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  1. Hello, I am glad to answer your questions. Now we have to prevent control. We still need to have health certificates or passwords, ID cards, and masks. You say where the family goes out to play. I suggest that your family will play in Kunming. After all the epidemic is over, go to other places to play.

    The free scenic spots in Kunming also have a lot of free scenic spots. Dianchi is a good choice. The Dianchi Lake Scenic Area is very large. The family can come to Dianchi Lake to play on foot. At this time, there should be seagulls. Every time I come to Kunming, I will come to Dianchi Lake to see the seagulls. The seagulls are far away from my hometown. However, I can only see many seagulls in Dianchi Lake, but I do n’t see the seagulls at the real sea, so I feel that I have gained a lot of gains in Dianchi Lake. And your family can take a cruise to see Dianchi Lake. Sometimes the Dianchi Lake will rise, and the water waves are very large. Although it is called Dianchi Lake, it feels like the tide is like the sea, especially on the cruise can a better experience.

    It after the cruise ship, you can go to the Dragon King Temple. After all, this is a temple on the side of Dianchi Lake. The ancient architectural style is very good. This life experience is also good. Although Dianchi Lake is a free scenic spot, tourists must have their own play, and try not to gather at a attraction for too long.

    It is also one of the good places in Kunming's official Town. Although it is an ancient town, I feel that there are very few tourists every time. There are more life. Your family can come to Guan Dugu Town to walk on foot. There are also many monuments here, such as Shaolin Temple, King Kong Tower, and Three Saint Palace. Many people say that there is a feeling of old Kunming here. It may be that there are more monuments.

    The Shaolin Temple in Guandu Ancient Town, I also saw it for the first time. You should know more in Kunming than me. The ancient town of Guandu is suitable for playing slowly. Here you can see the beautiful scenery, you can rest, and it is more comfortable than going to the scenic spots outside Kunming. It is the most assured of playing in Kunming.

    Theast in Guandu Ancient Town is that there are local snacks and farmers' markets. This is a very cheap place, and it feels good to eat and shop inside. I think it takes a long time to play in Guandu Ancient Town. The family walks around to see that it can exercise the body and understand the history of the ancient town. Such play is the most worthwhile.

    The attractions in Kunming are many, they are all good places suitable for tourism, such as Yunnan National Village, Xishan Park, Cuihu Park, Shilin Scenic Area, etc. Now during the prevention and control period of the epidemic, I suggest that your family family members Play in Kunming, and then travel to Kunming after the epidemic, so that you can play better. I hope my answer can help you, and I wish you a happy play in the Kunming Scenic Area!


    The small puppet mouth is a small reservoir hidden in the stack of heavy mountains and hugs the green mountains. The ancient trees in the scenic area are towering, the old vine detour, and the mountains and streams. It is not exaggerated to say that the lake and mountains here are drunk. Because the Xiaoyukou Reservoir is hidden in the mountains, it is a rare outdoor leisure venue. With the children on the weekend, we can camp again to experience camping with children. Explore it.

    Tickets: free

    Address: Xiaoyukou Village, Xianjie Township, Anning City.

    It transportation method: self -driving

    1. Depart from Kunming City to Kunming West Toll Station;

    . ) Later, drive in the direction of Anning;

    3. After entering the Anba Highway, turn to the right of the county street (there is a street sign in the direction of Bai Deng).


    1. The sealing period of the small puppet is from December 1 -June 1.

    2. The entrance of the small mouth is very small. You can only enter it. Please pay attention to safety.

    . The small whistle wild fungus ecological village

    is a small whistle wild fungus ecological tourism village located in Goujie Town, Yiliang County. One of the ecological leisure and vacation villages. When you go to the village, you can find a farmhouse to live, and then the owner will tell you which mountains you can pick up. The mountains and children in the morning are extremely quiet. Parents and children climb up the mountain early. Ganba bacteria and green bacteria. When you see the bacteria, pick it up in the bamboo basket and bring it back to the residence. The owner will choose the fungus you can eat for you to take away. Some wild fun. In addition, there are local horses to choose riding, which can make children feel the fun of riding.

    Tickets: 15 yuan/person (different types of bacteria, different fees.)

    Tips: 30 yuan/room.

    The: Dog Street Town, Yiliang County, Kunming.

    The traffic method:

    1, bus

    (1) passenger car from the Eastern Passenger Station to Yiliang, (7: 00-20: 30 , Every 10 minutes, fare: 17 yuan)

    (2) Take urban and rural buses from Yiliang County to Xiaotang Village;

    2. Self -driving

    It Kunming to Yiliang Xiaochang, turn right to 28 kilometers in the direction of Goujie Town to go to the small whistle ecological village.

    . Haikou Forest Farm

    It Kunming Haikou Forest Farm camping is located in the wide groundba forest area. The ground is flat and the area is about 93 acres. About half an hour. The green grass is surrounded by the green grass, and the surrounding green trees are separated from the outside world. In this pure land isolated from the outside world, you can enjoy the atmosphere of nature with your children, appreciate the fun of the mountains, and relax.

    Tickets: free

    Address: Wide dam in Haikou Street Office of Xishan District

    traffic method:

    1 , Self -driving

    This along the highway highway, turn left after the white fish mouth toll station, there are Haikou forest farm signs along the road, and you can reach your destination along the indicator sign.

    2. Bus

    In 33 to Haikou Town Station from Liangjiahe Launa.

    I personally recommend going to Lijiang (La City Haiwan Park-Shuhe Lishui Jinsha-Lijiang Ancient City Yulong Snow Mountain-Yunshan Ping Ganhaizi-Lanyue Valley-Lijiang Eternal Love) n
    The because you don't know where you start, so you can't plan for you to plan traffic routes. You need to make a traffic plan in advance and order the hotel in Lijiang. After arriving at Lijiang, I recommend rest first. After breakfast the next morning, take a car to the Chama Ancient Road [La Shi] Latshi Sea Water and Cao Mei and Beautiful Lake. It is known as the cradle of life and is the base of the American Nature Protection Association. (Reminder: You can ride a horse, feel the ancient tea horse trail, etc.), and after lunch, visit the 5A scenic spot of "Eastern Switzerland" [(Yulong Snow Mountain), and then take the Yunshan Ping ropeway to watch the beauty of nature. After that, I returned to Ganhaizi and Baishui River to tour "Xiaojiuzhai Lanyue Valley] (It is recommended to visit about 60 minutes, you can choose to take the Blue Moon Valley battery car to visit, the cost is about 60 yuan/person). The melting and snow from the peaks flowing down, falling thousands of feet, encountering steep cliffs into waterfalls, crossing the beach into streams, wearing forests and rocks. You can watch the large -scale national song and dance performance of "Lishui Jinsha" around 17:30. R n
    If you are good at night, you can walk to the ancient city of Lijiang.

    It the above guide will help you and wish you a happy May Day.

    Nearby, the newly opened Shilin Xinglin Grand View Garden (previously shouted as a black stone forest, is an ancient stone forest) you must have never been! The fourth one was taken by the author 40 years ago with a group of writers and poets. N
    It for a few days, if you are going to play for a few days, if you are alone in Kunming, you can only turn this turn in the Golden Horse Biji Park of Dianchin, Dianchi Lake;

    It is easy to handle;

    Kunming to the north, running north to see the red land;

    Kunming to the east, running Qujing, Kunming Shilin Jiuxiang cave, Luo Ping golden chicken along the way, Luo Ping golden chicken Peak screw field rapeseed flowers, Kowloon Waterfall watching the landscape scenery, Duoyihe appreciates the Buyi style, to the victory pass, see the unique geographical climate wonders -Kunming quasi -quiet front;
    n Luo Ping south, Benba Meiyi Taoyuan, Punja Black Lake, see the peak jungle, watch the beautiful Karst landform, go to Maitreya, soak hot springs, follow the leisure of Xianhu Waterfront, build water to the south Special snacks of water to roast tofu, you are not much time for you, it is only five or six days, it is time to go home;

    It time, you go to the construction of the water from the water, watch the terraced field, watch the terraced field , Yuanyang came down to the Honghe River, watch the backbone of the north, take the twin cities, and then go south to see the Wild Elephant Valley to visit the Mekong River Starlight Night Market, which can reach Xishuangbanna;
    n Looking at the sky tree, experience the crown corridor, go to the west of the Luoluo port, come to the village, walk around the sea, go north to the western alliance Cangyuan Shuangjiang Lincang, explore the ancient road of tea, the tea ancestor culture, appreciate the 佤 佤Hometown style; you have to go home in a hurry, Lincang runs to the south, eat a Yi nationality jumping vegetable, and go back to Kunming in Dali, which is eight or nine days;

    Ben Fengqing, looking for the source of Yunnan black tea, Feng Qing came out to Baoshan, went to the west, Ben Ruili Port, came back to Tengchong, the volcano hot sea soaked in hot springs, and the ancient town of He Shunqiao Township, the national martial arts cemetery, the anti -war hero, the Dragon Mountain Black Fish The river, grab the volcanic scenery;

    The return to Baoshan, Ben Liuku, go north to the north, go to the Gongshan to Gongshan, go deep into the Dulongjiang, explore the noodle girl, and look at the Nu River turning in the Nu River. Take the bridge, Polygin Highway, wear Biro Snow Mountain to Deqin, watch the Merri Snow Mountain, look south to see the Golden Shajiang Turn, live in Shangri -La, You Pudato, watch Baishura Ben Dali, return to Kunming, This is also a Lugu Lake;

    The lap I said, if you are going to play, you have to turn it for more than a month;

    Where is the fun of the Kunming family out to play?

    The landlord, I am orange, I am very happy to answer your questions.

    First of all, you do n’t know how long your family will play,

    But in Kunming, there is no regret: Kunming Dianchi, Shilin Scenic Area, Cuhu Lake Park, and above are all are all are all all are all are all all are all. Very famous attraction.

    1. (Kunming Dianchi)

    The Dianchi Lake and Fairy Lake should play together. A little dirty. In the southwest of Kunming City, Panlongjiang and other rivers are injected. The lake surface is 1886 meters above sea level, covering an area of ​​330 square kilometers, and the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan Province is known as the pearl of the plateau. The average water depth is 5 meters, and the deepest is 8 meters. The lake was leaked in Haikou in the southwest, called the praying mantis Sichuan, which was the source of the Jinsha River on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Dianchi Lake is beautiful, and it is a national tourist resort in China.

    2. (Shilin Scenic Area)

    one of the eighteen monsters in Yunnan. The composition of the stone is dangerous, the stone is standing, and there are all kinds of attitude. Shilin is also known as the world's first spectacle. There are strange stones and water in the scenic area, showing all kinds of natural features. Shilin is a treasure given to humans by nature, and is the carving of nature.

    . (Cuhu Lake Park)

    Cuhu Lake Park is located under the Luofeng Mountain in Kunming City, the west foot of Wuhua Mountain, and opposite the main gate of Yunnan University. It was originally a Lake Bay in Dianchi Lake, and later became a clear lake from the water level. Cuihu is water, green trees, and the building is now around the heart, and the environment is beautiful. It is an emerald in Kunming City. Enjoy the name of the jade in the city. Before the Yuan Dynasty, Dianchi Lake had a high water level. It also belonged to the small lake bay outside the city. Because there is Jiushi Spring in the northeast, it flows into a pool, also known as "Kowloon Pond". In the early years of the Republic of China, it was renamed the garden, and the garden was planted in the garden. There were many lotus flowers in the lake, which began to be known as "Cuihu".

    I is a trip to Orange V, remember to watch on time!

    It can go to Jinning Guyun Hot Spring Villa Bubble Hot Spring

    Hello everyone, I am a deep drift little Li brother:

    1. Zoo

    Kunming Zoo: No. 92 Youth Road, Wuhua District, Kunming City

    Yunnan Wild Zoo: Kunming Panlong District

    Not only are there many rare birds in Yunnan, but also foreign visitors such as the American lion and kangaroos in Australia. In addition, the cherry blossoms blooming in March each year are also a big scene of Yuantong Mountain.

    The Yunnan Wildlife Park is located in the Golden Temple Scenic Area. It shows the species in Yunnan and even the southwestern region, such as Asian elephants, golden monkeys, etc.

    The children are simple in their hearts. Most of them like animals. Take the child to the zoo, which can strengthen children's understanding of animals and cultivate children's interest in animals.

    2. Botanical garden

    Kunming Botanical Garden: No. 132 Lanhei Road, Panlong District, Kunming City

    is similar to the zoo. Witch to precious Chinese medicine, trees, flowers, and some rare and endangered plants. The park is subdivided into a park, a tea garden, a rhododendron garden, and a tree garden.

    The botanical garden integrates scientific research, popularization, and tourism. The business nature is not strong. A variety of plants are dazzling, amazing, and the air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, and it is very ornamental.

    3. Ocean park

    Kunming Huadu · Ocean World: Kunming City, Dounan International Flower Industrial Park, Kunming City 5th Flooring Flower World N Shilin Ice and Snow Ocean World: Shilin Avenue, Shilin County, Kunming City

    The Kunming in the inland area, there is no ocean, but there is a marine museum. In the aquarium, you can see the rare marine animals and plants in daily life and appreciate the wonderful marine world.

    Themu ocean world in Chenggong District, as well as mermaid performances and diving performances, and 5D popular science cinema free to show tourists related to marine knowledge for tourists.

    The stone forest ice and snow ocean world can not only experience the mysterious marine world, but also parent -child theme hotels, in addition, you can also enjoy snow scenes and skiing.

    4. Journey to the West

    The: Tiansheng Bridge, Kunlu Highway, Wuhua District, Kunming City

    . "Journey to the West" was shot here, so it was renamed West Journey.

    The Journey to the West Tourism truly restores some of the scenes in "Journey to the West". Water parks, the family comes here to play, adults can reflect on childhood, and children can find a lot of fun here.

    5. Museum

    Yunnan Provincial Museum: No. 6393, Guangfu Road, Kunming City

    No. 60

    The Southwest United University Museum: Yunnan Normal University, No. 298, No. 298, Wuhua District, Kunming City R
    Yunnan Railway Museum: No. 913, Beijing Road, Kunming N
    The Museum in Kunming, Yunnan Provincial Museum, Kunming Museum, Southwest United University Museum, Yunnan Railway Museum, etc.

    The child to the museum can view cultural relics, understand history, and broaden the child's vision.

    6. Maitreya Lake Spring Ecological Park

    Address: One kilometer southwest of Maitreya County

    The weather in June is relatively hot, it is to go to Maitreya A good time for playing on the water park.

    It you can swim with your children, soak hot springs, and step on the artificial beach barefoot to play with water. Moreover, there are children's slide and swimming pools.

    said so much. In fact, accompany the children, play with children, and enjoy a rare holiday, this is the most precious.

    The hello, please answer your questions

    The recommendation attractions from Kunming -Fuxian Lake. Driving to Chengjiang County in Chengjiang County, Kunming, is around Fuxian Lake. Fuxian Lake is second only to Dianchi Lake and Erhai Lake. It is the third largest lake in Yunnan Province. The deepest is 155 meters, and it is the first deep -water lake in Yunnan Province. In addition to the Tianchi of the Changbai Mountain Vist of Changbai Mountain in the Northeast, Fuxian Lake is the second deep -water lake known in China.

    The attractions along the lake 1. Moon Bay Wetland This is a park built by developers. The lake is an empty white sand, planting coconut trees, like Sanya, there is a one in it, there is a one in it, there is a one in it. Large flower gardens, driving various flowers, with the children strongly suggesting that you can go here to play with the coast of Sunshine. Fushen Lake is full of beautiful scenery. Look at the lake at different angles. Not much, there are Gunshan Scenic Area here to row the island here. There are several types of ships to choose from. The price is slightly more expensive. Children can also play here. 3, Lu Chong Scenic Area, you can barbecue here, you can barbecue here. You can also climb the mountains to see the scenery of Fuxian Lake. Many small boats on the lake stopped. Stone pot fish, the price can be meals for about one hundred. Playing Fuxian Lake is probably to go around the lake along the lake in Chengjiang County, and you can play all the attractions I just said. The lake will return to about 150 kilometers throughout the whole process. It is recommended to get up in the morning and eat early to play for a day. It is best for self -driving tour here. Yo, in short, Fuxian Lake is an excellent parent -child travel place around Kunming

    I I wish you happily

    The tourist attractions in Yunnan

    The first spectacle of the world-Shilin

    The stone forest scenic area is famous for the Karst-land landscape. Its elephant has a lot of stone and high landscape value. It is rare in the world. One of the World Geoparks, one of the Natural Heritage of the United Nations. The scenic spots are composed of 7 landscape areas of large, small stone forests, Nai ancient stone forests, Daqianshui, Long Lake, Yuehu, Zhiyun Cave, and Qifeng Cave.

    [Tourist line reference] Shilin Scenic Area is located in Shilin Yi Autonomous County. It is about 90 kilometers from Kunming. It takes an hour and a half. It takes one day to visit from Kunming. Shilin's one -day tour is not high, and the cost of participating in the group is around 220/person. Reference line: Shilin one -day tour. In addition to conventional participation groups, you can also go to charter cars. Due to the strict management of the scenic area, it is recommended to rent a business with a regular tourist sign. Car, round -trip fare is about 600 yuan, oiling and tolls. In addition, you can take the urban bus from Kunming to Shilin County, and then transfer from Shilin County to Shilin Scenic Area.

    . Xishuangbanna's Tropical Virgin Forest Park

    The beautiful Xishuangbanna is a must -have in a person's life. The reputation of plant kingdom. Many tourist scenic spots in Xishuangbanna include: wild elephant valley, virgin forest park, Mengla Wangtianshu Scenic Area, Keino cottage, olive dam, Dai people village, Dazho, etc. Various scenic spots are different. , Tropical Virgin Forest Park is the most worthwhile.

    The West Shuangbanna's Tropical Virgin Forest Park is located east of Xishuangbanna Jinghongcheng District, and a valley called Caiyang River north of the Lancang River. About 8 kilometers from the West Shuangshuang Nazhou government. The park blends the unique natural forest natural scenery and charming national style. In the garden, there is the best tropical grooves and rain forests south of the North Tropic of Cancer, peacock breeding base, monkey domestication base, large national style performing arts field, Aili cottage, Kowloon waterfall, Man Shuanglong Baita, 100 -meter granite relief, Jinhu legend, legend of Jinhu , Ethnic -style barbecue fields, including more than 50 scenic spots in the top ten scenic spots, highlight the three theme features of "virgin forests, wild animals, folk customs". In addition, you can also participate in the local splashing carnival. Water splashing activities are located in the national style performing arts field. After the national song and dance performance, there will usually be a small splash splashing activity. During the splashing water festival, the event will be unprecedentedly spectacular. The splashing water festival is the most important festival of the local Dai people.

    . The ancient capital of the World Cultural Heritage-Lijiang Ancient City

    Like Xishuangbanna, Lijiang Tourism is also a symbol of Yunnan tourism. Lijiang is located northwest of Yunnan, about 510 kilometers from Kunming. Almost all tourists traveling to Lijiang are all the ancient cities of Lijiang, the ancient city of Lijiang. The ancient city is also known as Dayan Ancient Town. It is located in the middle of Lijiang Dam. The north of the Elephant Mountain, Jinhong Mountain, and Lion Rock in the west, and the Liangtian Kuoyan facing dozens of miles southeast. Lijiang is one of the second batch of approved Chinese historical and cultural cities, and it is also one of the ancient cities in China that China ’s successful declaration of World Cultural Heritage to the United Nations. To visit an ancient city, you need to measure it step by step, as large as a street, as small as an inn, a folk art stall, deserves you to stop nostalgic. The night market of the ancient city is also a place that is easy to spend time. The cultural atmosphere of the street in the bar here is very good. If you order a plate of fruits, a drink can sit with you for a long time. Appreciate the performance of folk artists. Charm, make a few foreign friends, create a beautiful encounter, or ... romantic Lijiang is not groundless.

    [Tourist line reference] Lijiang is at the central axis of the golden tourist route in northwestern Yunnan Yunnan, and many tourist routes pass here.

    . The World Glacier Museum-Yulong Snow Mountain

    Speaking of the ancient city of Lijiang, it has to be mentioned that it is adjacent to it, and it is the complementary Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area. In the ancient city, you can see that the top of Yulong Snow Mountain is white. The ancient city of Lijiang and Yulong Snow Mountain is a model of perfect combination of humanities and nature.

    It about 20 kilometers from the ancient city to the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain about 20 kilometers. As one of the AAAAA -level scenic spots in two countries in Yunnan Province (the other is Shilin), Yulong Snow Mountain is named for rich landscapes and spectacular. Because it is located at low latitudes and high altitude areas, it is a high mountainous area of ​​subtropical. It has a complete vertical band of natural landscape with subtropical and warm belts. Snow Mountain is rich in natural tourism resources, and the landscape can be roughly divided into snow fields, glacier landscapes, alpine meadow landscapes, virgin forest landscapes, snow landscapes, etc. According to the level of altitude, the development of the scenic area is divided into the foot of the mountain, the mountainside, and the top of the mountains, such as the Dongba Grand Canyon, Yushui Village, Yuguangtian and so on at the foot of the mountain. Baishui River, Lan Yuegu, can also enjoy the large -scale real -world "Impression" series of stage dramas "Impression Lijiang" directed by Zhang Yimou in Ganhaizi meadow. On the ropeway to the top of Yulong Snow Mountain, visit the glacier park deep in Baiyun.

    . Fairy in the world-Shangri-La

    This is the Shangri La Kuchi mentioned in the book of James Hilton's "Disappearing Horizon". Paradise of tourist enthusiasts. Shangri -La is located at Diqing Prefecture at the top of the northwest of Yunnan. The map is called Zhongdian and is the Diqing Autonomous Prefecture. Shangri -La is known as the "high mountain garden", "animal and plant kingdom", and "non -ferrous metal kingdom". Because it is located on the southeast edge of the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau and the north of the southern section of the Hengduan Mountains, the hinterland of "Sanjiang Poor" forms a unique snow -cap , Canyon, grassland, alpine lakes, virgin forests, and national customs, are famous tourist attractions with multi -functional tourism. The snow peaks in the Shangri -La Scenic Area are lustrous, and the highest peaks of Kawagbo Peak in Yunnan Province.

    [Travel line reference] Traveling to Shangri-La, the most classic attraction is Pudatcuo National Park. May to November each year is the best season to travel here. There are primitive spruce in the park, The fir forest, belongs to Duhu, ranch. The Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Area, the Blue Moon Canyon Scenic Area, and some donkey friends Paradise-Yishuang Village, Yila Grassland, Napa Sea, Niru Village and so on.

    . The sacred Pure Land-Merry Snow Mountain Scenic Area

    has such a group of people who come here every year When you come to Snow Mountain, you can listen to the Tibetan people singing, not far away, lying on the bedside, holding the warm sun, and the white or golden hillside and white clouds outside the window are inexplicably satisfied and fulfilled. This is one of the paradise for tourist photography enthusiasts, and the place where the local residents are regarded as Shenshan-Merry Snow Mountain Scenic Area.

    I. As the only snow mountain in the world that has not been conquered by humans, Merry Snow Mountain is famous for its mystery and beauty. The Meili Snow Mountain is also known as Dazi Snow Mountain. It is located between the Nujiang River and the Lancang River in the middle of the Hengduan Mountain. There are 13 mountain peaks with an average altitude of 6000 meters. It is the highest peak of Yunnan. The protector of the Tibetan Buddhist Ningma branch of the Garfaba. The peak type is like a majestic pyramid, and the clouds of clouds are even more mysterious to criticize the Snow Mountain. Kavagbo, known as the "God of Snow Mountain", is a world -renowned world. Due to the low latitudes, it is affected by the monsoon, and the climate in the mountains is unstable. One day's weather changes, coupled with the long distance of the mountains, are not suitable for human climbing, and the faith of the local residents does not welcome mountaineers. Out of respect for life and respect for local religion, the state has banned climbing Merri Snow Mountain in 1996. Therefore, in a strict sense, this is the last pure land of human beings.

    [Tourist route] Affected by the climate, the road section of the Snow Mountain Scenic Area of ​​Merri is closed. Normally, it is opened to traffic from February to November each year. To go to some unconventional scenic spots such as Yulia Village, you need to become independent.

    . Wind and snowy moon-Dali

    The saying that Dali "Wind Flowers and Snow Moon" is because of four scenes: Shangguanhua, Xiaguanfeng, Cangshan Snow, Erhai Lake moon. Dali is at the beginning of the golden tourist route at northwestern Yunnan Yunnan, and many tourist routes must pass here. As the ancient civilization, Dali ancient city, foreigner street and landmark building in Dali-Chongsheng Temple three towers. Combined with the Cangshan, Erhai Lake, and climatic conditions here, the author believes that Dali is the most perfect place in combination with people, mountains, and water. To travel to Dali, in addition to the ancient city of Dali, Chongsheng Temple, the three towers of Chongsheng Temple, Cangshan, and Eru, there are also attractions such as butterfly spring, Tianlong Babu Film and Television City, Ji Fa Mountain, and Eriyuan.

    8. New favorite of donkey friends-Tengchong

    Tengchong is the main punch of the former Southwest Silk Road, and it is also the current village, cultural state, and jade jadeite distribution center. It is located in the southwest of Yunnan and borders Burma in the west. The mysterious and magnificent Gao Ligongshan and Nu River are in danger. From the Sanjiang Placing Area from the north to the south, with unique and rich biological resources, it belongs to the national nature reserve and is listed by the World Wild Biology Society as an important consequences A -level protected area. Here are the most densely volcanic groups and geothermal hot springs in China, as well as the Wetland of the Wetland of the volcanic dammed lake. As a soldier, during the War of Resistance Against Japan, the National Army fought fiercely with the Japanese invaders and composed a magnificent patriotic poem. To commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed the Anti -Japanese War, the National Cemetery was built here.

    . Nine, Xishuangbanna Dai Garden

    In people say that Xishuangbanna is a beautiful green peacock, the peacock's tail is in an olive dam, and the Dai family is the most beautiful on the peacock tail. Yu Yan.

    is located 27 kilometers from Jinghong City. There are five Dai natural villages in the park. The scenery here is beautiful, the folk customs are simple, and the poetic and paintings are full of poetic and painted. The four seasons are green and green, surrounded by bamboo forests, fruits and woods, bananas, coconuts, betel nuts, pineapples, and mango. The building was hidden in the green tree and green bamboo, and the fragrance of the tropical flower bloomed with the wind, and it was quiet and quiet. The antique pagoda, the Buddhist temple and the beautiful scenery are embarrassed by each other, forming a scenic spot and garden landscape with a unique Buddhist cultural connotation, giving people a new sense of novelty, wonderful and sustenance, so it is known as "green peacock feathers". The elegant name.

    The first garden -style buildings with the characteristics of the Dai family when walking into the Dai people. For nearly a thousand years, the Buddha Temple of Buddha has been brilliant, and it has formed a connection between man and Buddha in the heavens and the earth.

    In the bamboo building, boarding the family of the rod bar, sitting down quietly, experience the etiquette of the hospitality of the family, slowly drink, taste it carefully, the family's family’s Scenery and Shen Yun melted into endless interests and charm in a drink and one food. Garden scholars said that the Dai nationality garden is a model of garden gardens; historians say that the Dai people are a living national historical museum; botanists say that the Dai nationality garden is the genetic library of the plant kingdom. Wonderland is a paradise that is far away from the downtown city, and it is rare to find a paradise ...

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