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  1. There are many people around a person's life, but there is only one person who admires the most. The portrait of the worship, spreading the road of life; the portrait light of the worship, illuminating the journey of life; How do I write the 600 -character composition of the person I admire most? This article is the information of the 600 -character composition I am the most admired person I admire, for reference only.

    The people I admire the 600 -character articles
    In my heart, there are many people who admire me. There are teachers, classmates, and police ... Among them, I admire a cleaner in our community.
    Whether it is the severe cold and heat, or the wind and rain, I can always see the auntie of the cleaner. She always bent her waist, holding a broom in her hand and kept sweeping in the community. Every time I see this scene, I will respect her. To be honest, I still don't even know her.
    The most impressed me is the evening of last summer vacation. Because of the power outage, my dad and I went to the building to cool down. When I came downstairs, I saw many people also get rid of it. Some people are shaking the fan; some people are eating popsicles; some people are bending.
    Suddenly my gaze fell on a pair of young people on a bench. This man and woman were sitting on a chair to eat and chatted. On the ground. The young man was holding a packet of melon seeds in his hands and slowly stuck. The melon seed shell is thrown to the ground. I think: It's so dirty! Why are they so moral? At this time, the cleaner who was from work just passed by here. After seeing the scene of the cleaner who had taken off the work clothes in the past, she said to the men and women, "Comrade comrades Please throw the peel and melon seed shell into the trash can, and talk about hygiene. "The pair of men and women looked up and down, and a ridiculous smile on his face:" Is your dad be the mayor and let you care about leisure things. "Don't be with her, girls like her, but do things like her, but not to be." The man said.
    The auntie of the cleaner did not get angry, but said calmly, "Yes, I am sweeping the floor, this job is very ordinary, but if you think about it, if everyone does it like you, the city will change. How dirty! "The two were not moved by the aunt's words, but stood up and stared at the aunt, and then walked away without looking back. The aunt shook her head and walked away. I thought my aunt went home. But after a few minutes, the cleaner came back with a broom and dustpan. I saw that she held the dustpan with one hand, held the broom in one hand, and swept the garbage they left.
    I was moved after seeing it.
    Ser cleaner, I want to learn from you and learn the quality of your service to the people!
    The people I admire the most of the person with 600 words for writing two
    There are classmates, and mom and dad ... cleaners are a person who is not noticeable, but I admire her very much.
    This is a day in winter. The cold wind blows, making people straight. I was wearing a thick cotton jacket and carrying a schoolbag, and walked happily. When I got downstairs, I saw a cleaner wearing a thin work suit and came to the trash can, and stretched into the trash can with the wooden stick in my hand. Dare to dig out with your hands. She must cover her mouth with her hands, closed her eyes tightly, hum, I must look at it carefully! So, I walked lightly with my hands, and I saw her hands frozen. She gritted her teeth and pulled out with a wooden stick. Suddenly, a bottle slipped out of the trash can. At this time, she turned around and smiled along her face. She looks so beautiful! How beautiful her eyes are, flashing, big mouths, making people feel very kind. There are "silver silk" in her hair! I can't help but raise a feeling of admiration. I think: I was so sorry for her! I'm not afraid of the spirit of dirty, but she has it, I want to learn from her!
    The summer is here. At noon, the red sun was roasted hot. Mom said, "It's too hot today! You go down to buy a bottle of peanut milk!" I agreed quickly, and I immediately rushed down with the money. Suddenly, I saw the cleaner again, I thought: It's so hot today! Are you not hot? Let me go into a look, a big sweat of bean -like sweat lying on the whole face, a crystal sweat with the other few other other. A large drop of meter, along the forehead, "slammed", the sweat beads fell to the ground. After a while, the weather was hotter, and the sweat beads kept falling, like pearls that broke the line. I think: how much this aunt loves her work. I must learn her and put this energy on learning. In this way, my grades will definitely be among the best!
    Persistence and not afraid of dirty cleaners!
    The people I admire the 600 -character articles for articles three
    E everyone has worship in their hearts, and I am no exception. She was kind and kind. Some people thought she was difficult to contact. Some people thought she was harsh and fierce. Some people thought she was a very knowledgeable elderly and deserved old man.
    . She is my grandma Fan Qinglan. I have five aunt and grandma, but my favorite is my grandma. Among the five aunts, my grandma ranks the boss. Dad has six brothers and sisters. Not very good, so my brothers and sisters are not very good. My uncle went to Karamay to work on oil. The aunt also worked at the passenger station. Dad ranked the third child at home. , Then I was a college, I was the Xibabi. Dad was the Han nationality in the college time, and the points were marked. If the original report was Xibo, maybe I was taken away. Dad wanted to repeat it, but the economic conditions were not allowed. Dad had to take it. College students.
    The grandma's hair was very white. At that time, only 40 or 50 years old. Because grandma was the principal of the elementary school where I was now, I was very busy. Although I was only 3 years old at the time, I could still remember it. Grandma looks like.
    Manne founding three small ego is proud and proud of her, thinking that my elementary school career is about to end in these three small miles. Everyone has a hobby, and my grandma is no exception. The family is all recipes. What is the disease of my mother? Just grab a little Chinese medicine and drink it.
    I regrets that I do n’t learn the skills with my grandma, such as 5 languages, medicine, but unfortunately I am only 3 years old and I do n’t understand a lot of truth.
    In fact, if it wasn't for Grandpa's death, grandma would not smoke hard, nor would he die. When grandma died, the wreath was filled with aisle and coal sheds. I later saw that the photos of the time were written, " Commemorate my kind mother, "but there are also President Liu of our school present. I can only cry in the coal shed. I don't know that my grandma has died. I only know that my mother said," Grandma is just sleeping, one I wake up, "in the days when my grandma was absent, I was full of fear, almost every day, I was making nightmares.
    Is, grandma, I want to tell you, I miss you, I need you!
    The people I admire 600 words for articles 4
    worship, for us, singers, actors, heroes ... All are the objects of worship, but I worship a person who is ordinary -my grandfather.
    The grandfather is very tall, and his eyes are full of wisdom, and a kind of smiley smiles are often covered with wrinkles,
    Poor, brothers and sisters have dropped out of school), but very easy to learn. He rely on self -study to turn the full dictionary. The neighboring folks need to write what materials, and they always find grandfather. At that time, the grandfather was the "talent" in the village.
    Is although the grandfather is in his sixties, he insists on copying on the book every day to write and write my curiosity: "Grandpa, what do you copy these?" Let ’s, my memory is not good, copying it and thinking about it, people have to live to learn the old." I suddenly realized. Grandpa is still a fashionable person, and again, my grandfather came to ask me how to speak Mandarin. I felt very puzzled. The grandfather seemed to guess my mind and said, "I always say that the dialect is not good, and I can't keep up with the pace of the times. , I do n’t understand if I go out. My good granddaughter, you teach me! "Under my" careful "guidance, the more Putonghua's Mandarin said, the better, or even surpassing me.
    not only easy to learn, but also a master of erhu. He will pull any music such as "Horse Racing" and "Erquan Yingyue". What's more, the grandfather is self -taught. Especially when pulling "Erquan Yingyue", his grandfather was so invested. I saw his fingers sliding on the erhu. From the sound of music, I seemed to hear A Bing’s voice, and he heard A Bing’s complaint on fate. At the same time, I also heard my grandfather's sympathy for A Bing ...
    , my grandfather also likes to sing Peking Opera. He was humming all day long, "The red -faced Guan Gong, the white -faced Cao Cao ..." Under the influence of the grandfather, I also liked the national essence of our country, and often talked to Peking Opera with my grandfather.
    I worshiped my grandfather because he was in his sixties and still loved learning. So persistent, I must learn the "strength" that my grandfather's perseverance is!
    Word Word Five
    Speaking of the person I admire most, that is, the protagonist Ma Xiao jump in the book "Naughty Bao Ma Xiao Jump", his round face looks naive, a pair of curiosity Eyes were embedded on his face. Ma Xiaoyu has many advantages, and his persistent spirit moved me.
    Once he played on the street. There was a cry of "Wang! Wang! Wang! Wang!" In the distance, the call was very desolate, just like a knife deeply stabbed people's psychology. After he heard it, he went straight to the scream transmission. When you come, you want to see what happened at the bottom. It turned out that a dog was lost and could not find the home. His strong sympathy was spontaneous. He must find the dog owner! Finally, with his unremitting efforts, the dog owner finally found, and the dog’s dog The owner had abandoned the dog's eyes blind and resolutely did not want. Ma Xiao jumped suddenly, but Ma Xiao jump did not give up. He did not give up. Essence Kung Fu is worthy of care, and the dog owner finally promised to take the dog. Compared with him, I was very ashamed, bowed my head, and my face gradually became red.
    This jumping not only has a persistent spirit, but also a good quality of helping others.
    . He was still on the street and saw a little girl selling flowers. She looked nervous. He went up and asked him: "Why do you sell flowers here? Are you not a parent?" Asked over and over again, the little girl cried and said, "I will be beaten and scolded without selling flowers!" After listening, he found a friend to buy flowers together, and mobilized friends to buy flowers together. The next day, Ma Xiaojiao saw a man on the bridge all morning and monitored the girl selling flowers. Ma Xiaojiao felt that this was very strange. He quarreled with the man, and people were attracted to the bridge. Pointing pointed at the man and said, "The man forced a girl to sell flowers!" People were very angry after listening, and sent the man to the police station. Finally, the girl was sent back to the house safely. punish. How great Ma Xiaoyan in the story, I feel how small I am here.
    This is the person I admire -Ma Xiao jumps.
    The people I admire the most of the articles 600 words. Six
    The people I admire the most, not a great man, not a wealthy rich man, nor a dazzling star, but a simple and unparalleled cleaner Essence
    Stime with a smile on the cleaner's face, making people feel particularly kind. Every day when I go to school and school, I can see them silently cleaning the streets.
    In Sunday morning, I went to find a father who worked overtime in the unit. It didn't take long to walk out of the house, and I saw a gully blocked by dirt. The road was full of sewage. Pass. None of them stopped thinking about how to solve this problem. They went their own, as if they had nothing to do with themselves. At eleven o'clock, my father and I went home and saw a person squatting next to the gap. I don't know what was doing. I took a closer look. It turned out to be the garbage of the cleaner aunt who was digging the gutter, and there were some wastes beside it: rotten peel, rotten vegetables ... others hid far away when they saw it. On clothes. The aunt was not afraid of dirty and smelly, and unveiled the lid of the gutter with a delicate hand. As the weather was too hot, the odor in the gutter quickly rose. My dad and I hid far away, but she ignored it completely, holding out the garbage in the gutter little by little, and persistently took out. After a long time, the gutter was unobstructed. It became a big face. After she covered the lid, she continued to clean the street.
    The cleaners are not afraid of dirty or tired. When the sky is not bright in the morning, they have started to work. Once I asked the cleaner aunt, I asked my aunt, "Are you not tired of working every day?" The aunt said, "Tired, but if you see people smile at a clean and tidy environment, it is worth it!" How simple Talk!
    When the cleaners work and go to school, they bring you a clean and tidy environment, and they are silently dedicated.
    The people I admire the most, one by one, simple, working hard, resentment, not afraid of dirty, not afraid of tired.
    The people I admire the 600 -character articles Seven
    In the 18th Games of our school, Xia Zhixian and Luo Ping participated in the 800 -meter competition. Among the two of them, the person I admired the most was Xia Zhizhen. Because in the game, he came to help me win the fourth place, but he put down the opportunity to win the third place himself. I really admire the spirit of self -denial.
    Remembering that time, Xia Zhixian and Luo Ping, after a meal at noon, we went to school together. On the road, I said, "If one of the three of us ran the fourth group, then he then he Just give the other two for three days of hygiene. "Luo Ping said:" Three days, it's okay for ten days. "As soon as we saw it at the school playground, there was no one. I said," We go to play there for a while. "After I finished speaking, we quickly ran over there. As soon as we played for a while, the squad leader ran:" I know, Teacher Zhang told you to go to the game. "As soon as we heard the game, we immediately went to Teacher Zhang immediately to Teacher Zhang. Run.
    As soon as Teacher Zhou was next to Teacher Zhou, Mr. Zhou called Luo Ping. He said: "Luo Ping, you are the first group, Liu Ji and Xia Zhizhen are the second group." After a while, Luo Ping went to the game. Luo Ping thought, Liu Ji, you died. When the gun rang, Luo Ping flew forward like a white tiger. Later, I saw that it was not good to run too fast, and his feet "flew". I kept calling: "Luo Ping is careful!" Later, I ran the fourth way, and Xia Zhizhen and I immediately looked at the sky. Luo Ping came over and said to us, "I'm finished, ten days! Do you do it for five days?" I said; "One day can't be less!" I went to the game as soon as I finished speaking.
    This shot, Xia Zhizhen and I sprinted forward like a pair of Xiao Qinglong. Later, I accidentally asked a "dwarf winter melon" to run over. Oh, my mother, I really want to run through him, and I go left, he is to the left; I go to the right, and he is also right. I didn't run over with the strength of breastfeeding. As soon as Xia Zhizhen saw that he was right, he immediately ran and said, "Liu Ji, run up, I stop the people behind." I ran up without thinking. As soon as I saw it, I sprinted. In this way, I took the fourth place.
    Axia, thank you, if you were not for you, I couldn't even get it fourth, thank you!
    The person I admired the person 600 words for eight
    · Gates is the one I admire the most.
    Bill Gates was born in a wealthy family in the United States. My father thought a lawyer, and his mother was a doctor. If Bill Gates inherited his father's business and became a lawyer, his life would be equally rich, but Bill Gates did not choose this way that was not dangerous. As one of the most influential figures in the 20th century, Bill Gates created the Microsoft's first empire in the computer software industry and became a symbol of the United States.
    I worshiped Bil Gates not only because he loved adventure, but also thought he was very savings.
    The people once encountered Bill Gates in the economy class of the plane. He asked: "Hello, Mr. Gates, why don't you take the first class of this plane, but the most ordinary economy class!" Bill Gates asked: "Is the first class than the economy than the economy than the economy. Is the cabin flying faster? "This is a very realistic answer. Bill Gates feels: the first class will not reach the destination faster than the economy class. So why do we do the first class? Usually, we only need to have one one. After the money, take it to the extravagant spending. It is practical in useful places. This money will be more valuable.
    Sometimes, old things are the same as new things, but life is an adventure. Choosing the future. Although there are risks, the goal of life -adventure.
    The soul of a person has an unshakable dream -adventure, when you complete the adventure task, how comfortable you will be. Bill Gates completed his dream, how free and happy now. Adventure, although there are risks, can make you enjoy the "scenery on the roadside." If you fail, you should "turn"; if you succeed, you will enjoy more happiness.
    The benefits of saving expenses: it can make you richer and simpler, when the economic crisis, not afraid of bankruptcy ... Bill Gates is my idol. I am more simple and more happy.
    The people I admire the most of the articles 900 words nine
    Now let me ask everyone a question, what does "respect" mean? Yes, respect is worship, admiration. Who do you think is worthy of our respect?
    I people who want everyone to respect are nothing more than some celebrities and those who have achieved well -known people. They are indeed worthy of our respect. However, do you pay attention to many people around us deserve to respect us. Maybe they are not celebrities, do not have the so -called huge success in others, nor is they have a clever mind like Aidson. They just work in obscurity.
    It is like our sanitation workers. They are gloating on the street every day on the streets. Regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, they work day after day. Although they lived at less than 10 square meters and they ate the cheapest meals, they had no complaints. Perhaps the sanitation workers are dirty and unprecedented in the eyes of some people, but it is precisely because they have made our city more and more beautiful. And the person I respect most is them.
    The hand of sanitation workers, I do n’t know if everyone has seen it, but everyone must imagine what it looks like. Those hands must be rough, and they must be full of cracks, but everyone knows why this is the case. In fact, it is not difficult to explain that sanitation workers sweep the ground on the street every day. In winter, when we were sitting at home and blowing hot air conditioners, the sanitation workers rissed the cold and worked outside. Their hands were just because of this, but these hands were beautiful because this was a pair of hard -working hands. Essence It can be said that although the hands of sanitation workers are rough, the city is on because of them.
    I is what the sanitation workers do our unwilling to do every day, so let us say thank you sincerely, thank them for everything for the city, and let us express our most lofty respect for them. Bar!
    Thank you, dear sanitation worker!
    The people I admire the 600 -character articles ten
    everyone has their own most respectable person in the hearts of everyone. That person may be ordinary, Perhaps great, but that person always inspired us to rise and promoted us to grow. Under their incentives, we gradually matured and succeeded.
    The people most respectful is my teacher Huang. He is an old man in his fifties. Teacher Huang can be described as the respect and love of the teachers and students of our school. At that semester he taught us math, and our classmates were looking forward to it.
    On the first day of school, our first lesson was math class. We listened carefully in class and felt that the classroom atmosphere was very easy. After the class, Mr. Huang wrote three questions on the blackboard, saying that it was today. We are all surprised by homework. In the first day of the first day, we were ready to bear the huge amount of homework, but this ... too little!
    E each question seemed the same. If you look closely, you will find that there are many differences. Each question has its own characteristics, and I did not repeat it at all. In the process of doing the question, I discovered another practice. By the way, the teacher took my book to the classmates in the class the next day. Seeing that I would be willing to move my mind, this inspires my fighting spirit. Think about my original mathematics scores that are often failed, and I feel that I feel enthusiastic at this time. Since then. They all study very seriously. This teacher is really God!
    After half a semester, whether it is a unit test or a monthly test, our class is the first place. One day I encountered a problem, so I wanted to go to go. Ask the teacher, the teacher was not there, I went in, his house was very simple, a table, a chair, and a TV and a TV. That's all. I saw a small book on the teacher's table. There are many small symbols on the book, which records the test questions we have done. How much time does this take and how much it takes to spend! Teacher, you pay for us forever.
    If someone asks me one day, who you respect? I will answer without hesitation: "My Teacher Huang".

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