Dutch B: Ein Youth vs. Fenlo La Liga: Cadiz vs. Elce

Dutch B: Ein Youth v Fenlo

Match time: 23-01-17 03:00 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

​The Ein youth team this season has been relatively stable, the current six wins, six draws and seven losses of the record, ranked thirteenth in the league. As a second-tier team, the E 'in youth team finished 12th in the league last season. Considering that the E 'in youth team also provided a lot of young players for their home team, this league position is completely reasonable.

latest predictions,It is worth mentioning that the youth team of Ein has not been well implemented in the technical and tactical aspects recently. The players seem to lack the desire for victory on the field and always play a little random. Moreover, the defensive flexibility of the 442 formation cannot be reflected in the youth team of Ein. There is also a lack of success on the counter-attack, and it is believed that this season's youth team will at best remain in the lower reaches of the league. To be competitive in the league, the team may have to redevelop a number of young players.

​Fenlo's new season has greatly improved, the current nine wins, five draws and five losses of the record, ranked sixth in the league. Last season, Finlo finally achieved 10th place in the league, although it seems that the team is only one step away from the knockout stage, but in fact, Finlo is still eight points behind Graf Sharp, but this season, Finlo is showing a better momentum. Excellent offensive and defensive performance also makes the team firmly occupy a place in the knockout stage, but Fenlo and direct promotion zone of Zwolle have opened a nine points difference. I believe this season this team may not impact the direct promotion places.

In the last five games, Finlo has won three, drawn one and lost a good record. In their last match, the team was eliminated from the Dutch Cup after losing 2-3 at home to Dutch rivals Emmen. From the process of the game, although the overall strength of Emmen is much stronger than Fenlo, but Fenlo with the recent good athletic condition, in fact, it is to Emmen to create enough pressure, the first half Emmen in the 31st minute at least 34 minutes, within three minutes even under the two cities to take the lead, But Fenlo side after the half adjustment also showed a strong offensive, even Emmen in Fenlo this wave of offensive is also very passive, the final Fenlo is with unremitting efforts to level the field score, but Fenlo in the equalizing score after the players spirit scattered, The result was a stoppage-time corner for Emmen to finish off Fenlo.

Analysis of the competition:

For the first time this season, the E 'in youth team played 1-1 away with Fenlo in a draw. In the last ten encounters, the E 'in youth team won seven, drew two and lost one, occupying no small psychological advantage. Although the overall strength of Fenlo is slightly stronger than that of the youth team of Ein, it is not difficult to see that the youth team of Ein has a unique set of technical and tactical arrangements against Fenlo, and the recent five games against the youth team of Ein have won four wins and a draw. In this case, the morale of the players must be greatly improved. Only Fenlo recently has consecutive harvest away three consecutive wins, and the team is still obviously maintaining a higher competitive state. I believe that this game will be a more tight showdown. After a bitter battle away, Fenlo should be able to maintain the whole body and back.

La Liga: Cadiz v Elce

Match Time: 2023-01-17 04:00 Tuesday

Team status analysis:

​Cadiz's new season is still not much improvement, the current record of three wins, six draws and seven losses, ranked in the league eighteenth. Cadiz only managed to avoid relegation last season, beating Granada by one point to stay in La Liga. Although the depth of the squad was modified after the end of the season, it was not enough to make Cadiz more competitive in the league. Cadiz has already fallen into the relegation zone, and given Sevilla's overall strength outside the safety zone is more than a notch stronger than Cadiz, Cadiz's path to the relegation season will certainly be littered with difficulties. If the team can't produce a second half of the momentum, then Cadiz's relegation will not be too much of a surprise.

​In the last game, Cadiz, away from Valencia, won 1-0 two straight away. From the process of the game, the game away from Cadiz is to Valencia to a Xiama Mawei, opening only nine minutes. Cadiz, with a break ball in front of Valencia, launched a counterattack. Alcalas area arc top position to receive teammates' pass shot to help the team to break the deadlock on the field. Behind the overall strength of the more powerful Valencia immediately launched a fierce attack, it can be said that Cadiz has been in the passive situation for most of the time since then, but Valencia's attacking efficiency is also quite low, in the field of 73% possession, Valencia only completed six attacks. In addition to the second half of the team changing the way of attack after successive corner opportunities still unable to break the opponent's door, it can be said that Valencia this game is because of their poor offensive performance to buy a single.

Elche is currently the whole five league range of the worst performance of a team, the current four draws 12 losses, after 16 rounds of the league is still not a win, throughout the whole five leagues only Elche still failed to achieve their first league victory, and because of the record is very ugly, Elche is likely to be relegated in advance in the latter part of the league, After all, the team is now 11 points adrift of the safety of Serbia, and with both sides struggling to find their game and morale in the doldrums, such a team does not seem to have any chance of turning it around.

It is worth mentioning that the 343 formation currently used by Elche is basically no highlight, more hands in the midfield can not effectively slow down the opponent's offensive progress, and this season Elche's luck is also poor, a number of main players in the midfield suffered from injury, but also directly make the team's midfield protection ability directly decrease a level. Although the team may have a certain degree of recruitment during the winter window, considering that the team is not rich in funds, and the current league points, it is difficult to attract any outstanding players to join. Elce will probably have to go to Western League B next season to accept the Polish.

Analysis of the competition:

Last season, two matches between Cadiz a win and a loss with Elce. The last ten meetings Cadiz four wins, three draws and three losses slightly win the upper hand. If Elce is doomed to be relegated this season, then Cadiz may be Elce's most likely to win against an opponent in the near future. First, from the two sides of the record, Elce is not completely underdogs. In the past season, Cadiz, a relatively close opponent, often lost points, but in the face of such league giants as Real Madrid and Atletico, Cadiz has shown strong resilience from time to time. At present, many fans may also have been waiting for the arrival of Elce's first victory in the new season. If Elce can show a strong desire to win this game, then there is a good chance that Cadiz will come back to snatch three valuable points.

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