employment positions will be provided, which will become an industrial cluster that integrates new energy vehicle research and development, production, services and components. Second, the steel industry, mainly investing in 5 billion yuan Jiangsu coastal steel group Qin Post special steel, investment of 3 billion yuan Wuxi Zhaoshun stainless steel mid -board and other enterprises. 3. The battery industry is another special industry in the Gaoyou Development Zone. China's first -class energy storage battery enterprises settled in -the United States Enos Group, Ai Leson Battery, Heideson Smart Grid, Huafu Battery, Landscape New Energy, Xiongtao Power Source, Easy Special Distributed Smart Grid, etc. The only high -performance battery industry base in our province. Fourth, the mechanical manufacturing industry, mainly aerospace and hydropower (China Aerospace Science and Technology Group), Huaxing Petroleum Machinery, Gaoyang Coal Mine Machinery, Heyi Electric Tools, Shenfa Electric and other enterprises; Enterprises such as clothing, Yonghui Pleelvylion, have annual output of more than 50 million pieces of clothing; 6. The pharmaceutical food industry, mainly South Korea Yiyang Pharmaceuticals in China and South Korea (a new anti -leukemia drug developed by the Yiyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will be put into production soon The efficacy has increased by 30-40 times compared to existing domestic products, but the cost has been reduced by 1/3.), Shanghai and Hong Kong New Asia Pharmaceutical, Tianjian Pharmaceutical, Shuang Rabbit Rice Industry and other companies; Chuanyi Technology, Electronic Touch Screen, Guangyuan Cable, Hongyuan Electronics, Yilitong Technology, Junying Optoelectronics, Hua League Electronics and other companies, including flexible circuit boards and high -voltage electrode foil production and sales account for more than 35%of the world; 8. Solar photovoltaic industry , Mainly investing in 6 billion yuan of Kangbo High Pure Silicon, Wall Optoelectronics, New Tide Photovoltaic and other companies. Established a science and technology entrepreneurial center with a provincial -level science and technology enterprise incubator, with a house of 150,000 square meters in incubation; two academician workstations, 2 post -doctoral workstations, and 5 provincial R

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