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  1. 1. What courier companies do pet dogs use.

    2. What courier company does the mail dog use.

    3. What courier company does dog mail sending.

    4. What courier can mail dogs.

    1. Express companies cannot mail their pets. All domestic express companies do not transport living objects.

    2. Mailing pet dogs can only be checked. There are four ways to consignment dogs in China, namely passenger car consignment, railway consignment, aviation consignment, and pets.

    3. Pet consignment needs to apply for a preparation certificate in advance, such as completing immune immune books, rabies immune certificates, etc., in some areas requires rabies virus antibody test reports, rabies virus test reports need about 15-30 days So prepare for a month in advance.

    4. Pet consignment precautions: The maximum valid period of pet entry and exit quarantine certificate is 7 days. When pets reach the destination, the certificate needs to be within the validity period.

    5. The shorter the time for pets, the better.

    6. In a long period of closed state, it is easy to cause trauma to pets.

    7. Usually an adult dog can tolerate the consignment for 24 hours, but most of them will have a serious illness afterwards.

    8. The puppies should not be shipped for more than 10 hours. After arriving at the destination, put the dog to breathe as soon as possible, and carefully observe the dog's physical condition in the following days.

    9. Prepare enough drinking water for pets (especially summer).

    10. Pay attention to warmth in winter. If the aircraft is checked, the pet will stay outside for a while.

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